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Never mess with a person when you don't know who he is...because that person may be your Boss and you may put yourself in trouble! Here that Boss is Syaoran and Sakura his Personal assistant! Sakura x Syaoran. 3

Chapter 1:

A Bad Meeting:

So here is the intro...

Sakura Kinomoto- Age 21, 5.6ft, dynamic young lady seeking to live a perfect life with a perfect job! She is really beautiful and attractive with silky brown locks, peach toned skin and amazing emerald eyes.

Syaoran Li- Age 24, 6.2ft, an outstanding young business man, the Managing Director of the Li Corporation, gorgeous young man with perfect physique, messy chocolate hair and deep amber eyes, he can make any girl go crazy...!

-Tokyo-Sunday Morning-

Syaoran was driving his luxury car through a busy street in Tokyo, "A pleasant morning! I am so happy to be in Tokyo." Syaoran smiled at his friend who was sitting beside him. Eriol smiled back "So do I because after a long time I am going to see my sweet darling Tomoyo. I can't wait to see her." Eriol was in his own dream. "Just a few minutes' drive man; we will be there at Tomoyo's house." Syaoran chilled his friend.

Syaoran came to Tokyo to take care of his company in Japan and Eriol was his partner in business. Tomorrow ie Monday Syaoran will take charge of his company in Tokyo. Today he is just hanging around Tokyo with his friend. Eriol wanted to see his girlfriend Tomoyo who is a budding fashion designer, so now they are on their way to meet her.

Eriol's mobile rang and he picked it up, "Yes dear...hmmm...we are on the way...will be there within ten minutes... love you too.." he hung up with a bright smile. Syaoran parked his car to a side, "I feel like having a hot cup of coffee. Shall we" He said and got out of the car. "Man you got to be kidding. We are already late and Tomoyo is waiting for us." Eriol explained. Syaoran didn't reply, he winced at Eriol and started to walk towards the coffee shop nearby. Eriol sighed, "You never listened, Syaoran!" he said and turned, Eriol saw a flower shop on the opposite side of the street, "You get your coffee man while I go and buy a romantic gift for my Tomoyo." Eriol said as he crossed the street and made his way towards the flower shop.

-Before few hours-

Beep Beep-Beep Beep-B-Sakura threw her alarm clock down and her eyes peacefully closed to dream. Again something disturbed her sleep, this time it was her mobile, she picked it up and saw the caller name, her lips curved up, "Hi Tomoyo...good morning.." she greeted lazily. "Sakura! Still in bed?! You should be here by now if you want that job..." Tomoyo shouted in phone. "Yeah...yeah you are right... sorry..Don't worry I will be there in an hour" Sakura calmed her friend. "Alright make it soon. Syaoran and Eriol will be here soon. Don't be late please" Tomoyo explained her clearly. "Ok ok." Sakura said and hung up. Sakura grabbed her towel and rushed to the bathroom. God how can I be so lazy..Sakura thought.

Sakura and Tomoyo are friends since childhood. As said before she is looking for a perfect job! Tomorrow the Li Corporation in Tokyo is going to have an interview to appoint a personal assistant for Syaoran and Sakura has applied for that job. Since Eriol and Syaoran are friends Tomoyo thought to introduce Sakura to Syaoran today at her house and get her friend that job. Another thing is that Sakura has not seen Eriol the guy her best friend loved. Tomoyo met Eriol on her tour to Hong Kong, so Tomoyo thought Sakura might see him as well.

After few minutes Sakura came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body. Now should I wear a casual or a business suit, she thought. "I better ask Tomoyo" She said herself and took her mobile to text her friend.

Sakura: Hey Tomoyo! What should I were, casual or Business suit?

Tomoyo: Wear a casual dear. No need of business suit, then put a lil make up. You should look attractive.

Sakura: OK :)

Tomoyo: hey I forgot to ask completely. How was your date with Jake yesterday? ;)

Sakura: Good. He is a nice guy you know.

Tomoyo: Oh dear! So did you have your first kiss then?

Sakura: Tomoyo no! I didn't. I don't like him that way. He is a good friend that's all ok?

Tomoyo: Whatever...when will you have your first kiss then. I want to see that lucky guy!

Sakura: Hmmmm...My prince will come soon Tomoyo! And he will kiss me! My first kiss on my lips...!

Tomoyo: Oh god! I guess that day will be near..

Sakura: yeah... now Tomoyo I got ready and started from my home. Will be there soon.

Sakura finally finished texting her friend and got out of her house. She was wearing a jean and T-shirt and applied lil makeup as Tomoyo said. She was rushing to the bus stand now. I should catch the bus or else I will be late. She turned a corner and her mobile rang, "Tomoyo I am on the way to the bus stand.. Just a few steps..." she was talking and she saw a bus standing in the bus stop, she started running to catch that bus.

Now back to Syaoran...

Syaoran got his cup of coffee and took a sip, "Good coffee" he said. Syaoran's phone rang, "Eriol what's the matter?" he asked. "Man I forgot to bring my wallet. Could you come here and pay for the flowers?" Eriol asked. "Wait I will come. You keep forgetting everything..." Syaoran was talking in phone and had his cup of coffee on the other hand, he came out of the coffee shop and there a girl bumped on him making him to drop his phone and cup of coffee.

