Rosie walked down the darkened hallway, her flaming red hair flapping in the wind from the opened windows. The Quidditch pitch was only a few yards away. The light from the full moon glistened off of the grass as Rosie went and got her broomstick. Grabbing it, Rosie went and stood in the middle of the pitch. Looking up, she saw nothing but the beautiful midnight blue sky above her. Or did she? There, barely noticeable, was a little white dot floating in the air. She kicked off of the hard ground slowly, and began making her way into the cool night sky. Bigger and bigger the dot became, until it became clear to her that it wasn't a dot at all. It was a person. And that person was Scorpius Malfoy. Hearing Rose flying towards him, he turned around. His dark grey eyes looked beautiful in the moonlight. Mesmerizing almost. He held a finger to his lips as if to tell her to be quiet, though she wasn't making any noise. Rosie flew level with him. He pointed at a clearing in the forbidden forest, where a gang of unicorns were gathered. They looked wonderful. She had never seen one before, other than in cartoon form. Its fur shined brighter than anything she had ever seen before, some would say even glowed. Rosie flew back down to the pitch and put her broom away, Scorpius following shortly behind. They walked together back into the castle in silence. When the time came to go to their seperate common rooms, his in the Slytherin dungeons and hers in Gryffindor tower, Rosie leaned in and kissed Scorpius on the cheek. Then she put he lips next to his ear and breathed an almost silent "Thank you."