CHAPTER 1: The usual day

Hey guys! This is my first story, and I know I'm not good at writing stories. I just want this movie out of my head. It's been distracting me from studying ever since. :| I hope you enjoy reading! Update will come soon. Expect short... but MANY chapters, because I'm not good with divisions. Every time I near the tip of the page, my story suddenly switches to suspense. But since there's so many heading your way, I know you will handle THAT many cliffhangers :D. btw This is set between COD4-MW2 until the end of World War 3 (if i continue this long enough :D)

This story is majorly inspired by Dancing Tiger's "Unmasking Ghost" and "Caught in the Crossfire", if you're reasing this, big thanks to you :D Pardon me for the ridiculous title.

Rate T for violence and mild language, no slash. ENJOY!

The sun is shining brighter as they ran through the Pit. Ghost is watching from a platform with a Bird's view of the course. It is Roach's 10th run for today, trying hard to improve his time, but shaving only a few seconds each timeā€¦ Which is clearly not enough. Tired, he stumbled before the hurdle, which costed him a few seconds to get back up. Roach is the last to run. Ghost dismissed the men, but called out to a chosen few. "Roach, Archer and Royce, get your asses over here!" With a groan, they jogged back to Ghost, fearing they will have to do everything once more. "You 3 are going on a mission. Follow me." He said with a stern voice. Roach dragged his feet on their way to Mactavish's office.

"Alright lads, gear up. We're dropping you to a village Makarov's men use as a Base of Operations. Collect EVERY intel you can find and if possible, blow the bloody place up. Roach, this mission will be easy, so you'll lead this mission." Mactavish commanded. Roach shot a weary glance at his Captain, trying to tell him to give them time to rest at least. Royce did the same, and Mactavish surrendered to their request. "Fine, better hurry up, the heli will be ready in 2 hours. Dismissed" Mactavish waved them off, Ghost being the first to leave.

The three men sighed in relief, and left the office without a word. They went straight to their barracks. Roach laid on the bed as he tried to relax his thoughts and his aching muscles. After about an hour and a half of R&R, he geared up, stretched a little, starting a symphony of joints popping. Roach went outside, Royce and Archer just came out as well. They boarded the chopper that just landed. When they got in, Roach felt anxiety swell up within him, and let out a small grin. As the chopper took off, Roach saw his Captain with his arms crossed against his bulky chest, as the base is getting smaller and smaller, they thought this mission will be just a breeze. But little do they know this is a mission they won't forget...

BAHAHHAHAA I'm afraid some chapters are as small as these, but some are double the length as well. Excuse me for that, I just use my school notebook to write. Reviews and Faves are appreciated.

EDIT: Starting from Chapter 5, the chapters will be longer, at thevery least, 1k., but I'm trying my best to make it longer.