A small village resting on the shore, small and seemingly peaceful. Unfortunately, while it normally was, today was not a day for such kind activities as was the norm, today was the execution of two people, said to be born of Satan himself. A young woman with brown hair and icy blue eyes was kicking and screaming in the grasp of the villagers, her clothes were ratty and looked as if they'd been worn 10 times before. Near her, a man with graying black hair and dark blue eyes just accepted his fate.

Their eyes met for a split second but she instantly knew what he wanted, she stopped her struggle and fell limp, doing the same as the man. He smiled softly to the woman as tears ran down both of their faces.

Once they reached the center of the town the were tied to stakes beside each other, but instead of the usual wood being placed at their feet, there was currently nothing.

"Jonas, is this it?" The woman asked.

"Unfortunately, yes, my love."

"Why are they so angry over something we had no power over? Something we had no choice on?"

"It doesn't matter what we say, they'll believe whatever they wish. Though it is important that we know the truth, it does not matter otherwise. Will you heed my words, Jacqueline?"

The woman took a sharp breath in, "Of course, Jonas. I'll miss you."

"Do not speak like that, we will see each other again, hopefully in a time when ghosts like ourselves are accepted instead of shunned."

The villagers each brought a basket full of blood red roses with purple stems and leaves instead of green.

"I love you, little badger."

"I love you as well, my crazy old man..."

"-And that's the end of Jonas of the Living Dead" Mr Lancer said to his class, "You will have a test on this on Monday when you return, so some of you may want to reread the book so you remember even the smallest detail and-... Mr. Fenton? Fenton. DANIEL!"

Danny jumped in his seat, for once he wasn't sleeping in class, he was actually entranced by the book and began rereading it constantly since they started reading it, this wasn't the first time he had been caught in his usual trance.

Mr. Lancer sighed, "Well, I expect Daniel to do well on this for once, so that should motivate the rest of you to hop on it so you don't get left in his footsteps. Mr. Fenton, I expect to see you after class, again"

Danny groaned and set his book down once the bell rang, Mr. Lancer had impeccable timing when it came to the bell. He walked towards his teacher, "Yes, Mr. Lancer?"

The older man sighed again, "I can understand you being entranced in this book," He took a deep breath in and looked away, "Even more then you know, but I would appreciate it if you would at least listen during class. Even if that means just leaving your book with me at the beginning of class."

"I'm sorry Mr. Lancer, but I just can't help it, this book... It just..."

"Feels familiar? Almost like you've lived through it?" Danny looked shocked to have his teacher say what was on his mind, but thought nothing of it and nodded. "It is considered to be a true story by some, I'm one of those people, it's very well possible you might've been either Jonas or Jacqueline in a past life."

"What? How could I be Jackie in a past life? She was a girl!"

Mr. Lancer smiled, "That's not the way past lives work Daniel, every soul has two different sides, one that's soft and fragile, that side is known as the female side, the other is rough and hardened, that is considered the male. Which ever one shines through the most doesn't make your sex any different. That's why some people tend to become cross dressers and the like. I've noticed that although your male side shines through a good amount of time, your female side shows just as much. Does this make any sense?" The older hoped that his speech was not too lost on the boy.

"Y-yeah, I think, the way someone thinks isn't the way the body is perceived? Right?"

Lancer smiled, "Yes, exactly. Now, I can't believe I have to tell you this, no more reading in the middle of class?"

"Sure, I'll just give it to Jazz before school and get her to hide it somewhere. I'll only-" Danny was cut off by the breath of cold air that slipped through his lips, "Sorry, may I leave?"

Lancer nodded and Danny shot out of the room. The bald man shook his head, 'It seems the boy has more in common with them then he cares to admit to me. No matter, it is not my job to meddle, it is to push them together. All I need to do is find the other, hopefully the gods will show me mercy...'

Danny ran into the boys bathroom and looked under the stalls for people, whatever creator is out there he was thanking them as he transformed and flew out of the bathroom.

It didn't take long to find Vlad just standing on the side of the gate to the school, he just stood there silently. Danny floated over him then lowered his face to Vlad's height, hoping to scare him, "What's up frootloop?"

Vlad didn't jump but just stared into the boy's curious eyes, they reminded him of something, something that once stood out in his memory as a happy, yet pain filled memory. "Nothing that concerns Phantom, but it does involve Fenton."

"Ok, just hide me so I can change back."

Vlad raised a brow at the boy's sudden trust of him, but did so none-the-less. He looked at the boy to find him holding a book at his side.

Danny's voice pulled him from his thoughts, "So what's going on? Mom and Dad going on another convention and leaving me with you so we could have 'bonding time'?"

Vlad gave a smirk at how well he knew his parents, "Yes actually, you'll be staying with me at my mansion for the weekend."

"Yep, and Jazz is going to stay with Mom's sister right?"

"Oooh, nope, that's wrong, she's staying with her friend for her birthday."

Danny rolled his eyes, "Let's just get this over with, I have a book to read."

Vlad walked over to a sleek black porsche and opened the passenger door for the boy, who raised a brow at the gentle-manliness the other was showing, but thought nothing of it and got in anyway. Vlad walked around to the other side and sat in the driver's seat.

"Didn't know the frootloop could drive." Danny teased.

"We 'Fruitloops' still have normal skills besides ghost-hunting and the like. I wonder if badgers do anything besides school and ghost-hunting as well." Vlad retorted with a playful smirk.

"... Not really, I hang out with Sam and Tucker every now and then, but time with them has gotten shorter and shorter..."

Vlad felt a slight joy in this, 'this means I spend more time with him then his own friends! Granted, not in the way I would've liked, but it works for me!'. He also felt slightly guilty, it also meant he was the one stealing the boy's sleep and study time. "I'm sorry to hear that, I'll try to dull down on the 'evil schemes' a bit." he smiled to the boy and found that he was smiling at the window. "So, what are you reading?"

Danny jumped a bit, his mind wandering to lost memories that he only remembered for a split second, "Oh, um, Jonas of the Living Dead, I'm no expert, but, It's a good story... To be honest, I've already read it like 70 times already. It's good for a romance novel."

"Hm, I've never heard of it, would you mind summarizing it for me?"

Danny hesitated, but saw no harm in telling a story to the older. 'I mean really, how is he going to make an evil plan from an old romance?', "Well, It's about a Prince, Prince Jonas von Shay the..."

"The third? If I remember my history correctly he was a prince of a small country that only had three nearby villages, he never became king because of an incident concerning his lover. I thought that was foolish of his father to even consider taking his inheritance for something as foolish as that."

"Yeah, him. Well the story says that he was made a half ghost because he had been deathly ill and was fed... um those flowers you used on me back when you had the infa-map."

"Blood roses."

"That's it, he was fed blood roses as a way to ward off the evil spirits that were plaguing him, but, you know how that works, death and ghost hunting stuff tend to not mix well."

"So he became a Halfa? Interesting, that would explain why he had so many sudden disappearances."

"He was scarred from the experience and his fiance refused to go through with the wedding. He cut himself off from the rest of the world for years until he started sneaking out to an abbey to pray among the nuns. One in particular he came by just to see her. Her name was Jacqueline Honri she was a runaway from her home of France and became a nun that he was closest to."

"I take it, they fell in love at first sight."

"Hardly, she was forced to look after him and while he flirted with her she would argue with him about all the things he's not doing for his country, she actually hated him."

The car stopped, "Well, I'll find a copy of the book to read myself, for now, I'll show you your room and we'll get to bed."

Danny nodded and followed the older.

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