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Tristana's skin was cold through the leather jacket she was wearing and her head hurt fiercely. She opened her eyes to see the soft coverings of a much too large bed on one side of her vision. She lifted herself with a grunt, pain dully pulsed through her as she moved. Her muscles were tense and her arms were twitching under her weight. She pushed harder with that arm and plopped back to back to the bed as her elbow buckled.

Her head pounded with a dull thud that reverberated through her sinuses and behind her eyes. Tristana rolled over to see the large and extravagant room that she was laying in. The sheets were a soft cotton, colored like the night sky on a summers day after the rain. The pillows alternated a nearly matching color and a white so pure and bright it made Tristana's headache throb harder. The bed was a fluffy four poster with sheer curtains that barely filtered out the mid afternoon light. The floor was a deep endless black carpet that seemed to swallow the light around it the furniture was a deep oak color a deep brown well polished and reflective. All edged with a shining silver metal that glowed ever so slightly.

And then her eyes met what she had started looking for in the first place, the frame of a large door, set heavily on thick hinges, standing wide open leading to an indoor balcony. Her backpack was set next to the bed. She leaped off and shouldered it quickly. Tristana's feet whispered against the knap of the carpet as she walked onto the balcony. On the balcony, which hugged the upper half of three of the large house's four walls were two other doors, one in the middle directly in front of the staircase leading down and one on the opposite side of where Tristana was now. She hurried down the staircase and burst out the intricately carved door to see the familiar sight of the clearing she had entered when she came through the space between the trees. She darted from the patio and looked for an opening. Her breathing quickened as her spinning eyes met nothing but a veritable wall of tall oak all around the house.

"Come on, come on, come on Trist, you can find your way outta here..." she said to herself, her pulse and breathing speeding up rapidly.

Tristana's heart nearly stopped as a sound came from behind her "I find talking to myself useless, I only tell myself what I want to hear or what I already know" said a squeaky and familiar voice behind her "And judging by what you're seeing, you're trapped and you know it"

Tristana turned slowly to see a short black cat dressed in a thin green silk shirt and matching sateen pants. He leaned against the balcony against the rim of the patio with his eyes closed, basking in the warmth of the sunshine.

"And what a beautiful day it is, seventy five degrees, a nice breeze, not a cloud in the sky." The cat paused standing up straight and opening his eyes. The glowing yellow orbs that lay behind the lids made Tristana break out in a nervous sweat.

"Springtime at it's finest, it makes me want to lay in this grass and take a nap" he said walking forward and hopping down the two steps from the porch to the ground. "Speaking of naps," he said with a grin "It appears as if you have woken from yours, was it to your liking" the grin was less meaningful and more of a smug sneer

Tristana wracked her brain trying to find how she knew this Yordle. He said something to himself and giggled and the sound of his laughter snapped Tristana's memory into place. Her hand flew towards the knife at her belt to grab at nothing. She looked down to see all of the weapons she had brought along were missing. The knife, and the small revolver she slid into her belt this morning were missing, and now that she paid attention to the weight of her backpack, approximately forty pounds of bazooka and balls were missing.

Tristana jumped back and tripped. As she hit the ground her rapid breathing gave way to panicked gasps and whimpers in between. "V...Va...Vv" Tristana stuttered hopelessly, crawling backwards into the tree barrier. "Veigar" she exhaled as he approached her calmly "Wh...wah..."

Veigar put an unusually soft padded hand to her mouth. "Let me stop you there" he said standing back up and straightening his shirt.

"Here's why you're here, I had expected you to come through with that rat and the animal man with the odd name" he waved his hand in a circle, trying to remember Udyr.

"Ach, he didn't matter, I had planned to keep the fast rat up here in the mountains while I disrupted the festival you dolts are having down in the city and then having you two as insurance, maybe dragging Ionia into this as well, but all I really needed was the poison spewing rat they call 'captain' ".

Tristana snapped to hear him talk about Teemo Like that and immediately stood. Veigar stared at Tristana stopping his oncoming speech. She lashed out in his direction, jumping forward and balling up her small fists. Veigar was caught semi off guard and managed to dodge the leap, but was left off balance. "Don't you ever talk about Teemo like that," she yelled "He is twenty times the Yordle you are!". She ran full speed at him and he stood to face her. Twirling a small white rod from the embroidered pocked of his pants, it immediately grew to become his staff. He swing it in a loop and smacked it to the ground in front of him, just missing Tristana. She walked to the inside of the staff rushing at Veigar.

In a stunt of dexterity she had only seen people like Wukong do, Veigar lifted his staff and tucked it under his arm, spinning his body. The surprisingly heavy staff batted Tristana aside and as she recovered Veigar pulled another Wukong and went from a spin and used the remaining momentum to rush forward, raising his staff like Jax, behind his head, he came down an inch to the left of Tristana. Veigar immediately whipped his staff under her ankles, bringing her to the ground. Spinning his body horizontally he brought the large club-like top of the staff to Tristana chest, knocking the wind out of her and cracking one of her ribs.

Knowing Tristana was not going to move, Veigar twirled his staff once more shrinking it back to the size of a pencil. He bent down over Tristana with an annoyed expression "Just because I am a mage does not mean I am defenseless without my magic, I've tutored under Jax and Riven, never attack me again or I will do more than fracture your ribs.

He stood as Tristana propped herself up. "You are free to move about the house and use it's facilities, Food is prepared three times a day by Niffin spirits" he said. "Oh and, these aren't tree's its a magic bubble locked by runic combination lock," he said waving his hand.

A large circle of runes with eight similar circles of varying sizes appeared in the middle of the air "There are two-hundred and fifty million ways to rotate these dials, and if they are performed wrong, the user is flung into the void between dimensions." Tristana's head flashed visions of Kassadin And Malzahar.

"You will be released when Teemo treks his smug self up this mountain to exchange himself for you, lest Bandle City have an unfortunate fireworks accident." Veigar turned and walked back towards the large house, hands tucked behind his back.