OHAI GAISE! Well, just so you aren't confused or anything, this story is set in 2012, a few months after Operation Kingfish, (If you don't know about it, search it up) which is why Price isn't here. WARNING! This is just a long narrative of Jay's past. It's really stupid, though some are relevant IRL, I'm HORRIBLE in making first person POV narratives about recalling the past... apparently abusive and - I shouldn't be talking... ENJOY

Chapter 7: The Tears and Forgotten Dreams Return

A quiet moment was all Roach and the others need to relax for a little, though not letting their guard down while Jay waits for the wound to stop bleeding. Roach finally has time to examine her physical appearance. Tall, for a 13 year old, cheap camo shirt, grey cargo pants, poor excuses for rubber shoes, thin hairy yet stocky body build, brown, almost black shining eyes with a shallow bag under the eyes, black hair tied up in a ponytail, sharp and almost perfect nose, small dot on the cheek, thin line for chapped lips, thick eyebrows, deeper than normal voice, crooked nails on the feet, hands that have fingers that look abnormally curved. She's pretty, but her poor soul is dragged to war.

"Long story or short?" She asked, Roach remembered that Royce was asking her to explain how she got here. "Long one, or until that wound of yours stop bleeding. Long" Royce reluctantly answered. She took a deep breath. "Ok well, we used to live in Philippines. My dad's American, and my Mom's Filipino My parents were separated when we were 8, we stuck with mom since then. After we turned 10, mom got a Russian boyfriend, and flew us to Kursk. Since then, our mom became a drunkard like him and both of them started abusing us, hitting us and throwing profanities and shit like that when they want us to do a stupid chore they can do by themselves."

"A year later, we found a newspaper about Makarov blowing up bases, the bases where my cousins are..they died during the bombing of the bases. After receiving the letters of their death, I fell into depression locked in my room, while my sisters stay with me. My mom convinced her stupid boyfriend to go to US and attend their funeral. While they were gone, my sisters and we packed up on guns mom's boyfriend used during target shooting and our stuff into bags, nicked some food, , stole a few kitchen knives... Oh and, Kay had this Science project about long-range radio, luckily she made 3. We wrote a final goodbye. Lucky we're in Russia, because the guy who blew it up is Russian, we set out of the house with one thing in mind. To live and fight against his forces. We got more people with the same objective, and they were usually as young as me. There is an obvious problem of course, we're short in EVERYTHING. We all started making the moves, calling the shots. Infiltrating bases like this and get some info on when and where the next target is, or just doing it to piss em' off and refresh our supplies. Since most of them are 'oh-so-innocent' I had to teach them how to fight and survive using guns and knives. It's fun watching this kid get a knife stuck on a dummy's ass while dry-firing at the sky..."

We got into this base with some shovels, and used it to dig our own little shelters underground. Kay is a damn genius in architecture, we dug a solid base under the forest, it's about the size of a regular basketball court, impressive, huh? And then now, me, Chi and Xano went here for recon and supplies, it ended up in a patrol party seeing us and-..."

The little girl started to sob once more, realizing she had just told her whole miserable life to people she haven't even spent a day with. Though Royce and Archer remained silent while listening intently, Roach draped an arm around her shoulders as a friendly, gentle gesture. "What happened?" He asked. With shiny eyes, Jay answered. "It's my fault... all of it, this is their first mission, I thought it would be easy, I thought I studied the maps enough, I thought I taught them enough, I thought wrong. Now look what happened. They could be dead by now and I'm here, alive, and I'd blame myself the rest of my life. They're my only family, and I killed them. I let them die... such a fucking disgrace." Roach raised a finger, to silence the girl for just a moment. "shh shh shh, what happened? Don't blame yourself, Makarov's and asshole and we all know that." Royce and Archer raised a brow at this. Roach just swore in front of a girl. But then again, the girl swears too.

"I.. kept shouting at them to follow me back to the base, but they weren't behind me, or beside me. When I went back, they were being unconscious while they were dragged to the village, they saw me and began firing. They hit me in the foot, and after a while of hiding, they found me by a tree, knocked me unconscious .. and then you found me." Jay started to straightened herself up, that fiery determination back in her dark glowing eyes. Her foot has stopped bleeding and had a mass of clot assembled.

"Looks like the bleeding stopped. Let's go, follow me."