Sakura was seeing the bus and rushing, she didn't see this guy, he suddenly came in her way and she bumped on him, she dropped her mobile down and from somewhere coffee spilled on her dress, face and hair. "Oohh...!" Sakura shouted, "Can't you see that I am in a rush! Can't you move and stand mister! You Idiot! You ruined my day! IDIOT you spilled coffee all over me...!" she continued shouting, and then bend down to take her mobile, "Good now I missed the bus and I can't go like this now. You Idiot..." Sakura continued. Sakura was totally irritated, she gave a hard glare to Syaoran and for one last time she said "IDIOT" loud enough and then make her way back to her home.

Syaoran didn't say anything. 'Is she mad? She came and bumped on me and I should be the one to shout, not her. You are the idiot lady! You ruined my day!' Syaoran thought as he continued starring at her with anger as she walked away. "Syaoran is there any problem?" Eriol asked as he approached his friend. Syaoran didn't reply. "Syaoran! I saw a girl shouting at you, what happen? Any problem?" Eriol repeated. Syaoran bend down to take his mobile, "She will be in problem the next time she meets me!" that was all he said.

"You didn't say anything man? That girl shouted at you and it was not your mistake, then why you didn't say anything Syaoran?" Eriol asked as Syaoran drove the car silently. "She was speaking continuously and then she rushed away. I didn't get my chance to speak. But I swear, the next time I see her! She is dead!" Eriol noticed the anger in Syaoran's voice. After sometime they arrived at Tomoyo's place. "Eriol I am having a little head ache, you go inside. I am going back to the mansion. See you later!" Syaoran dropped Eriol and speed back to his mansion.

Eriol pressed the door bell; the door opened quickly revealing an excited Tomoyo. "I am happy to see you!" Tomoyo said and hugged Eriol. "I love you dear." He said and gave her a bunch of beautiful red roses. "It's beautiful darling!" Tomoyo said and gave a quick kiss on his lips. "Come in." She said. They both sat in the couch, "So where is Syaoran? I thought he is coming with you." Tomoyo asked. "Oh he is a bit upset dear. He went back to mansion. Nothing serious, it's just a little headache he had." Eriol replied and Tomoyo nodded. "Hey you said your friend Sakura will be here. Where is she?" Eriol asked. "I don't know. She said she is on the way. She will be here soon." Tomoyo said with a smile.

Half an hour passed and there is no sign from Sakura. "I guess Sakura got stuck in the traffic or something. I will call her and see." Tomoyo said as she dialled Sakura's number. "It's switched off." She sighed. "It's ok dear. I will say to Syaoran about Sakura tomorrow. She will get this job for sure, don't worry. Her full name?" Eriol asked. "It's Sakura Kinomoto. Wait I will show her pic so that you can identify her tomorrow." Tomoyo said and showed a pic of Sakura in her mobile to Eriol. "Your friend will get the job. I will take care." Eriol assured with a smile.

Syaoran reached his mansion. He fell down on the couch and switched on the TV. He was flipping through the channels. After sometime he took out his mobile, it was switched off. Must have got switched off when it fell down, he thought. Syaoran switched on his mobile, the screen appeared different, it had a cherry blossom wallpaper and the name 'Cherry Pie' appeared on the top of the screen, this is not my phone, may be this is that...Syaoran's thought was interrupted as the phone rang.

The display showed his number, he attended the call, "YOU IDIOT! I know you snatched my mobile in that few seconds! You better keep it safe and return it to me or else.." Sakura was shouting but was interrupted by Syaoran, "YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH NOW! Or else face severe consequences. I warn you stupid lady; keep your big mouth shut! You totally screwed me up! Now remember you are having my mobile and I am having yours! If you want to have your mobile safely just shut and listen to me now. Text your address and I will send your mobile. I don't wanna see your monkey face again in my life. No more question stupid! You have no idea to whom you are messing up with!" he said and hung up.

Sakura was burning with anger now. She dialled Tomoyo's number, "Tomoyo this is Sakura...I had a little problem...I didn't come...Sorry..." Sakura explained everything to Tomoyo who started to laugh when she heard the whole story. "Tomoyo is this funny for you?" Sakura asked. "Dear Sakura. I am sorry I laughed but it was kinda funny you know. Anyway dear, I told about you to Eriol. He said he will take care and make sure that you will get the job tomorrow." Tomoyo said. "Oh! That's so sweet!" Sakura said in relief.

Sakura later texted her address to Syaoran. Syaoran saw the text, 'hmmm so this is her address.' He thought. As he finished reading the text Sakura send him, he by mistake opened another conversation in the inbox. It was the conversation made by Sakura with Tomoyo. Syaoran laughed lightly 'So this girl didn't have her first kiss yet. If she is going to shout like this no guy will dare to kiss her.' He thought.

Next Day- Monday Morning:

Syaoran entered his new office and the workers gave him a warm welcome. "Sir there is an interview to be held today." A worker informed Syaoran who was on his way to his cabin. "Yeah I am aware of that. I will conduct the interview personally because the person is going to be my personal assistant." Syaoran replied with a smile. His smile faded as he saw a familiar face sitting outside his cabin. Of course it is Sakura! Sakura too saw Syaoran and she was totally shocked. OMG! What have I done yesterday! Sakura thought as she realised who Syaoran was. Syaoran gave a death glare to her as he walked passing her into his cabin. So you are in my trap now! Syaoran thought giving out a smile of satisfaction.

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