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Steve heard the bell from his slouched position in the adirondack chair. He was going to ignore it, but then the bell rang again and Steve realized that the person wasn't going away. He unsteadily got to his feet and wandered to the door. The beers he had drunk earlier affecting his ability to walk. Steve opened the door and was shocked to find Vicki waiting on his doorstep.

"Hey Steve."

"What do you want?"

Vicki was a bit surprised at his harsh tone, but she rationalized that he may have still been angry about whatever happened at work and that the alcohol he had clearly consumed probably wasn't helping any.

"I was hoping we could talk."

"I thought I made it clear I didn't want to talk."

"You said you couldn't make it in the morning and I couldn't wait."

"Well its not all about you. Now if you'll excuse me," said Steve as he went to close the door.

Vicki stopped the door.

"Wait Steve. What's wrong?"

Steve stopped trying to close the door and glared.

"'What's wrong?' You seriously have the nerve to ask me what's wrong?"

"Listen Steve, I don't..."

"NO! You listen. What were you playing at? Huh? I get that what I said about Cath was stupid and that it hurt you. I said I was sorry. And I thought that you would at least have the decency to give me the opportunity to explain what happened. But then you fly off to the Big Island to work with your ex-fiance and that pissed me off, but Danny said that it was over between you two and that I had nothing to worry about. But he was wrong. Oh man was he wrong!"

Vicki looked taken aback even as her heart soared at the idea that Steve got jealous over her.


"Oh don't act all innocent. Did you and Ben think it would be funny to send Danny those pictures for me? You guys thought it would be amusing to tell me how stupid I had been by sending me those pictures. Huh," yelled Steve into Vicki's face.

"Steve I honestly have no idea what you're talking about. What pictures?"

"You know what pictures. How could you do that to me? I thought you cared about me. But I guess I was wrong."

"Steve I do care about you. Tell me what you're talking about."

"Stop acting like you don't know! Just get out of here Vicki. Just leave."

"Not till you explain to me what you're talking about," yelled Vicki getting angry that Steve refused to explain what he thought she did.

"You know! Go run back to your little boyfriend and all your new boy toys. Clearly they make you happy."

"Excuse me? My boyfriend? My boy toys," yelled Vicki.

"Hey you want to be a slut and sleep around be my guest. but I refuse to be another notch on your bed post!"

Vicki hauled off and punched Steve in the face. He stumbled back and grabbed his eye looking up at Vicki's tear streaked face. She turned around and ran. Steve realized too late that he had gone too far.

"Vicki wait!'

But she was already gone. Steve slammed the door closed and when that didn't satisfy his anger he punched the wall. And then he punched it again for good measure. By the time he was done he was panting, his right hand was bleeding, and there was a decent sized hole in his wall.

"FUCK," yelled Steve as he pulled at his hair.

He was so confused. He had been so sure that Vicki had sent those pictures, but now that he thought about it she seemed genuinely confused. Steve's head and heart were screaming that Vicki couldn't have had anything to do with it. She wouldn't have done that to him. She couldn't do that to him. Steve sighed tiredly finally realizing that his hand was bleeding. He wandered to the bathroom to get his first aid kit and cleaned up his hand. He then decided he needed to clear his head. He changed into his swim trunks and headed out to the water.

After about an hour and a half of extreme swimming Steve headed towards shore. He grabbed his towel off the chair and grabbed his phone as he dried off his hair. He wasn't surprised to find several missed calls from Danny. He had probably called to yell at Steve for what he said to Vicki and Steve knew he deserved it. Clearly there was something that he was missing and there was something that Vicki was missing and all of it led to the argument from earlier. Steve decided to call Danny and to take the yelling and the ranting from his partner. And then maybe they could all sit down and figure out what was going on. Steve dialed Danny and after one ring he picked up.

"Thank God Steven. Is Vic with you," asked Danny in a panic.

"What? No, she's not. What's going on Danny?"

"I don't know where Vic is. She left earlier saying that she would be back soon, but that was over two hours ago and she hasn't come home. I've tried calling her phone, but it goes right to voicemail."

"Oh shit. She was here earlier," sighed Steve.

"What? When? What happened?"

"It was about two hours ago. We had a huge fight. I said some horrible things D. I didn't mean them I swear. I was hurt and drunk and I was so angry."

"What did you say?"

"Danny please don't ask," pleaded Steve. He really didn't want to tell Danny what he had said. He was ashamed for even thinking the thought much less yelling it at Vicki.

"Steven, what did you say," gritted out Danny.

Steve sighed.

"I told her to go back to her boyfriend and her boy toys. If she wanted to be a slut and sleep around then I didn't care, but I wasn't going to be another notch on her bed post."

There was silence on the line.

"Danny I swear I didn't mean it. I just started yelling and I couldn't stop. Once I realized what I said I tried to call to her, but she was already gone."

There was still silence.

"Please Danny. Oh God D I am so sorry."


"Please talk to me," begged Steve.

"I can't talk to you right now Steven. I am so angry with you I can barely speak. I have to go. My sister is missing."

With that Danny hung up the phone. Steve allowed the tears he had been holding back to spill unchecked down his face. He really screwed things up this time. And now Vicki was out there somewhere, upset because he hadn't let her explain. He hadn't let anyone explain. He had jumped to his own conclusions and because of that the woman he loves thinks he hates her and is missing and his best friend refuses to speak to him. Steve stood up quickly. This was his fault and he was going to make it right. He threw on a shirt and his running shoes and grabbed the keys to his truck and headed out the door.

