I'm well and healthy, and at the top of my class (almost). I thank you all for all your support and touching PM's, it made my day to see the concern flooding from my mailbox. Unfortunately, it has been so long since I last updated, so when I was about to continue, I reread this story, only to find that this story is VERY Mary Sue, and VERY unrealistic, and first of all, I did NOT intend for it to be that way, because I thought this can happen. After a few months of constant change of philosophy and mental states and self-studies and self-examinations, I am now a totally different person. Anyway, this story sucks because:

a. 13 year olds wielding guns
b. teens acting TOO serious
c. Jay doesn't care if she kills someone
d. Jay can shoot accurately without flinching
e. Kay knows too much
f. Kid rebels idea kinda too far-fetched
g. Plotholes
h. Chi making anything from herbs and other plants (-.-')
i. Stupid names/codenames
j. unrealistic reactions from soldiers
k. Inapplicable strategies
l. Making the 3 sisters appear to be heroes
m. Typical use of Angst-filled backgrounds
n. Cocky kids
o. Typical use of "perfectly imperfect" characters forming a bond with canon characters
p. All-teen rebel, no adults
q. Typical use of abusive parents, and murdered family members
r. Typical use of painful flashbacks of OC's
s. Typical use of an OC who can bear pain without crying out
t. Typical use of GIRL OC's actually in the front lines (NOTE: Im not being a sexist here, Im not discriminating girls/women here, it's just highly unlikely, therefore VERY unrealistic for 13 Y/o TEENS who were CIVILIANS, FIGHTING WARS the second a gun was handed to them. I mean, c'mon. Yeah Red Dawn had the same concept, but they were young ADULTS, and they actually weren't prepared to kill, and scowl in disgust when they do, they show HUMANITY the right way.)
u. Unnatural ability of super eyesight and hearing
v. 13 y/o girls LEAD the guerrilla force

-sigh- so with that, I'm closing this story.

Tell me if you want me to take it down. Anyway, I've learned my lesson. I won't be using OC's for a long while. And maybe I won't write. I forgot the proper use of words, as can be seen from my banters and rants. Im going to have to practice AGAIN, but unfortunately time STILL won't allow it. Why can't we be elves, having ALL the time in the world to learn and write and do everything they wanted, and sail to the West knowing they will be eternally contented? WHY?

Oh well, till next time folks! PM or review if you want to tell me something, good of bad. As long as it is for the betterment of my skills and style as a writer or as a person.