So I wake up and the first thing on my mind is TODD HAMILTON. For all the things to think about him? Really? That guy? So I see Corina and she sees my annoyed face. "You okay about Todd as our classmate?" "Ya think?!" To erase my thoughts about yesterday, I took a hot bath. Very soothing.

All done. I forgot about him. I think I did. So we prepare for school then get off to a bus and after few minutes, we're entering the gates of the school. First person I see is Todd. Really? Him? That guy? Then I suddenly remember everything we had when we were still dating. Gosh. Why did that come up in my head? Erase. Erase. Erase. DONE

So we quickly proceed to our classroom and ignore Todd. If I can. I CAN. So we have our first class, then second class, third class, and fourth class for the morning. Time passed by so fast today, eh. So Corina and I went to the canteen to take lunch. We directly fell in line to have our lunch. I smell delicious food. Finally, a school serving the best food in the whole entire world. I got my lunch already. Corina and I looked for the best place to have lunch on. Then we see it. We quickly went to it then suddenly one guy passed over me and tripped. I fell and my lunch fell, too. Making a big mess across the whole school canteen. A pretty embarrassing moment for me. Still the second day of school and this happens. Really?

So I recover and ran as fast as I can to the CR. As I enter the CR, I suddenly neat myself. That incident happened so fast. I even forgot the face of that guy. It doesn't matter, actually. But he really needs to say sorry, you know. Doesn't care. I'm just thinking I really need to clean up myself. Spaghettti sauce, all over my clothes. DIRTY. Lucky me, I have extra clothes. So I changed and went outside. First person I see is Todd. I was hoping for it to be the guy who made me fell on the floor but it's Todd. "You okay about what happened?" "Definitely. I understand. It was just an accident." "You sure?" "Yes, Todd. So go on with your life and leave me. Thanks for the concern. Bye." I was okay until you showed up, I said to myself.

Classes continued for the rest of the day. Then dismissal time.

We went home quickly and changed our uniforms to our usual home clothes. Then skyped our families back in LA. Our life is just so awesome right now. Then we turned off our laptops and prepared for bed. Then we slept early.

Just as I was about to sleep, I thought about the guy who made me fell. What was he thinking? That he can do that easily? But I won't get away without a sorry from him.

With all that happened today, I'm still okay. Nothing's going to stop me from being top in class.

See you at school tomorrow


-Lara xx