Steve passed by Vicki and Danny's house and saw that the Camaro and the Mustang were missing. He knew Vicki had walked to his house and had run off from it so that meant that Ben and Danny must have split up to look for her. Steve tried to think of the possible places that Vicki would run off to. He checked the public beach that they sometimes went to, but she wasn't there. He drove to her work where he saw Danny's Camaro parked and Danny stalking around the building. From the way he jumped into his car and sped off, Steve could only guess that Danny had not found her. Steve then drove to headquarters because he admitted that that would be the last place he would look for her. However she wasn't there either.

Steve was driving around aimlessly. Looking down every alley or side street he passed. He stopped in a couple bars and restaurants that Vicki and the team had gone too, but he couldn't find her. He was tempted to call Danny to ask if they had found her, but Steve wasn't sure if Danny would even take his call. So Steve continued driving and searching. Steve was about to give in and call Danny when he thought of the one place he hadn't checked. Steve broke an array of traffic laws as he made his way to the little local bar that was near his house. It was his and Vicki's own private place when they needed to unwind and it was only the two of them. Steve quickly parked and at the last minute remembered to actually turn off the car before running inside.

Steve glanced around the bar, but he didn't see Vicki. He sighed, he really thought that she would be here. He turned to leave when he noticed a familiar mane of curly brunette hair in the far corner. Steve looked closer and sure enough there was Vicki. There were two empty beer bottles in front of her and she had a third half empty bottle in her hand. She looked like she had been crying and Steve felt like a total ass. He almost left, figuring he could tell Danny where Vicki was, and then just leave her to live her life. But Steve knew he owed her a rather large apology. So he sent a quick text to Danny telling him he had found Vicki. He then wondered over to the empty stool next to Vicki.

"Is this seat taken?"


Vicki looked up and glared once she realized it was Steve.

"Go away Steve."

"Can't do that Vicki. You've had a lot of people worried. Running off and not telling anyone where you were."

"You'll get over it. After all you don't seem to care what I do."

"Thats not true and you know. And I wasn't the only one. Danny has been combing the island for you."

"He called you looking for me?"

"Yeah he did. I told him I had seen you. I also told him the things that I had said."

"Great just tell the entire island that you think I'm a slut."

"Thats not why I told him. I told him because I felt, I feel horrible for the things that I said."

"Yeah well you should."

"I know. I am so sorry."

"How could you even say that Steve? How could you even think it?"

"I didn't have all the information. In fact I still don't think I have all the information, but I let my anger and my hurt speak for me."

"Why? Why were you angry and hurt? What caused it," asked Vicki pleadingly.

"I saw the pictures that Ben sent Danny and the caption and it just hurt. I mean I thought you had feelings for me and even if you didn't I figured you would have told me to my face."

"Okay what pictures are you talking about? I have no fucking idea what you are talking about," exclaimed Vicki exasperated as she threw her arms up in the air.

"Pictures from the photo shoot. The pictures of you half naked with those guys with their hands all over you," spat Steve.

"You saw those," asked Vicki weakly.

"Yeah I saw them."

"But how?"

"Ben sent them to Danny and told him to show them to me and thank me for being an idiot," scoffed Steve.

"And Dan showed you those," asked Vicki in disbelief. She was going to kill Danny and Ben.

"No. In fact I don't think he even looked at them himself, but he wouldn't tell me who was sending him all those picture messages and my curiosity got the better of me so I had Chin pull up Danny's phone records. Thats when I saw them," admitted Steve.

"Oh God. I can't believe he sent those to Dan. And for you no less."

"They were very provocative. Very sexual," said Steve swallowing uncomfortably.

"Yeah too sexual. When I saw them I refused to give them permission to use them," stated Vicki as if that was a no brainer.

"What," asked Steve confused.

"I wasn't comfortable with what those pictures implied. I wasn't comfortable with all the touchy feely business with guys I didn't know."

"But you seemed so happy. In every picture you were smiling," argued Steve.

"Do you know how Ben made me smile in those shots?"

Steve shook his head. Vicki reached over and grabbed Steve's hand.

"He kept reminding me that at the end of the week I would be seeing you," said Vicki softly.

Steve was dumbfounded.

"The thought of seeing me made you that happy," asked Steve in disbelief.

"Heck yes. It made me ecstatic," laughed Vicki as if it was so obvious.

Steve smiled a goofy smile and entwined his fingers with Vicki's.

"I am so sorry for what I said earlier. I was an idiot."

"Yeah you were. But I get how you could have gotten the wrong idea."

"And I am sorry for what I said that day about me and Cath. Not only did I not mean it, but it was also very crude. I never meant to hurt your feelings."

"Thank you for the apology. Dan told me he goaded you into saying it. And I am sorry that your feelings were hurt when you saw those pictures. No one was ever supposed to see them."

Steve and Vicki each looked down at their clasped hands for a moment.

"I'm glad we finally talked," said Vicki.

"Yeah and we're not done yet," replied Steve.

Vicki looked up into Steve's eyes confused. Steve cupped her face with his free hand.

"I love you Vicki. And I am so sorry that it took so many missed opportunities, misunderstandings, angry words, and punches to finally say it."

Vicki let out a laugh slash sob. Steve looked at her in concern when she started crying again, but when she met his eyes he could see that she was smiling.

"I love you too Steve. Very much."

Steve grinned like a goof and was pulling Vicki's face towards his when thunder sounded outside and the skies opened up into a torrential downpour. Steve grinned and pulled Vicki up and towards the exit. Vicki had enough time to throw money on the bar before Steve dragged her outside into the rain. Steve smiled up at the sky as he let the rain soak him. Vicki looked up at him and laughed.

"Steve what are you doing?"

Steve looked into her eyes with so much love that Vicki gasped.

"Learning how to dance in the rain."

And with that Steve pulled Vicki towards him and kissed her. Vicki melted into the kiss. The kiss was so full of passion yet it was gentle at the same time. It was absolutely perfect.

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