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so, here's chapter two, which i decided to throw together pretty fast today because i'd like to get it out before the weekend ends. i wasn't ecstatic about how the last one turned out, so i'm hoping this will be a little better.

i'm listening to sad music right now so this might turn out to be horrifically angsty. or maybe i won't be influenced. we'll see.

well, not gonna take up too much space here.


It became a constant in a life where constants didn't exist, and he found he could really do without it.

He took another sip of coffee, rubbing at his forehead. He could feel a headache coming on. Lucifer was seated next to Dean across the greasy table, humming obnoxiously and playing with a flame on his fingertip. As Sam watched, the devil flicked the tiny fireball across the table. It landed on Sam's palm, and he clamped his teeth shut to strangle a pained shout. Surreptitiously, he pressed his thumb painfully hard onto a deep slice that was gouged into his forearm. Lucifer sighed plaintively as he flickered out of sight.

Dean gave him a suspicious glance, but didn't seem to be paying him much attention. He was scrolling down a webpage on the laptop, brows furrowed in concentration. Sam sighed quietly, letting his eyes fall closed for just a second.

And an airhorn went off in his left ear.

He shot up, eyes wide open, and looked around frantically to find Lucifer laughing at him from the next seat over. Dean followed his gaze, and finding nothing, he cleared his throat.

"Is...is he there now?"

Sam nodded tensely, pressing his fist into his arm, aggravating at least half of the cuts there. Lucifer disappeared for half a second, but he was back, and Sam didn't much like the way he was grinning.

"It's not enough, Sammyboy," he whispered, sipping Sam's drink, "You know how to end this."

"Sam?" Dean was standing next to him now, gripping his shoulder. "Sam, you okay?"

He forced a smile and a nod as the flames licked their way up his legs.

well, it's a little shorter than yesterday's but that's okay...hmm... still not totally sure if I like it. I think I'm out of practice haha