"There's a fire starting in my heart…" as the song "Rolling in the Deep" playing in my room as me and my best friend keep on reaching high notes of the song. Haha.

I and my best friend jump on my bed as we dance and fool around my room as we enjoy the last day of summer and enter a new school for our junior year. FYI, we change school every year to experience new kinds of stuff. I know what you're thinking we are crazy for changing schools every year. But that's who we are. After all, UK is pretty darn good and big place.

My best friend's name is Corina. She is the whitest girl I know, has the most beautiful skin, and has been recognized as the "girl who has everyone crushing over with". She has been my best friend ever since, considering she is the only one. She has been my best bud since kindergarten and I consider her as my sister for we have been there for each other since. As a matter of fact, we live with one another in a hotel our parents bought for just the two of us as we study together here in UK as our parents just stay in LA.

I am Lara. I am a little darker than Corina, considering I play under the sun all day, has the worst skin ever, for I have a lot of wounds on my legs and is very skinny. In addition to that, I am immature and has the widest imagination ever known. Haha. Lol.

I and Corina do some last minute shopping as we enter another school year tomorrow in a different school. We shopped 'till we dropped for bags, accessories, and so much more. Making us go home with a lot of shopping bags. All we know is we hope junior year is better than freshmen and sophomore year.

As we arrived at home from shopping in the biggest mall we have ever been to, we were tired. As in super tired. We prepared our uniform, our bags, and everything we will need for tomorrow's first day of school in Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

After we ate dinner, we skyped our parents in our different laptops to check on what's going on in LA for them.

"Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad. *MWAH MWAH* I said, making my laptop full of kisses and making it wet at the same time. "Hello, Lara," my mom and dad said together as they greeted me with their beautiful smiles. Too much talking then all I heard was good conversation.

Then we shut down our laptops and went to shower. We slept early so that we can be ready for tomorrow's big day.

Then the day ended for us.

-Lara xx