New Series~! (Whisper Hills: The Fallen)

Alrightyyy! Whos up for a story, eh? Ok. So, what I need is characters. I will provide the main characters as my own c: Buttt, I want you people to make the Clans to c; So, create away! xD

Main characters:

Amberflight (LostClan)

Demonstripe (LostClan)

Blazeflicker (EbonyClan)

Jewlpaw (LostClan)

Angelpaw (EbonyClan)

Zebrapaw (EbonyClan)

Venomstrike (LostClan)

Velvetflower (EbonyClan)

Windclaw (EbonyClan)

Cats so far:


1. Blazeflicker

2. Angelpaw

3. Zebrapaw

4. Velvetflower

5. Frosttalon

6. Willowpaw

7. Fuzzyfur (Medicine Cat)

8. Eaglestar (Leader)

9. Windclaw (Deputy)

10. Bullet

11. Breezepaw

12. Featherflight

13. Brownfur

14. Lionstripe

15. Lightpaw (Medicine Cat Apprentice)


1. Amberflight

2. Demonstrike

3. Jewlpaw

4. Venomstrike

5. Jayflight (Medicine Cat)

6. Waterleaf (Medicine Cat Apprentice)

7. Thornstalker (Deputy)

8. Qualwing (Ima make her a queen if chu is ok with it ;3 )

9. Waterpaw

10. Falconheart

11. Frecklestar (Leader)

12. Beechwhisker

13. Vinetail

14. Bluefeather

15. Flowerkit


Leader: Eaglestar

Deputy: Windclaw

Medicine Cat: Fuzzyfur

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Lightpaw

Warriors: Lionstripe, Frosttalon, Bullet, Velvetflower, Blazeflicker

Apprentices: Zebrapaw, Angelpaw, Breezepaw,


Queens: Featherflight (Pregnant)

Elders: Brownfur


Leader: Frecklestar

Deputy: Thornstalker

Medicine Cat: Jayflight

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Waterleaf

Warriors: Bluefeather, Vinetail, Falconheart, Demonstripe, Venomstrike, Amberflight

Apprentices: Jewlpaw, Waterpaw

Kits: Flowerkit (Mom: Qualwing)

Queens: Qualwing (Kit: Flowerkit)

Elders: Beechwhisker