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"Alright, I'm here for the switch." Toris said. At Louise's raised eyebrow he sighed. "What did I do wrong this time?"

"You're not supposed to speak and if you must in whispers." she said softly. "We don't want to wake the young master."

Toris rolled his eyes and bit down on his tongue. Instead he nodded and stepped into Louise's place.

"I'll be back in a few minutes." she said.

"You're supposed to use the switch time to get some sleep." Toris hissed. If she heard him she ignored his words.

She returned, true to her word, in a few minutes. Wordlessly she took her place once more next to Toris, her body shifting into attention.

"Don't you have a life outside the position of guard?" Toris asked her in a whisper an hour after he had come there. "Or at least date someone?"

From Louise's displeased look it was obvious that she was more than annoyed at his persistent talking.

"To be the guard of the prince is the highest honor to be given." she hissed. "I knew from that moment that I had started my training that I would have to give up on many things including silly activities such as dating or even marriage or children."

"What would happen if you fell in love?" Toris countered. "What would you do then?"

"Absolutely nothing." Louise said. "I am to live my entire life for the young master and no one else until my death."

"You mean until you have to die protecting him." Toris muttered under his breath.

Louise narrowed her eyes. "Those words can be counted as traitorous if they reach the proper ears."

Toris sighed. "My apologizes."

Before Louise could say anything a clear voice called out from behind the door. "Louise."

Louise threw Toris a dirty look. "If he woke up because of you I am telling the captain to make you do triple the usual training."

She then entered the room she had been guarding. Closing the door softly behind her she came to the middle of the room and fell to one knee with her left hand placed in front of her.

"What is it that you desire from me, my lord?" she asked keeping her head bowed. "My most sincere apologizes if my comrade's insistent chatter had awoken you."

Prince and heir Feliciano Vargas sat up in his bed. "No, I couldn't sleep either way."

"Is there something troubling you, my lord?" Louise asked.

Feliciano sighed and fell back onto his bed. "Everything is. Can you stay here until I fall asleep?"

"Of course." Louise said bowing lower. "Where do you wish for me to stand?"

"At the foot of my bed." Feliciano said, the blanket falling around him.

Louise stepped up to him and brought the blanket up to his shoulders before she stood at the end of his bed.


"Yes, my lord?"

"Do you consider me your friend?" Feliciano asked.

Louise paused for a moment. "I do not understand your question."

"Do you consider me your friend?" Feliciano repeated. "I consider you one of my closest friends. I tell you everything and I trust you like no one else."

"Yes." Louise said looking straight ahead. "I consider you my friend. Now please go to sleep my lord. You have a busy day tomorrow."

"Am I your best friend?" Feliciano asked shifting in the bed.

"You are my only friend." Louise said. "Now please sleep my lord."

Obviously pleased with her answer Feliciano shifted once more before he settled and closed his eyes.

A sound caught Louise's attention. Wood scraping against wood and string being pulled back. An arrow being placed.

"My lord, take cover!" Louise cried as she jumped to his side which faced the window. Two arrows flew through the covering and before Louise could draw her sword or put up her magic the arrows managed to pierce through her armor and into her shoulders.

Arrows with magic embedded heads. Only those were able to get past her armor. Clenching her teeth she quickly grabbed the arrow in her left shoulder and pulled it free. Before she could register the pain she quickly pulled the other free.

"Toris!" she yelled, drawing her sword. Two people completely covered in black cloth with a strange symbol embroidered onto it appeared and jumped towards Feliciano who was cowering on the bed.

Louise jumped in front of Feliciano once more and blocked an attack. Toris had entered the room and was fighting with the other man.

More guards entered the room. The man Louise was fighting drew a short dagger and threw it words Feliciano. Louise threw her left arm to block it, wincing as it went through her armor and into her arm.

Suddenly a burning pain shot through the arrow wounds and the one in her arm. The armor surrounding the wounds began to melt. Louise gritted her teeth in an attempt to ignore the pain.

Feliciano who was behind her saw, from the slight room from her body and armor, light start to glow from her back. Louise felt the runes her siblings had carved onto her back start to burn more than the wounds.

The guards quickly now overcame the two men and brought them to their knees with swords pointing at them from all sides.

Ignoring the sharp burning pain that was threatening to make her faint Louise turned to Feliciano who was still shaking on the bed.

"My lord." she said walking up to him. "Are you alright?"

Feliciano nodded as his eyes fell onto the blood dripping from the holes in her armor. "You're hurt."

"Mere flesh wounds. Nothing to worry about." she said. "The important thing is that you are safe my lord."

"Louise!" one of the guards screamed.

Whipping around Louise barely managed to see the man she had been fighting jumping towards her with a club in hand. Before she was able to bring her sword up the club connected harshly with the side of her head filling the room with the sound of the club hitting her skull and a white light which flashed for a moment before it faded.

Feliciano screamed as Louise collapsed to the floor, a pool of blood appearing under her head. The man nodded in satisfaction as the guards grabbed him and threw him against the wall.

Toris ran to Louise's side and kneelt next to her. He ripped his cape off and placed it gently around her head.

"Healer." he said. He looked up to the still guards. "Get the Healer, damn you!"

As the guards ran off Toris turned his attention back to Louise who was growing increasingly paler by the minute.

"Stay with us." he murmured as he brushed some stray hairs away. "Please stay with us."

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