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The fate of demon maids is pre-determined. All they can do is serve those who they are destined to serve. Once they are given orders, they can do nothing but to follow them.

Such is the curse of Hilda.

It was a sin to desire a life of her own, to want to take control of her destiny. It was wrong to go against what has been ordered of her, to follow her own wishes and desires.

Demon maids, like Hilda, do not have what humans called "free will." Humans can do whatever they want. Demon maids can do only what their master orders them to.

Such is the curse of Hilda.

The happiness of demon maids were always due to their master. All their other emotions such as sadness and anger, they were felt for their master's sake. Their emotional well-being was dependent on the well-being of their master, never on their own.

Such is the curse of Hilda.

"Oi, these croquettes are sh*t!" The loud, unpleasant voice of a Oga Tatsumi distracted Hilda from her thoughts. She felt her temper rise.

"They're not as shi**y as the milk you made for Master Beel, idiot!" Hilda shouted back, as she cleaned the pans and utensils she used to make the croquettes. With Oga's family at home, she couldn't use her demonic power to do the household chores.

"If you only did your job as demon milk maid properly, then I wouldn't have made the shi**t milk in the first place!" Oga shouted back. He promptly received a kick in the head. He promptly passed out.

She moved to the young man's side to pick up the plate that contained the supposedly shi**y croquettes she made, only to find it completely empty. Beside the unconscious young man, Hilda found her Master Beel had been sleeping peacefully all along, completely unaware and unaffected by the shouting match that just happened.

The idiot ate it all by himself, Hilda thought. Foolish human.

As Hilda picked up the empty, croquette-less plate, she allowed the fondness she had for the young man to take over her senses for a second, and then promptly fought the feelings away.

Such is the curse of Hilda.