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This is my second attempt at 5-0 fiction. My first that is not slash of Steve and Danny (because we all know that they are totally made for each other), but I digress. Anyway this is all finished (well sort of). Let me know what you think.

Oh and PS- a friend of mine requested, and I agreed to it, that if there are any scenes I glossed over and you wanted to read them I would be happy to write them and post them separately. Each dedicated to whomever requested them. This may be more appealing later in the story, but I figured I would give the offer upfront. Enjoy.

"Hey Danno what are you doing tonight," asked Steve as he walked into Danny's office without knocking.

"I am going home. I feel like I could sleep for a week after this case," said Danny tiredly as he shut down his computer and turned off his desk lamp.

"Oh come on. Lets go for after case beers."

Danny looked up at Steve who was practically bouncing on the balls of his feet.

"How do you have so much energy," asked Danny incredulously.

Steve shrugged nonchalantly.

"Being cooped up all day doing paper work leaves me with tons of energy just waiting to be burned off."

"Right. Well maybe next time super SEAL."

Steve sighed. He hated going out alone, but he was too wired to go home. Besides it seemed more depressing to go home and drink alone then to go out and drink alone with other people.

"Okay Danno. See you tomorrow when I pick you up. See I remembered that its my turn to put mileage on my car," said Steve turning on his way out of the office ignoring Danny's eye roll.

"Hold up. Wait Steve," called Danny.

Steve turned and waited as Danny jogged up to him.

"What," asked Steve as they started walking out together.

"I gotta give you the address."

Steve gave Danny a weird look.

"I know where your apartment is D."

"I am not staying at my apartment tonight. Here this is where you can pick me up tomorrow."

Danny handed Steve a piece of paper with an address. Steve looked down and then back at Danny.

"Why are you staying here? What's wrong with your place? Hey this is right around the corner from me."

"Woah. Do you want me to answer any questions or you just going to keep going," exclaimed Danny as he put his arms up as if telling Steve to calm down. It was Steve's turn to roll his eyes.

"I asked you two questions Danny. Just two. And then I made an observation."

"Whatever. I am staying there because I am thinking of moving in there. There is nothing wrong with my place, but this opportunity came up and I am giving it consideration. Now I am tired and am gonna go. See you tomorrow Steve."

With that Danny walked away without a second glance. Steve had more questions, but it was to late to ask. Steve figured he could interrogate Danny tomorrow when he went to pick him up. Steve pocketed the address as he took out his keys and unlocked his truck. Soon he was peeling out of the parking lot and looking for a bar.

Steve didn't know why he had decided to stop at this particular bar, but he was glad he had. It was within walking distance from his house and it was a nice local place. The music was lightly pulsing underneath the hum of conversation. Steve had drunk a couple of beers and had even considered dancing, but he felt a little foolish because he had no one to dance with. So he stayed seated on his bar stool as he watched the bar's other patrons. Most of them appeared to be locals, but there were a few tourists who had wandered in. As he watched an older Hawaiian man make his way to the door a woman walked in and Steve couldn't take his eyes off her. She was about five seven with brunette hair that flowed in curls down her back. She had smooth olive skin that seemed to glow. She moved with natural grace and poise that spoke of athleticism. However what truly captured Steve's attention were her eyes. They were a vibrant sky blue that seemed to penetrate his soul. He could swear that he had seen those eyes before.

"Is anyone sitting here? Excuse me? Sir?"

Steve blinked and shook his head as he realized someone was talking to him. He lifted his head to respond when his stormy blue eyes met those of vibrant sky blue.


The woman bit back a smile as she gazed at Steve who was a little tongue tied.

"Is this seat taken," repeated the woman.

"No," blurted out Steve as he pulled the stool out for the woman.

She smiled at him again as she sat.

"Thank you."

"No problem. Hi I'm Steve."

"Wow you move fast," laughed the woman.

"What? No. I mean... I didn't mean to...," rambled Steve.

"Its okay. I was joking. Hi my name is Vicki," laughed the woman as she held out her hand to shake.

Steve smiled as he shook her hand. She had a strong hand shake.

"So what brings you here tonight," asked Vicki as she ordered a beer and turned toward Steve.

"I just needed to get out. I was working all day in the office so I was too restless to go home. How about you?"

"Well I just flew in today and being cooped up for any amount of time also makes me restless. I had to get out and just drink a little and dance a little."

