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They weren't expecting Yankumi to be in a yazuka.
They weren't expecting her to be the Ojou.
They weren't expecting their innocent visit to go like this.
They weren't expecting Yankumi to be so beautiful.
And they most definitely weren't expecting to see this.

It had been a few weeks since the 3D gang of Akadou figured out that Yankumi was the Ojou of the Oedo family, and they were itching to find out more about her life. When they got to her house, Minoru escorted them in saying that she was outside sparring. Eager to see their teacher in action they rushed to the door. What they saw was something they never could unsee or have imagined Yankumi doing.

There she was in all her glory with her hair loose, no glasses on, and a tank top with short-shorts, but the most suprising thing was the man she was wrapped around passionately kissing.