After Many years of fighting the evil tyrant Dr. Robotnik, Sonic the Hedgehog and his group of Freedom Fighters finally prevailed. Although many were lost in the final battle, and the Eggman himself escaped, the war was won. The mobians called that day "The Great Victory". Mobians around the world celebrated the Doctor's downfall and were finally able to rebuild their lost homes.

It has been ten years since "The Great Victory." In that time the Freedom Fighters went their separate ways. Knuckles and the Chaotix returned to the floating island to live in peace and guard the Master Emerald. Shadow retired from GUN and also went to the floating island in order to live alone in peace. Rouge stayed with GUN and became their top agent. Tails focused more on his inventions. He eventually started his own company, made a fortune and began dating Cream. As for Sonic, he traveled the world helping those he could. But he eventually disappeared since the world no longer need him as a hero… or did it?