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Fear crept into Danny for the first time since the Nasty Burger incident. It was the first time in nearly two years that he was petrified with fear. There was no windows, it was dark, damp, and cold. The air had no circulation whatsoever, and there was a stench of Death that could quite possibly make him vomit. In truth though, the silence scared him the most.

He moved only the slightest, just enough to back into a wall behind him. The halfa soon dropped to the ground and curled into a tight ball. His breath was cold and no matter how long he stared into the darkness, he couldn't see the danger that seemed to lurk in it, just out of reach. His only ghost power that worked was the ghost sense so there was no 'valiant escape' planned that involved any ecto-blasts or otherwise. He'd tried phasing through the floor, only to find that plan stopped before his hand even entered the odd substance. It was obviously ghost-proof, like so many things in the ghost zone, but to be human-proof as well, that had to be a feat pulled by the only substance that could repel humans and ghosts alike; Ectoranium.

Suddenly a door opened and the figure of an old man stood in the light that so easily reached him.

"I see you are finally awake oh blessed one."

Danny at first cowered against his wall, but at hearing the voice, stood up and walked towards him.

"Please do not fear this old man. I am merely a servant for the blessed race of the halfas." he attempted to bow, but nearly fell flat until Danny caught him.

"Well, when I've been thrown into a room where I can't see and reeks of mold and mildew, I tend to freak." he chuckled sarcastically.

"I am quite sorry my lord, but we don't have any other rooms available but here. We wanted to wait until you had awoken so you could assist us in building your home."

"My home? Sorry, but I live in Amity Park and I haven't been thinking of moving out at all."

"But sir, you must live with us. Those humans you live with have done nothing but attempt to hurt and hunt you! The humans in the Living World do not appreciate what you have done for them, and the ghosts of the Ghost Zone think you are nothing but a nuisance! Or only want you as a rare pet or pelt!" he stumbled a slight during his stride, but managed to pick himself back up. "This village is the only one that allows both humans and ghosts to live in peace if they so wish it. You as a halfa could live just about any life you please! You could be a human, you could be a ghost; but everyone would treat you kindly in either form, unlike those hooligans of the outside."

Danny laughed nervously, "But those hooligans were what raised me to be the kind of person I am. The humans mostly regard me with fear, and I understand this because they don't understand. I was in their shoes at one point what with my parents being ghost hunters. There are still some people who believe in me as a ghost and treat me as a normal teen. The ghosts aren't all bad either; the Lunch Lady was my enemy once, but at seeing one of my weaknesses (by accident of course) she made an agreement to help clean my house of leftover food as long as she didn't hurt anyone. Princess Dorathea only wanted her brother's approval, but once I helped her she became the ruler of her terrain and once of my greatest allies." he scratched the back of his head, "I guess I have a knack for helping people of all kinds."

"But here you only experience the good of others, no need for bad news here. We may not look it but we have vast amounts of technology and have educational systems that could rival Harvard, Yale, and Oxford. Our people are kinder to everyone, and the only need we had for weapons is for hunting and fishing." they stopped near a large crater in the middle of town. "Many centuries ago, another halfa came here before you. She was quite beautiful, but was minimally damaged. We could've saved her if not for that demonic Lady of the Blue, dissolved her body and stole her soul away."

Danny could almost see the scene that was described A woman with pure white hair that was tarnished by dirt and dressed in a pitch black gown accented with white lace was laying in the middle of the hole. Two white rings ran over her body to show a woman of the exact make-up in inverse. Her long black hair was dirtied by the stone from the statue of their mayor that she had crushed. Her gown was scratched and blood that was both red and green flowed freely onto the fabric.

"If not for that demon, we may have one of the blessed ones to assist us in spreading the word of their purity."

Her eyes opened for merely a second before they closed once again. Her blood soon turned black and sank deep within the soil. The woman's body itself, merely faded, leaving behind a small glimmer that was soon collected by the Librarian, Una.

"But now you are here, oh, blessed halfa. Help us reach out to the other spirits and mortals, help us in our quest to prove that you are gods in the flesh!"

'She was dead to begin with! I did nothing that would harm her. Rather, I am saving her soul. For a bigger fate.'

'That was Jacqueline... That was me in a past life. They didn't see her fading over the fact that she was here.'

"No." Danny said sternly. "I won't help you to prove that."

The older one seemed shocked, "But halfas are so rare that they have to be gods in the flesh. Are you telling me differently?" he seethed behind a mockingly curious voice.

"Yes. For starters, you do realize I was not born this way right?"

"Of course not, no halfa is born, a human cannot have a ghost's baby or vice versa, nor can two halfas have children! Besides, you had to have been chosen before you were made."

"I became a halfa after an ectoplasmic explosion that I caused through my own stupidity."

"Fate is quite fickle with how halfas are chosen."

Nothing is just about you. "I am not above humans, nor am I above ghosts. I am supposed to represent the bridge between. And I will not stand to be put on a pedestal above others."

The older man merely smiled, "That is even more so why you are. But you seem to have been brainwashed a bit while you lived with those humans. Allow us to fix that." He motioned over and a few humans dressed in Roman armor attempted to grab at Danny, only to fly out of their grip.

He flew as high and as fast as he could, only to be stopped by some sort of force field in the way. Then a shadow crept over his vision and after it passed he saw a grey figure with a large top fin and a tail that swished back and forth consistently. Then he soon spotted a school of fish, and an entire reef on a shelf above him.

There was a sharp pain across his back that spread through him quickly, he found himself turning back into a human and falling the way he came. He vaguely realized someone caught him before he hit the ground, only to black out after hearing from the old man, "Let me welcome you again dear halfa. Welcome to Atlantis."