I chose the setting as Chicago because I used to live there, and while I don't anymore, I know it well. Plus there was a big important meeting there recently enough, right?


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When England woke up, he had a sudden sense of foreboding. America is planning something. But right now, he didn't have time to worry about that. He was sore all over, and his clothes Why was he in exercise clothes? were stuck to him with dried sweat.

He got out of bed, fully intent on taking a shower before doing anything such as thinking or cooking. As per habit, he took down a sheet off of his calendar. That's strange. He could've sworn it was the third. England was meticulous about his little rip calendar, even bringing it to America's stupid country with him.

Oh bloody hell there's an easier solution to this! England picked up his phone and saw that it was indeed the fourth, just as his calendar had informed him. Why was he so off today? Start from the back old chap, he reminded himself. What did you do yesterday?

All his memories from yesterday after breakfast were a complete blank. America.

As if in answer to his fuming thoughts, the phone suddenly vibrated, and a picture of the country himself appeared on the screen.

"What?" England asked aggressively before the younger nation could say a thing.

"Oh nothing dude. Just get to the meeting a half-hour early. See you soon." And America hung up after a scarily short (at least by the bouncy hamburger-lover's standards) conversation.

As England dressed and took a shower, he pondered America's voice. There had been something… off.. about it.

After a cup of tea and some NOT BURNT GODDAMMIT scones, England tucked his briefcase under his arm and headed out into the brisk Chicago air.

There was an odd smell of chocolate on this particular block. Looking around more carefully, England determined the source as the ice cream parlor next to the Hershey store, and kept walking. There was a distinct difference from New York. New York was the big deal, what America was known for. But this third-smallest city of Chicago was bustling and moving at this early hour. New York might be the city that never sleeps, but Chicago is the one that wakes up fully energized by it. He smiled wryly.

Then a train rumbled overhead and he nearly jumped out of his skin.

I thought that was just a bridge.

He passed skyscraper upon skyscraper until he got to his destination, with his feet dragging and his mind pondering. America had sounded… tired. He passed a few men in suits, biking down the marked path on the side of the road with briefcases strapped to the back of their bicycles. Very tired. How strange, America didn't get tired.

Entering the building, England sat down in his seat heavily, rubbing his temples. The walk had woken him up a little, but he was still exhausted.

"Morning Iggy," America nodded to him, picking his head up from it's position on the table from his own spot.

"What's wrong with you?" England asked in horror.

For while America was dressed fairly normally, his bomber jacket was hanging off of the back of his chair instead of his shoulders. His hair was sticking up on one side, as if he had fallen asleep leaning against a wall. America had a very tired expression on his face. He looked like a completely ordinary person with his bomber jacket off. He didn't even have any burgers with him, just a large cup of black coffee.

"Tired," America's head thunked back down onto the table. England flinched at the loud sound. That sounded painful. Well, his head is probably thick enough to take it.

The two English-speaking countries sat in silence, unusual for both of them. While England didn't have an intense need to constantly chin-wag like America, he didn't like being silent for too long. He usually didn't go this long without having to yell at an idiot.

Am I addicted?

Slowly, a few other nations trickled in, walking every bit as sluggishly as England had.

When all the G8 nations had arrived, everyone looked towards America, but he just sat there.

"China's coming too," He replied to their curious glances.

A minute later, said nation had arrived, yawning wide enough to fit his whole Hello Kitty plush in his mouth.

"Alright," America half-stood up, but then just sat again. "Yesterday, England, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan agreed to test this."

He set a small bottle on the counter. It read twelve hour energy.

"Half of you got the original five hour, while the other half got the twelve hour." America explained. "And no, I don't know who got which."

"I didn't agree to anything!" England yelled.

"Actually you did." Russia said.

"I don't remember agreeing to anything," Canada said, making most of the nations jump. America gave him an amused look, as if remembering something funny, but he didn't respond.

Canada gave him a suspicious look. "What was the point of the experiment?"

America shrugged. "Tony," He said simply, as if that explained it all. In fact it kind of did. "He wanted to see the results. He sent out a bunch of invisible cameras out to tape the effects it had on all of you."

"What did it show, aru?" China asked, alarmed.

America shrugged. "I don't know. He would't show it to me. Shall we?" He pointed to a large screen on the other side of the room.

How the bloody hell did I miss that?

"Who should we start with?" America asked, a large grin creeping over his face.

The nations exchanged scared looks. Dear god what had happened yesterday?

England's stomach sank. Bloody buggering hell.

Yes indeed… Sorry, this is a terrible beginning chapter, but put it this way- you get to have a say in who goes insane with energy first. The countries available for choosing (As I'm not very good at anyone else, though you can suggest someone and I'll try to stick them in) are as follows








Or you can see America going without…

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