X-Metal Birthday-X


(P.S.; this is normally a humanized story, no lego)

X-Our favorite Fire Ninja is in really hot water when he forgets a important day; Kim-Ly's Birthday-X


Kai sighed happily under the June sun, it's bascing rays being welcomed onto him. Aaaaah, yeah. Nothing to worry about! "Yo Kai!" Bunny yelled from the staircase on the deck, causing the boy to move from his comfy position to one where his upper torso was twisted while his legs stayed in the same position. "What's up Bunny?" Kai asked the water ninja, who smiled down at him as she crouched beside him. "I wanted to know, what are ya getting Kim-Ly for her birthday tomorrow?" Bunny asked Kai, who blinked in surprise as he sat up straight.

"Oh no...I know that look Kai, you forgot her birthday didn't you?" Bunny asked Kai, still keeping her voice at a minimum. "Pfft, no, no, no! What kind of boyfriend would I be if I forgot my own girlfriends' birthday? Heh..." Kai uncomfortably stated, while Bunny blankly stared at him.



"Okay...So I forgot big time! Y-You have to help me Bunny! Please!" Kai pleaded to Bunny, who smiled gently down at him. "Sure thing Kai, now come on, I have a idea." Bunny told Kai, who got up quickly and followed behind Bunny.

Next Day

Kim-Ly smiled as she got out of bed, to see Bunny, Grace, and Nya beside her bed with multiple balloons with similar sayings such as "Happy Birthday!" "You are 17!" "Love ya sis!" Kim-Ly grinned as she hugged the 3 girls, who hugged her back. "Oh, you guys remembered!" Kim-Ly happily chimed as she hugged the 3, before Bunny suddenly let go and ran out of the room. Just as Kim-Ly was about to follow her, Grace and Nya stepped in front of her. "How could we forget silly?" Nya asked Kim-Ly, who smiled at her happily. "Hey, you and Nya stay put while I go and help Zane finish breakfast." Grace told the 2 girls, who agreed as the 2 sat on Kim-Ly's bed.

"Soooo, do you know what Kai's got planed for me?" Kim-Ly asked Nya, who innocently shrugged her shoulders. "Heh, who knows?" Nya told Kim-Ly, who didn't buy what she was saying. "Come on Nya! Pleeeeeeease!" Kim-Ly pleaded, just as the door opened and Jay walked in. "Hey birthday girl! Your oh so special breakfast is done!" Jay chimed happily, Nya was relieved by this distraction while Kim-Ly was a bit ticked, but also excited for this.

"M'Kay." Kim-Ly said before walking off to the dinning room, Nya and Jay smiled at each other. "You think Kai'll pull through?" Jay asked Nya, who looked a bit worried. "He better, or else he gonna have to do a lot to make it up to Kim-Ly." Nya told Jay, both hoped that this was gonna work.

In the Dinning Room

Kim-Ly grinned as she sat down at the table, Zane, Grace, Cole, Sensei Wu, and Lloyd already there with their presents in a neat stack beside the table. In front of the Birthday girl was a stack of chocolate chip pancakes (made by Zane), chocolate crepes (made by Grace), and then freshly made mocha. On top of the pancakes in white frosting read "Happy Birthday *heart sign*" with 2 candles that read "17". "Well, blow out the breakfast candles!" Lloyd exclaimed, and giggling Kim-Ly blew out the candles.

The smoke didn't last long as the embers soon stopped just before Grace left the room, to make sure Kim-Ly didn't notice to much Cole placed his and Grace's gifts on Kim-Ly's lap. "Come on birthday girl, open your gifts." Cole instructed, yet Kim-Ly decided to listen to him and looked at the 2 gifts. Cole's was silver wrapped along with a golden bow while Grace's was a grey metallic wrapping paper and red ribbon to top it off.

Eagerly Kim-Ly ripped open the grey one first, and smiled when she saw a pair of tube socks. This was obviously revenge for giving her those pair of tights 3 years back. "She never forgets." Kim-Ly whispered to herself before opening Cole's gift, and saw a few rolls of gauze. "I've noticed how you don't put any kind of protection on while you're using your gauntlets, and this was the thinnest thing I could find besides gloves." Cole explained, Kim-Ly thanked him before Lloyd's gift was shoved into her face.

