Hello everyone this is my first fanfiction posted on here with this pen name. I did have one a long time ago that I posted a sailor moon story with. But recently I had seen the Hey Arnold movie and decided I was going to check out the fanfiction. So I did. And decided that I would write one. Now this might be a little retarted at first, but I will do my best to make it better, as I go along. I have started this particular story over about 5 times. so I decided to just stick with this and see where it takes me. you never know until you try right? okay make sure you always read the end notes after each chapter cause sometimes there is something that you will NEED to read. Okay? Love you all. here goes..

Disclaimer: I don't own Hey Arnold! or any of the characters and have no affiliation with the show in any way other than watching it at my friends house because I don't have cable. LoL ^-^

Helga's Secret-The Revelation Chapter One-Innocent Game of Truth or Dare?

"Okay everyone. Truth or dare?" Rhonda suggested. Everyone agreed, despite the few that were hesitant (Arnold, Helga, Big Patty, Phoebe) "Allright but we are going to have to exclude the few of us that aren't of 'high society'." Ms. Rhonda Wellington-Llyod had gotten even more snobby and arrogant since the previous year. In fact she was practically heartless. "For instance Helga Pataki," she stated Helga's name in utter disgust, more so than the next two, "Harold and Big Patty." She finished fearlessly. "Rhonda that's not fair." Arnold defended. "Okay okay." Rhonda gave in, along with the glare of Helga, and Big Patty. No one really wanted to play with her in the first place. Not even her beloved Nadine really enjoyed her company anymore. (no this story is not about Rhonda dont worry!) Rhonda, Nadine, Sheena, Eugine, Gerald, Arnold, Harold, Sid, Stinky, Lila, Helga, Phoebe, and Big Patty all sat in a circle on the schoolground during 5th grade lunch. Only a few of them had changed much since the previous year. The most dramatic changes were made by Eugine. He became his own opposite from last year. He'd taken on the image of a bad boy, or a bully if you will. He'd started using gel (to hold down his brillo pad hair), and he sported faded blue jeans, boots, and the black *imitation* leather jacket. Of course. What's a bully without the jacket. One thing though that never changed about Eugine. He was still the same old magnet for bad luck, and klutzing out. But because so many of the fifth grade girls and some of the older one's swooned over his every move, he maintained his "cool" status. But his friends with him here right now, knew the real him. No other real changes were made among the rest of the gang. For cryin' out loud it's only been a year. And for all of you that are wondering: Arnold was still the utter absolute object of Helga's affection. 'If only he knew the depths of my desire to tell him how much I truly love him.' Helga thought hopelessly as she stared, inconspicuously at Arnold. Arnold suddenly glanced at Helga. He was a little surprised to see that she was already staring at him. Yep, he was still the same 'ole dense Arnold. He smiled politely. In return she glared his way, and held up her fist threateningly. He sighed and looked away. "Gerald, truth or dare?" Rhonda asked slyly. "Dare." Gerald replied cooly. "I dare you to wear your shirt halfway tucked in for the rest of the day!" Rhonda's enthusiasm in this dare was not particularly shared by her classmates. "That's a tough one Rhonda." Gerald said sarcastically humoring her as he tucked in his 33 Jersey halfway. Everyone was waiting; watching him expectantly. He slowly looked over the circle of kids, his eyes falling on his best friend, Arnold. He smiled evily but then noticed Phoebe. Small, meek, cute innocent Phoebe. His first impulse was to wink at her. But then he realized this was his chance to see if she really liked him. "Phoebe, truth or dare?" "Truth." She replied quickly. Everyone watched in anticipation. "Is there anyone amongst all of our fine classmates that you like.more than a friend?" "Yes." Phoebe stated, blushing, as she stared Gerald eye to eye. With their eye contact not wavering, "Who?" Gerald asked, very intrigued. "Hey, tall hair boy! You can't ask that, you get one question, and you already asked." Helga threatened. To everyone's disappointment, specifically Gerald's, and to Phoebe's relief Helga had saved her. Everyone groaned but Arnold. Who was kind of proud of Helga. "Harold." Phoebe said. "Huh?" Harold looked up stupidly from his sandwich. The fifth he'd had all lunch time.he'd seemed to be cutting back. "truth or dare?" "Dare.haha." Without hesitation or thought Phoebe gave him the dare. "I dare you to kiss Big Patty." Instantly everyone gasped at Phoebe's forwardness. And instantly Harold and Big Patty blushed. "Your a bold kid Phoebe, a bold kid." Gerald said. "I'm not kissing that!" Big patty and Harold said in unison. Everyone, including, themselves, had known that Harold and Big Patty had liked eachother since they first met last year. "You have to. You agreed to play the game, and it's part of the rules." Phoebe crossed her arms. Harold groaned nervously as Big Patty waited for her cue. Many different remarks were whispered and said as they finally did lean in and kiss. After Harold's blushing faded, he then let his eyes pass over each of his lifelong friends like a hungry vulture. A laughing Helga seemed to sieze his appetite. "Helga!" "Truth." She retorted. She didn't want to be dared to do something outrageous. But what if they asked her the question she dreaded the most. No, they couldn't they wouldn't, would they? Of course not. "Helga behind your mean exter..exter.outside, there's gotta be some feelings in there.for a specific someone." "Yea so? What are you getting at Pink Boy?" Helga questioned nervously not impressed with Harold's idiotic attempt to sound intellectual by using the word exterior. In which the moron couldn't even remember how to say. Such a simple word belonged in the lower half of complexity in her vocabulary. "Who?" Harold bluntly finished. Helga felt all eyes on her. She stole a glance at Arnold. She couldn't admit that she'd secretly loved him since preschool, the first day she met him. and had bullied him the most out of everyone because she didn't want anyone to find out and tease her. This wasn't the way she'd want to admit her feelings to him. Not the way at all.

"Come on Helga. We don't have all day." "It's not that hard, just tell us who you like." "It's no big deal Helga." Arnold chimed in. Why he didn't know. Maybe he didnt want anyone else to know he was a bit anxious about her answer. In the fourth grade, during their successful attempt to save the neighborhood *referring to the movie for all of you untrue HA fans, haha* she confessed her feelings for him. He was sure if he should believe her. She could have just been doing it to tease. But then again she kissed him. She was a good actress, he argued with himself. But nevertheless, he wasn't sure what to think then, or now. That is if she told everyone that she was the one he liked. And as if Helga read Arnold's thoughts she yelled out in frustration, none other than , "STINKY! I LIKE STINKY!" Helga ran off, apparently not wanting to play anymore. Phoebe decided it was best not to go after her. Everyone looked at Stinky. "Well, golly jee whiz. I had no idea. All this gosh durn time, and I never got no clue that Helga Pataki like me like that." Stinky explained dumbfoundedly in his thick southern accent. As everyone continued the game Arnold looked over at Helga who was sitting on a swing, her head bent. She looked sad and lonely as she slowly swayed back and forth. Something was wrong. She didn't like Stinky. No way. They just don't understand her.