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Tristana shrugged her backpack more squarely onto her shoulders and continued walking down the thin trial, brushing branches away from her head and hopping over a small gap in her path. The brush was piney and indeciduous, and it's scent was strong and pleasing. The trail was worn loosely into the side of the Sablestone Mountains, carving a looping curve that eventually lead to the peak and back down. The trail itself was well known but it was by no means an easy hike. The path was steep, rocky, and uneven, only those with experience were dared to challenge the face of the highest peak in Valoran. Ironically enough the highest mountains surrounded Bandle City, the City with the shortest people. The view of Bandle from the top of the peak was supposed to be phenomenal, and was the best seat in the world to see the yearly fireworks shot from the center of town during the summer solstice celebration in Bandle.

Tristana had thought she was going to be going with Teemo and Udyr when she planned this out, but Teemo had to be in town to oversee the military protection of the ceremony and Udyr was held up in Ionia for some obscure reason, meaning that Tristana would have to either see the fireworks from her house; alone, again, or brave the hike up alone and see something she had never seen at the risk of imjury. Of course Tristana chose the path that involved risk and was half way up the mountain by 11:15 AM.

She walked through a particularly dense bush and came out covered in those spiky burrs that stick to fabric, even though she was wearing her normal leather armor her socks and scarf were covered and began to itch furiously. She growled and sat on a rock to pick the annoying balls from her garments. As she flicked the last one into the distance she saw a glimmer in the tiny clearing to the left of the trail, a gap between two oddly symmetrical trees gated the wide grassy clearing behind them, the rest of the forest was navigable but so dense you would have to chop your way through. But these trees spaced just right and something shining beyond them piqued Tristana's curios side and she went to investigate the glimmer. She walked forward and bent down to search through the grass. As her head lowered she felt a thick wet sensation brush the top of her head and she jerked up, drawing the knife from her belt. Nothing stood before her, but the air between the trees seemed smeared slightly. Tristana cocked an eyebrow and poked at the smear with her knife.

The knife drove into something and gave resistance when she withdrew it, like putting it through cold honey. She touched her hand to the space to feel whatever it was. It was neither cold nor warm but it matched the temperature of the air around it. The only thing that gave it away was the viscosity of the air. She withdrew her hand and looked at the tips of her fingers where they had contacted the bubble and she saw nothing. She smelled her hand but she only smelled herself and the dirt under her fingernails.

With a sudden feeling of courage and curiosity she stepped through. It was like walking through whipped cream, but after two steps she passed though to see a large rickety looking old house .The structure seemed to moan, not only with age but with something unpleasant hiding away inside as all old cobwebby buildings seem to. The badly shingled roof of the building stuck well over the tops of the relatively short trees and Tristana stood unblinking wondering how she had not read in the hike description "creepy old house" she decided she would have to bring Teemo to see this later but she still had the rest of the mountain to climb so she turned around. The space between the two trees had closed, another oddly fake looking tree standing where she had passed through. Something around the size and hardness of a bowling ball hit tristana square in the back and popped, leaving her skin ablaze with a searing pain. She fell to her knees and shakily stood back up turnding on one knee to see a short figure dressed in a blue robe holding out a tall staff in front of him, pointed straight at her.

She jumped to the side and passed through something ice cold and as this as paper. It was if she had been clipped on the head but with no impact or injury. Stars exploded in front of her eyes and the edges of her vision went black. There was no pain but she was incapacitated and the last thing sh heard was a scratch voice that seemed all too familiar snicker and whisper "perfect"