The gift was wrapped with shining forest green paper, and curly grey ribbons. "Open it! Open it! Oooooopen it!" Lloyd exclaimed as he held the box out, and sat down beside Kim-Ly as she placed the gift onto her lap after moving the other 2 gifts to the side. Quickly Kim-Ly opened the gift, and smiled when she saw a few new video games that she had her eyes on.

"Heh, I remember when you took me out shopping and I saw you staring at these games." Lloyd happily told Kim-Ly, who gently placed the gift to the side and hugged the younger boy. "Thanks Lloyd, that's real sweet of you." Kim-Ly told the younger boy, who smiled into their hug before Sensei Wu coughed. "Kim-Ly *said girl looks straight at him* *Sensei Wu slides his white wrapped gift towards her over the table* I wish you another year of good fortune and help." Sensei Wu spoke happily, Kim-Ly smiled and bowed to him before opening the gift and squealed.

Inside the box was a new set of gauntlets, much more fancy than the spare gauntlets that Kim-Ly had, and they looked a bit more light weight. "Oh, Sensei Wu! Thank you, thank you so much!" Kim-Ly exclaimed happily as she took the gauntlets in her hands, she was right, they were pretty light weight. "Heh, I know you'll put them to good use." Sensei Wu spoke before Zane, Jay, and Nya (the last 2 had apparently came into the room while Kim-Ly was going gaga over the gauntlets) gave Kim-Ly a singe rainbow colored gift that was about half of Lloyd's height.

"We sort of sprung our money together to get you something." Nya explained to Kim-Ly, who had to hop up and grip the opposite side of the box's wrapping before pulling it, before she grinned happily as she tore off the rest of the paper and rested her cheek to the side of the box as if it was a treasured Jem. The box had "karaoke 1000" on the side in funky neon purple letters, with instructions on the side. "We figured that since your last karaoke machine sort of...Fell...Into the ocean, we could get you a new one." Jay replied, and Kim-Ly understood what he was saying...Since it was him who had accedentally knocked the machine into the water.

"Do you like it?" Zane asked Kim-Ly, who stopped rubbing her cheek against the box to look at her 3 friends with a grin. "Me like." Kim-Ly simply said before going back to cooeing over the machine, while the others couldn't help but laugh at this.

At around 7 PM

Kim-Ly's stomach rumbled quietly as she moaned, this was so weird. The group was happy to see her eat every bit of her birthday breakfast, only for them to not give her any lunch or dinner...Heck, the only other thing she's eaten besides her breakfast was a few cookies! And if that wasn't bad enough, she hadn't seen Kai all day.

Suddenly a knock on her bedroom door caused the birthday girl to sit up and trudge over to the door and open it, only to see a bouquet of roses in a crystal vase in the door way, a small note attached to it. Slowly Kim-Ly looked around the hallway, and after not seeing anything she gently picked up the vase and brought it into the room. Carefully she placed it onto her vanity and carefully picked the note out of the roses.


I'm so sorry to keep you waiting. I've been working all day, just practicing and getting ready, and now I'm done. Come up onto the deck (don't worry, everyone is out of the ship right now...Yeah, let's just say I owe them a few favors)...Oh! And dress up a bit to please.

-Your Kai

Kim-Ly blinked at the note before zooming off to her closet and rushing through a bit of her fancy clothes...Bingo! Kim-Ly pulled out a sleek satin grey dress with beautiful red thin straps and ruffles at the bottom. Quickly Kim-Ly washed up in the shower before blow drying her hair (SHE CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO DRY NATURALLY!), patted herself dry, put coconut-lime lotion on, slipped on her dress, and then cautiously approached the make-up table on Bunny's side of the room.

True Kim-Ly was a bit used to make-up by now...But she didn't really know all to many colors that complemented her and-wait...Kim-Ly picked up a light pink post-it note from the table that had a small list.

Kim-Ly use the make up listed; golden eye shadow, black eye liner, dark red lip stick, raspberry scented lip gloss, half volume amber mascara, and mango perfume (to go with your coconut-lime lotion!).

-lots o' love from Bun-Bun, Nya, and Angel

Kim-Ly's eye twitched along with the corner of her mouth, everyone was in on this...Okay, this made up for the tube socks...Swiftly Kim-Ly followed the list, her feet twitching in their golden flats...Oh, she was so excited!

