It all started around the time of the Vongola ring fights when Reborn and the guardians noticed that there was something very wrong with Tsuna.

It had started out with the match that Lambo was supposed to take part in. And while Takeshi, Gokudera and Reborn didn't particularly like sending a defenseless five year old child to his possible death-

They had been more than a little shocked and stunned when Tsuna had taken the lightening guardian's ring and stepped forward and tossed it to the enemy and said in a tone that sent shivers down their spines. "We forfeit." And ignoring the gaping looks on their enemies faces, took Lambo from Takeshi and started to walk off.

Reborn and the two guardians exchanged an, What the hell, look then turned to follow when they heard Xanxus growl. "Scum. Are you really that scared of us?" Causing his lackey's to snicker as if his comment was funny.

Gokudera turned and was about to snap at Xanxus to watch his damned mouth. No one made fun of the boss. No one. But as he started to open his mouth to say something Tsuna turned and his normally innocent and kind amber colored eyes locked on Xanxus, his expression cold and menacing for a moment before he let out a small laugh that was a few shades too dark to be real laughter.

"You're pathetic." Tsuna said as he turned back around and started down the steps with his crew just a few steps behind him.

"Boss? Boss? Are you feeling okay?" Gokudera asked as they hit the main hallway.

Tsuna didn't say anything at first. Which was surprising since he usually responded right away with a squeak and a lot of denial. But now- now their boss was strangely silent and none of them knew how to respond to his silence. It was uncomfortable for them not to know what Tsuna was thinking for once since the smaller, younger, feminine looking boy was usually as open as a book to them.

So seeing him so closed off all of a sudden was odd to say the least.

"I'm fine Gokudera-" Tsuna finally said, his tone was soft as he looked down at the sleeping five year old curled up in his arms. "I'm just pissed about this whole power struggle over who will lead the Vongola."

"Understandable, Dame-Tsuna. Especially when you have so much more to lose than Xanxus's group." Reborn said from his perch on Takeshi's shoulder. Tsuna turned his head and gave the baby hitman a strange look then sighed.

"I don't suppose I can send all of you and your families away. Send you to Italy perhaps?"

"It's a nice thought, Dame-Tsuna. But it won't work. Xanxus would only hunt us all down besides-"

"We won't leave the bosses side! It's our job to protect you!" Gokudera said.

"Gokudera is right Tsuna. We can't just up and leave you." Takeshi said in an unusually somber tone. His grey eyes boring into his young friend's back.

"As much as I hate to repeat myself Dame-Tsuna, they are right. As your guardians- it's their duty to stay by your side at all times and even lay down their lives for you if the situation calls for it."

"And who the hell asked the too-" Tsuna said as he suddenly stopped walking and turned around so that he was facing his friends and the baby hitman. His expression dark as he spat out. "Because I certainly didn't."

Thrusting Lambo into Gokudera's arms, Tsuna growled out the oder to take the boy back to his home and to leave him in his mother's care then turned again so that his back was to them and walked over to the nearest window and opened it and quickly climbed out. Causing the small group to panic when they recalled that they were five stories high off of the ground.


Tsunade managed to use a tree limb just under the window to slow her freefall to the ground and swing herself up and over the little iron fence that surrounded the base of the tree to keep it from falling, and jumped down.

Her feet touching the ground lightly before she bothered to turn around and look up at the building where Takeshi was trying to pull Gokudera away from the window to keep him from following after her while he gave her a curious look. As if he was amazed by the fact that she was still in one piece.

She supposed that she could understand his reaction to her jumping out the window when a normal person would have broken their neck. But it was Reborn's look that really got to her. He was eyeing her with a peculiar look of curiosity in his eyes.

Apparently wondering if all the training he had been giving her was finally taking. Then he frowned and seemed to decide that what she had done was something worth berating her for.

Undoubtingly he'd be waiting for her to come home tonight just so that he could chew her out.

Unfortunately due to her temper, she probably wouldn't be home for the next few days. And though she knew it would worry everyone (especially her mom and Gokudera) she couldn't risk going home and lashing out. Not like the last time when her mother had gotten hurt.

No, she'd go somewhere where no one would think to look for her... She'd go to Hibari's. At least he wouldn't bother her when she was pissed like she was now. Turning away from her friends she ran across the school courtyard and out the gate.

She was a good ways from the school when she saw Hibari walking ahead of her and sped up, the sounds of her footfalls hitting the pavment drawing the wolf-like prefects attention. He turned to see who was behind him as just the right moment. She flung herself into his arms, startling him as she clutched at his jacket and buried her face against his shoulder so that he couldn't see her expression.

Not that he needed too. The teen had been going to school with her ever since they were kids and knew all too well what could happen when she was riled. He'd certainly seen the results often enough over the years.

He kept his arms at his sides for a moment then brought them up to wrap around her, his dark eyes searching the streets for any signs of trouble before he asked, "Are you okay?"

"No." She said in a shakey voice that was muffled against his shoulder. He grunted but didn't say anything else. To tell the truth there was nothing else to say. She had just told him that she wasn't okay, that's really all he needed to know.

Letting out a soft huff of annoyance, he gave her a small squeeze, trying to let her know through his actions that he would give her anything she needed. Whether it was a simple place to stay or a shoulder to cry on or someone to beck her up in a fight and said, "Guess I'm taking you home with me tonight, huh?"

She didn't say anything in response, nor did she release him from her grasp. Sighing the wolf-ish teen gave her another, tighter squeeze then dropped his arms back to his side as she let him go so that he could grab her hand and the two started walking again.