Hello lovelies~ I'm back wit another RinxLen one-shot/ drabble! I just had to write one, it was just very tempting. Instead of talking about my love for RinxLen, why don't I just get on with the story? :3 Enjoy~

Disclaimer: I... I... *Sob*

1. I love your tsundere personality.

Go ahead, punch me for calling you a tsundere. You always try to act so violent, but end up failing badly because of your cute personality. Trust me, when I say you make a cute tsundere, you seriously do. Much cuter than Neru or any other tsundere in the world, no offense to them but it's the cold truth.

That's the first reason why I love you, Rin.

2. I love your beautiful smile.

Your smile makes me smile. As cocky and cheesy as it sounds, it the truth. I can't stand to see you upset, I try as hard as I can to make you smile every single day, only because I love it when you smile. It honestly makes me entirely happy to see you happy.

That's the second reason why I love you.

3. I love your bright, blue eyes.

Yes, we have matching eyes, but I admit that yours are better. They shine a lot more than mine and are a lot brighter than mines. They're absolutely perfect, and I hate it when you say that you'd rather have brown eyes instead. I love your eyes, Rin. They're very alluring.

That's the third reason why I love you.

4. I love your short, blonde hair.

I love how soft and smooth it feels when I come through it, I also love how it smells like oranges when I sniff it. I hate it when you say that you wish to have long hair, like Miku's. You're beautiful the way you are, Rin. I would rather you have your own hair than Miku's.

That's the fourth reason why I love you.

5. I love how I can get on your soft side.

You always tell me that that's no true, but why do you always blush when I sweet talk to you? No one but me can get on your soft side. Heck, not even the charming Kaito can. Whenever he sweet talks to you, he always gets a punch in the face, which kinda makes me happy on the inside.

That's the fifth reason why I love you.

6. I love your texts to me.

I know, this one makes me sound like a girl, although it is true. I love how you send me morning texts, good-night texts, even texts to make sure I'm alright. Of course, I do the same to you, but it's a lot more special when you do it to me.

That's the sixth reason why I love you.

7. I love how you let me hold you hand in public.

I want to let everyone know that you're my girlfriend, so I love how you let me hold your hand in public. That way, no one knows not to mess with us or ruin our relationship.

That's the seventh reason why I love you.

8. I love the kisses we share.

Sure, sometimes they're short and just a couple of pecks, but when we share true kisses, they're sweet and gentle. I also love how you always taste like oranges, your lips are pretty tasty to me~ *Wink*

That's the eight reason why I love you.

9. I love our small glances at each other during class.

Whenever we're both bored and could care less about what our teacher is talking about, we both look around the classroom, then our eyes meet. You're beautiful blue eyes take small glances at me while your lips create a small smile, I copy your actions and return to doing my class work.

That's the ninth reason why I love you.

10. I love how you're mine, and mine only.

That's my most favorite reason to love you, I know that you'll always be mine. I want to be with you for the rest of my life, because I love you...

That's the tenth reason why I love you, my dearest Kagamine Rin.

So, how was it? Was it bad or good? It's cheesy, isn't it? ._. Oh well~ I hope you guys enjoyed reading this! It was pretty fun for me to write :3 I LOVE ALL OF YOU!

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