Title: Burn It Down

Rating: K

Characters: Patrick J. /Teresa L.

Summary: Jane needs comfort. Lisbon is there to help.

Spoilers: none specific

A/N: Written for Paint It Red Monthly Challenge September 2012

Prompt: ~Burn It Down~ by Linkin Park

The colors conflicted

As the flames, climbed into the clouds

I wanted to fix this

But couldn't stop from tearing it down

And you were there at the turn

Caught in the burning glow

And I was there at the turn

Waiting to let you know

We're building it up

To break it back down

We're building it up

To burn it down

We can't wait

To burn it to the ground

He sat still, staring at the wall with tormenting reminder, painted with the blood of his loved ones. His mind gone into dark abyss of destruction. But it wasn't all. It shouldn't.

It's getting dark outside but he doesn't move an inch, not even single twitch. He sits there like a frozen sculpture of neverending sadness.

Guilt still eats away at his soul. He still can't forgive himself. But would it change anything if he did?


One day this all will be over. And what then?

Where he'll be by then?

These questions occasionally finds their way in his mind. But he tries to shoo it all away.

Suddenly a gentle touch on his shoulder melts the part of dark away. His heart feels just a tiny bit lighter. Maybe there is light after all.

"Come with me. Let's get home." her soft voice travells through the darkened fog of his thoughts.

Just something so simple makes his legs move underneath the weight of his body. And he gets up, letting her steer him away. Away to hope. And light.