On the Deck

Oh, he was so nervous! Kai ran back and forth on the deck, making sure everything was right and making sure Kim-Ly didn't see him so scared. Right now he was wearing a black tuxedo, white under shirt, and a nice dark red with black stripped tie. On the deck was a perfectly set white-clothed table with crystal glass water filled cups, crystal blue porcelain plates with silver stars hand painted on them (he couldn't thank Bunny enough for those), silver silverware, and a golden candelabra to the side of the plates that held 3 deep red scented candles. Rose petals were scattered around the table coming from the staircase, and the 2 chairs were just angled to where they could easily sit down when needed to.

Once again Kai rechecked the small trolley that held their food and the cake (plus her gift)...All of which (besides the cake) was still warm, and their sweet tea was to perfection...Oh, this night just had to be perfect!

"...Kai?" a timid voice rose from behind him, Kai took a deep breath before smiling and turning around...Only to remind himself not to faint. Kim-Ly looked so...So...Ohhhhhh. "C-can you please stop staring at me like that?" Kim-Ly asked Kai, who blinked before nodding his head and led Kim-Ly to the table, which she smiled at. "This is amazing Kai." Kim-Ly whispered to Kai, who smiled at her.

"That's the whole point of it." Kai told Kim-Ly, who smiled at him as the 2 took a seat...Only for Kai to get back up and roll the trolley over. "Sweet tea?" Kai asked Kim-Ly, who nodded her head politely as Kai started to pour it into her cup. "This is amazing Kai, thank you." Kim-Ly told Kai, who grinned at her. "I-Well..I wanted you to have a happy birthday." Kai told Kim-Ly, the 2 smiled at each other before Kim-Ly's eyes widened as she scooted away from the table suddenly.

"I-Is something wron-oh snap!" Kai yelled as he pulled up the jug of sweet tea when he realised that he over poured the tea, but he pulled back so much and due to the condensation on the glass the jug ended up spilling its contents on him. "Gaaah!" Kai yelled as he flailed backwards, yet to keep his balance Kai grabbed onto the table...Only to grab just the cloth, causing it to come undone and fall along with him, crashing all the silverware on the ground next to the table.

So there Kai laid, the jug beside him and Kim-Ly shaking his shoulders. "Kai! Kai, speak to me!" Kim-Ly yelled, she was seriously worried when Kai didn't start to talk back. "...I'm sorry Kimmy." Kai whispered to Kim-Ly, who blinked at him. "Wh-What?" Kim-Ly asked Kai as he sits up, a sad expression on his face. "I...I ruined everything...I'm so sorry." Kai apologized to Kim-Ly, who didn't pause for even a second to hug the sad boy.

"Kai, this has been the sweetest, most thoughtful gift anyone has ever done for me! I...This is perfect." Kim-Ly told Kai, who backed up from the hug a bit to stare at Kim-Ly. "This is a mess!" Kai yelled, at this Kim-Ly rolled her eyes before kissing her boyfriend before he could rant. "*pulls apart* I don't care if it's messy Kai. Let's face it, our job requires us to get messy!" Kim-Ly reminded Kai, who continued to stare at his girlfriend before he scooted them both over to the trolley and opened the bottom compartment to pull out a small red box.

"I...I know this isn't much...But I wanted to get you something special." Kai told Kim-Ly, who smiled at him before taking the present in her hands and opening the top, and smiled brightly at the contents. Nestled inside the red velvet was a golden necklace that had a golden claudagh locket with the smallest of pears (June birthsone) and a few rubies to fill in for the hands (the pearls) and the heart (the rubies).

"Your mom let me buy it...Well...Work for it actually, heh." Kai confessed, before he was hugged and kissed by his girlfriend. Slowly Kai kissed her back, enjoying the warm summer night as the breeze batted against their bodies. As the 2 pulled apart, Kai felt better suddenly forgot about the accident before pulling out the cake.

It was a red velvet heart shaped cake with dark chocolate as the icing. "Happy birthda-ughm." Kai's sentence was interrupted when Kim-Ly shoved a hand full of cake into his mouth. "Shut up, your ruining the moment." Kim-Ly teased Kai, who ate the cake quickly before taking a hand full of cake also. "Oh, so you want a food fight now huh princess?" Kai asked, and before the 2 knew it there was a food fight on the deck.

True, things can go wrong...But they can always turn into the greatest of things, with a little care, compassion, patience, an-*gets hit in the face with cake*

Mayhemb; Well, that was fun!