A/N : This is going to be a first in what I hope to be long running AU series entitled "Smith Family Adventures" in this Sarah Jane is married to Harry also a companion of the Doctor they have a 17 year old daughter Vanessa and they just adopted Luke,so the story starts out with "Revenge of the Slitheen"(Keeping the surname Smith)

The blare of the alarm clock woke Vanessa Smith up. She hit the snooze button and was about to go back to sleep when she noticed her bedroom door slowly opening. She grabbed her bat from under the bed, prepared to use it. Vanessa liked to be prepared for anything and Mum and Dad always knocked and waited for her to give permission. Vanessa stood up gripping the bat tightly, ready to hit. A head appeared then, a young boy, about 13 years old, came into the room. Vanessa laughed with relief,she had forgotten about Luke, her younger adopted brother ,who had been created by an alien race called the Bane. Luke was "born" last week ,but he looked thirteen. Mum and Dad had adopted him. He was human with the brain and DNA of 10,000 humans.

"Why are you holding that?" Luke asked gesturing toward the bat. Everything was still new to him. He wasn't sure why his sister was holding a bat.

"Thought you were an intruder." Vanessa said, kicking the bat back under her bed.

"Is that good or bad?" Luke asked, not sure what an intruder was.

"Bad, but you weren't." she looked him up and down. He had his school uniform on and he looked well,"proper"; most of the kids his age would have tucked the tie halfway into their shirt and had their shirt half tucked in. She sighed. Well the teachers would be happy with how he looked anyway.

Vanessa shooed him out of the room, saying she needed to get dressed.

Luke wandered downstairs and into the kitchen. Sarah Jane was at the kitchen table reading the paper and drinking a cup of tea. She looked up, her eyes softening when she saw Luke.

"Good Morning." she said.

Luke settled in the chair opposite,

"Good morning." he was reading the front page of the paper. According to the paper there was some sort of new block at the school he was starting at today.

Sarah Jane looked over at Luke,"Would you like some breakfast? There's cereal and Harry made eggs and bacon," she wasn't surprised when he chose cereal, they had found out last week that while Luke was not a picky eater (except peppers he hated peppers) and would basically eat whatever was put on his plate,he really liked the sugar coated cereal and it was a good thing he had been created with good teeth.

"Morning all," Vanessa bounced into the room, giving Sarah Jane a kiss as she made her way over to the stove and served herself some eggs, bacon and toast. She carried her plate back to the table.

"Where's Dad?" she asked, looking around.

"He's at the hospital. You guys should get going." Sarah Jane said.

Vanessa ate a few bites and grabbed her bag,"Come on Luke, I'll give you a lift to school." she offered, swallowing the last bite of toast and after giving Sarah Jane another quick kiss, grabbed her car keys heading out to the car. Luke gathered up his backpack. Sarah Jane walked over to him and gave him a kiss

"Have a good day." she said.

"Bye,Mum." he said as easily as if he'd been calling her that all his life, Sarah Jane smiled,

"Oh no Sarah Jane is just fine." Luke nodded and headed outside and climbed into the car.

line break

They pulled up in front of the school. Vanessa turned to Luke. He looked worried, so she squeezed his hand reassuringly,"I remember my first day, I was nervous, but you get used to it."

"I don't know anyone." Luke said.

"You know Maria." Vanessa said, gesturing toward their neighbour. She had been the first person Luke had met that fateful day in the Bane factory. Luke got out of the car as Maria came over.

"Hi." she said.

"Hey Maria." Vanessa greeted the younger girl.

Maria was staring at the building in awe,"That's a bit flash." she said. Luke and Vanessa looked to where she was pointing.

"It's new." Luke said, recalling what he had read that morning. Maria pulled him along and soon they were lost in a throng of children.

Line break

Vanessa was waiting for them at the end of the day. She got out of the car and waved them over.

"How was it?" she asked, looking at Maria,but directing her question at Luke.

"The canteen food was off." Luke said. getting into the passenger seat

"And the headmaster kept farting in assembly. It smelled weird" Maria said, climbing into the back seat.

"How bad was the canteen food? I remember I always hated the school lunches." Vanessa said, smiling .

"It was mouldy, tomorrow I'm bringing my own lunch." Maria said. Vanessa looked over at Luke he had gone quiet and she wondered what he was thinking. They pulled into the driveway and Sarah Jane came out of the house just as Alan Jackson biked up. When he saw his daughter climbing out of Vanessa's car he began to tease her good naturedly.

"I'm going to go start on tea." Vanessa said, pulling Luke toward the house with her. She really wanted to get Luke alone so she could ask him his day had really gone,but he disappeared up the stairs before she could ask. She sighed and busied herself with getting the tea on;hamburgers and chips. A few minutes later her mothercame in. "I have an article to write. How did Luke's first day go?" she asked.

B/N; Is it Mum or Sarah Jane? Might want to stick with just one.

"Not sure, he didn't say." Vanessa shrugged.,"Maybe he'll tell you."

"I'll be up in the attic." Sarah Jane said,"Tell Luke, okay."

Vanessa nodded and turned the oven on when the power went out,

"Great" she muttered, hoping it didn't last long. Mum would know; she had her scanner that not only detected alien life but did other things too. She climbed the stairs to the attic. Luke was up there too.

"Power's out." she said unnecessarily. She sat down on the sofa bed,"Wonder how long it'll last. Have you checked the power grid."

"Her scanner isn't working." Luke said.

"Neither is Mr. Smith." Sarah Jane said, gesturing toward the wall where their super computer, Mr. Smith was stored. Vanessa frowned. Mr. Smith had a back up generator that was supposed to kick on if a power surge ever happened, that's what is was there for . As quickly as it went out, the power came back on again, the laptop booted up, and Vanessa could hear the TV downstairs come on. Luke stood up.

"I'm going to go do my homework." he headed downstairs. Vanessa stayed behind and looked at Sarah Jane,"Did he talk to you?"

Sarah Jane nodded,"He said he kept making social mistakes,I told him he was still learning, still new to the world."

Vanessa nodded,"I'll talk with him too." she offered. She went downstairs and into the kitchen. Luke was sitting at the table surrounded by his school books and papers. After checking on the burger and fries,she pulled out a chair and sat across from him.

"I remember I used to put off doing my homework. Mum always used to threaten to take away my telly watching privileges if I didn't get to it." Vanessa said, laughing,"I hated maths especially."

Luke looked up, "I like maths,it's easy, it fits."

"So how was school really, apart from what you and Maria told me?" Vanessa pressed.

"I don't fit in and I don't know anyone except Maria and Clyde. Sarah Jane says I'll learn." Luke said.

"Sarah Jane?" Vanessa looked confused, wondering why Luke didn't call her Mum. Come to think of it, he didn't call Harry Dad either. She'd have to tell them he should call them Mum and Dad. They were his parents.

Line break

Later that night, after Luke had gone to bed, Vanessa found both her parents in the front room watching the news. Vanessa sat in the armchair.

I've been thinking about Luke." she began.

Sarah Jane gestured for her to go on and Vanessa continued,"He's your son and my brother, adopted, true, but he's ours in every sense of the word, so he should call you Mum and Dad, don't you think, and I think he wants to." she pointed out

Harry looked at Sarah Jane,"Nessa's right, he's a Smith, and we are his parents."

Sarah Jane nodded and Vanessa smiled and settled back to watch TV.

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B/N;This is really good. You tend to have commas instead of full stops, and you don't put commas where they're meant to go, but I fixed that up. This chapter was very Harry light. Is he going to feature more in later chapters?

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Other than that, I really enjoyed it and I look forward to reading more.