An hour later-

Takeshi stepped off the train next to Tsuna, laughing so hard that he felt several painful twinges in his ribs. Oh he had loved the hike down from the shrine with his wife. Especially with what she was wearing. For some reason that neither of them could fully comprehend Hibari had stolen Tsuna's original clothing and replaced every pair of pants and shirt and (*cough undergarment cough*) with some really sweet, if slightly outdated, feminine clothing.

So when Tsuna had left the shrine, she had left in a black mini skirt, some white leggings and a black T-shirt with red lettering that read D.A.R.E that slipped from one shoulder and fell no further than her midriff.

To say that she was more than a little peeved about how she was dressed would be an understatement since he'd watched in abject horror and just a little bit of fascination as she had beat the crap out of Hibari and then strung him up in one of the tree's outside his home, unconscious.

Not that Takeshi minded how Tsuna looked in her new clothing, in fact he was just thinking that as long as no one else hit on her today (aside from the six year old that had looked up her skirt a few minutes ago and gotten himself covertly smacked in the back of the head for his efforts) then maybe he'd not only thank Hibari for his foresight, but he'd name one of their future kids after him too.

He could be the godfather or something. But only if Dino, Reborn or Gokudera didn't throw fits about wanting to be named his children's godfather first.

Finally after a minute or so, Takeshi took a long, calming breath and said, "I can't believe that you smacked that little kid like that."

Tsuna glared up at him as he walked beside her before bothering to reply, "It's better than kicking him in the head."

"True but you shouldn't have done that."

"Then he shouldn't have looked up my skirt." She growled as he disappeared for a second and she suddenly stopped walking as she felt the back of her skirt being lifted just a scant inch or so. Not enough to show her panties, but enough to give every pervert in the general vicinity a nice peek of more leg than she wished to ever show anyone. Causing her to growl a bit before trying to take Takeshi's head off with a super fast round house kick that he almost couldn't track.

"Whoa!" Takeshi said as he caught her foot in his hand and stared down at her with his usual smile, firmly in place. How the hell did she do that? He wondered curiously. She was in a frigging mini skirt and the damn thing didn't do anything to hinder or slow her motions? That was practically unheard of even in the world of martial arts. "What are you doing?" He asked in a curious tone.

"Trying to kill the person who looked up my skirt." She said with a sunny smile that would have normally distracted him if not for the bite in her tone. Ow. Ow. There goes his ego and self confidence as a man.

"Why do you have to take things so far Tsuna? So you're a woman. Big deal. It isn't a sin. Just like it isn't a sin for guys to notice..." Takeshi stopped talking as he looked around, sure enough there were at least over a dozen people who had noticed Tsuna. Or maybe it was the fact that she had just tried to kick his head in that held their rapt attention? He didn't know.

But he did know that he didn't exactly like having unfamiliar eyes on his wife.

"I don't like it when people notice me," Tsuna said as she pulled on her foot until he realized that he had yet to release it, and let her go. "Whether I'm a guy or a girl- It creeps me out to be noticed. That's part of the reason that I try to blend in. Blending in keeps the weirdo's away."

Takeshi was silent as he regarded Tsuna for a moment, his mind turning over her words, again and again. Had something happened when she was younger to make her dislike not only being a woman but being noticed? It was on the tip of his tongue to ask her when he saw several familiar figures coming down the steps on the far side of the room and instantly knew that if he and Tsuna stuck around they'd be in soooo much trouble.

Grabbing her small hand, Takeshi yanked her back against him and slipped his arm around her slender shoulders while simultaneously covering her mouth as he leaned down and whispered, "Keep you're head down and don't look back at the steps across the room. Dino and Gokudera are there."