"Finally someone whose the same way. My partner can never understand how I have so much energy after staying in one room all day."

"My brother is the exact same way. Being in one room all day exhausts him," laughed Vicki.

Steve smiled. She was beautiful when she laughed.

"What are you staring at," asked Vicki as she sipped at the beer the bartender had served her.

"Sorry I didn't mean to stare," said Steve as he looked away and took a pull from his own beer.

Steve awkwardly shifted on his stool wondering what else he could talk about with Vicki. He didn't really want to talk about work. And there wasn't really a nonchalant way to bring up the Navy. He wanted to ask about why she was here and how long she was planning on staying, but he wanted to do it in a way that didn't sound nosy.

"Do you want to dance?"

"What," asked Steve realizing he had zoned out again.

Steve felt ridiculous and rude for constantly being caught not paying attention, but Vicki just smiled.

"Would you like to dance," repeated Vicki.

It took Steve another second to process the request before he was eagerly agreeing and leading Vicki out onto the small dance floor. The bar may have been more for locals, but it was still crowded. Steve found himself almost flush against Vicki, but she didn't seem to mind so Steve didn't mention it.

"So what brings you to Hawaii," asked Steve speaking over the music. Someone had turned on 'Everything' and Steve tried not to read too much into the lyrics and his instant attraction to the woman in his arms.

"I actually just moved here. I've lived on the east coast all my life and it was time for a change. Plus my brother lives here and I decided that if I was going to drastically change my life I may as well make sure to have back up near by," joked Vicki.

Steve was intrigued.

"You just picked up and left? Thats it?"

"Well not exactly. I had to make sure I had some place to live when I got here and a job. Plus I had to arrange for all my stuff to be brought over. But in essence I did just decide to move to Hawaii and here I am less then two months later."

"Thats amazing and impressive," said Steve.

"Thank you. So what about you?"

"Well I grew up here. I left for a while when I joined the Navy, but I came back after my dad died and I decided to stay," summarized Steve, not really wanting to dump his whole life story on this woman that he had just met.

"Oh. Well I am sorry about your dad. Aside from why your back, are you happy being back?"

"Yeah I am. I have a new job and colleagues that drive me nuts, but have become a second family for me. And I am reconnecting with my sister. And I just met this really intriguing woman in a bar."

Vicki blushed as she smiled at Steve.

"Well there you go. I always believe in trying to find the positives in every situation."

"Yeah well, sometimes there are no positives."

"I don't believe that. I think it just takes a bit more time to find the positives in the dark times."

"Your a very optimistic person," said Steve.

"Thank you. I wasn't always optimistic, but after my friend's dad died and she kept going and found a way to laugh I decided that I much rather try to smile then to frown."

"Thats admirable."

"Thanks. I once read this quote that has stayed with me and I absolutely love it. It goes 'Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. Its about learning how to dance in the rain.' Its become my personal motto."

"I like it. Its optimistic while conveying that there is darkness, sorta."

"Exactly. Plus I love the metaphor about storms and dancing. I love to dance in the rain so it doubly appealed to me."

Steve and Vicki laughed as they went back to the bar and each ordered another beer. They sat in silence for a moment simply enjoying each other's company. Vicki looked down at her watch and then looked at Steve with regret.

"I have to go."

"What? But you haven't been here that long," argued Steve.

"Yeah but I promised I wouldn't stay out that late. Plus I have work in the morning."


"But thank you for letting me sit next to you and dancing with me. And for listening to my hippie like view on how to live," laughed Vicki.

Steve laughed as he watched Vicki get up. She walked around her stool and leaned in to whisper in his ear.

"Thank you for making me smile and giving me something positive to add to the list of pros about moving."

Vicki kissed Steve on the cheek and turned and left. Steve brought his hand up to his cheek as he watched Vicki leave.

"You're welcome," he whispered.

Steve wished he had been able to ask her how to get in contact with her so they could do this again. As Steve set money on the bar, preparing to leave, he saw a napkin with neat handwriting. It said 'Vicki' and had a phone number written on it. Steve grinned as he pocketed the napkin and walked out of the bar. As his feet hit the sidewalk it started to rain. Instead of running to his truck Steve simply smiled and tilted his head up as the rain hit his face. Steve smiled as he realized he would now forever associate rain with Vicki and life. Steve hummed to himself as he made his way to his truck.