Written for the Fanfiction Tri-Wizard Competition.

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Goodbye in the Heavens

Dear Moonbeam,

I'm writing this letter to you with a single purpose. It's over between us. I can't go through with what I'm about to be a part of knowing that you're my girlfriend, I just can't. I can't tell you much of what might happen tomorrow here, but I've told Dobby to warn you when the time comes.

Good bye, for now and forever. Don't reply. Don't write. Don't talk to me. I'm not going to take back anything I might have said in the past and I don't apologize for anything I might say in the future. I'm never going to forget these past months, to be honest they probably are the best months I'll ever experience, but I can't afford to have ties with this world and you are my one and only.

Yours trul always,

Northern Star

Luna felt tears well up in her eyes as she sat in the cold dark basement and stared at the note in her hands. She had gotten it one morning in March two years ago. It was a warning from Draco telling her Umbridge had found them. Luna hadn't cried then, though, now the words cut into her like a knife, repeatedly stabbing at her heart. I don't apologize for anything I might say in the future. Luna remembered the day she had been captured and dragged to Malfoy manor, Draco had taken one glance at her and walked out of the room, pretending he didn't even care. But he did care, Luna could tell by the look in his eyes, he did care, and it hurt. Luna let her legs slip out from under her as she slid down the wall and closed her eyes, letting the memories wash over her. All the times he had snuck her out to hogsmeade for a butter beer, the huge basket of chocolate she had found at the foot of her bed on her birthday, the grin on his face when he spotted her at breakfast, his breath on her neck as he whispered sweet nothings in her ear, his voice when he told her he loved her. It's so hard to say goodbye.

"Avis" Luna whispered, watching the blue birds fly out of the tip of her wand. She was standing in the garden behind Shell Cottage testing the new wand Ollivander had made her. Dobby had come to rescue them from the cellar in Malfoy manor. Luna was glad to be out of that place, somewhere in her heart she suspected it was Draco who had sent Dobby, but she tried not to think about it. It hurt too much.

"Incendio" blue flames shot out of the tip of Luna's wand into a nearby flower pot. Luna closed her eyes and took a deep breath as another memory of her and Draco's relationship washed over her.

It was Christmas of 1995 and Draco had taken her to the room of requirement and surprised her with a candle lit dinner, courtesy of 'a little friend' as Draco had said. He gave her the most beautiful necklace, a blue, oddly shaped pendant on a silver chain. She had given him a pair of spectrospecs. I wish things were different.

They stood there. Luna, Draco, Professor McGonagall, Romilda, they were all standing there watching, to far sunk into despair to say anything. Harry was dead. Ginny was sobbing in her father's arms.

"Harry Potter is dead!" Voldemort shouted, laughing in triumph, the Deatheaters laughing with him. "And now is the time to declare yourself. Come forward and join us! Come." Voldemort looked around. A weak, rasping voice rose out from the line of Deatheaters.

"Draco." it was Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, Narcissa was motioning for Draco to come over to them. Draco hesitated a minute, looking around. He glanced behind him at Luna. Luna met his eyes and for a spit second she thought he was going to step back and take her hand in his and stay with them. Then he walked forward and she realized what he was doing, what this is. I don't take back anything I might have said in the past. It was an apology, a hope that she would understand and move on, a final goodbye.