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Chapter 4- Drunken Monkey:

Sakura neared the main door; a hand grabbed her from the back making her to turn. "Wha.." She started but was cut off as she felt warm lips against hers. It was Syaoran. The kiss lasted only for few seconds. Sakura was shocked and she was speechless. Syaoran started to walk away, and then he turned to look at her, "You will always remember that Syaoran Li stole your first kiss... and remember I am not a jerk to go behind every girl I see... they come behind me!" he said and walked away. Sakura stood there still shocked.

A week passed after that incident. Syaoran dint tease Sakura these days and Sakura was getting busy with her work. It was a fine Saturday morning when Sakura was glancing through some documents in her office. Her mobile rang, "Hello Tomoyo!" she greeted happily. "Are you alive? You dint even bother to call me the whole last week? What happen to you?" Tomoyo shouted. "Hey chill down Tomoyo I was little busy this week. You know I really have a lot of things to do here. Sorry I dint spend time with you." Sakura explained. "Whatever...I guess you are really busy with your work. Why don't you take a break? Can we hang out this evening after work may be?" Tomoyo asked. Sakura thought, "Oh that will be great. I love to have so fun..." she replied and the office phone rang on her table, "..Tomoyo I will call you later. Little busy here." Sakura hung up.


-Sakura's House-

Tomoyo came to pick Sakura from her house. They both were ready in their party wear. "Alright! Ready to go?" Tomoyo asked looking at Sakura. "Are you sure we are going to disco?" Sakura asked. "Yes Sakura it will be fun and Eriol is coming too. We can have fun together and you can meet some good looking guys!" Tomoyo winked. Sakura sighed, "That's right but big brother will be returning home tonight. If I am not here at that time and he finds out that I am hanging out in some night club he will kill me Tomoyo. I should return home before that." She explained. "Don't worry I will drop you home early." Tomoyo assured.

-At the Disco-

"He should be here by now." Tomoyo said as she was looking around to find Eriol, "Ah...there he is!" she exclaimed as she waved at him. Eriol smiled and made his way towards them, "There you are dear." He hugged Tomoyo. "Hi there Sakura. How you doing?" he asked Sakura. "Ya fine Eriol." She replied with smile. Sakura's smile faded as she saw the guy approaching them. It was Syaoran, "Hi Tomoyo" he said lazily. "You are here too." Tomoyo smiled and looked at Sakura who was looking a little annoyed now. "What's the matter Sakura? Are you still worried about your big brother?" Tomoyo asked. Sakura took a deep breath, "That's not it. Why is he here?" she asked. "You mean Syaoran? Hey come on Sakura he is a good friend of Eriol. You need to understand him a little." Tomoyo said as she dragged Sakura with her. The four had good time chatting and laughing and after sometime Eriol asked Tomoyo to dance. "Tomoyo shall we?" Eriol asked as he took Tomoyo's hand. Tomoyo got up, "Alright come." She said and the couple moved towards the dance floor. Now it was only Sakura and Syaoran sitting there.

Sakura ordered juice and Syaoran some vodka. They dint talk anything, their order came and Sakura slowly sipped her juice trying not to look at Syaoran. "You don't drink?" Syaoran asked. Sakura looked at him, "No." She snapped. "Why?" Syaoran asked. "I don't. Does that need any explanation?" Sakura asked. Syaoran smiled, "Yeah it does need some explanation. Are you afraid to try?" he asked. Sakura dint bother to reply him, she was trying to stay calm. "Come on Sakura. You have never even tried?" Syaoran teased. "I don't like to try." Sakura replied. "I know you are afraid. Say that frankly." Syaoran winced. Sakura kept quiet and Syaoran continued, "You have never tried anything in life. I mean you dint have your first kiss till last week and you should thank me for giving you the first kiss and now here you are saying that you have never drunk in your life, you want me to help in this too?" he finished. "Look here I am afraid to try that. So you need not imagine things and I regret the day I had my first kiss." Sakura said angrily.

Syaoran looked at her and smiled, "Hmm I dint like that kiss either. Now prove that you are not afraid to try." He said as he moved the glass of vodka near Sakura. "Why should I?" Sakura asked. "I know you are afraid" Syaoran teased. "No I'm not." She replied. "Yes you are." Syaoran teased. "I will prove you." Sakura said as she took the glass of vodka in her hand and emptied it in a single gulp. "That was quick." Syaoran looked at her in surprise. Sakura was looking down and she dint say anything. "Are you alright?" Syaoran asked. She looked up and smiled, "That was good. Let's order one more glass." She kept smiling.

-After sometime-

Syaoran thought he did some big mistake by making Sakura drink. He tried to stop her but that was no use and now he was sitting seeing the girl before him drink and babble. Sakura was totally out of mind, "Hey you...think you are a big shot hmm?" she asked Syaoran raising her eyebrow. "I think that's enough for today." Syaoran tried to grab the glass from her hand. "No..I won't.. I love this." Sakura kissed the glass in her hand. "Hey..I love this..Thanks to you..." She winked at Syaoran. She neared him and grabbed his shirt and pulled him towards her, "Come let's dance." She grinned and dragged him to the dance floor. Sakura was not steady and Syaoran tried to hold her. "No you can't dance. Sit down." Syaoran pulled her back. "Oh come on...darling!" she dragged him. Syaoran was stunned, "Me? Darling? You have gone mad." He pulled her back again. Tomoyo and Eriol notice that something was going between Syaoran and Sakura and they came there.

Tomoyo was shocked to see her friend drunk. "Hey Tomoyo want to have some?" Sakura trembled as she handed Tomoyo an empty glass. "Sakura you drank?" Tomoyo was still shocked. " I just had some juice...It..It fly in sky...But you...I love that...I love this" she showed the empty glass again. Tomoyo placed a hand on her forehead and looked at Syaoran who was standing quietly. "Syaoran did you make her drink?" Tomoyo asked. "Yes..No.. I mean not exactly. I though she won't drink and..." He was not able to finish. Tomoyo sighed, "Syaoran you made her drink. I don't know what to do now?" she was tensed. Eriol place his hand around her shoulder, "Honey let's take her home and she will be alright tomorrow if she takes good rest. Don't worry." He explained. Tomoyo looked at Eriol, "You don't understand Eriol. Sakura is in problem! Her brother will be returning from New York tonight and I'm sure he won't be happy to find her lil sister drunk. I can't take her home." Tomoyo was worried.

Eriol was worried to see Tomoyo sad. "Hey it's only 9.30pm we can take her home before her brother comes." He tried to convince her. Tomoyo shook her head, "I'm not going to drop her home. Her brother might come home at anytime. Syaoran will take her home." She said. Syaoran looked at Eriol and Tomoyo, "Why should I?" he said. Eriol went near him, "Because you made her drink." He said. "Syaoran please take her home and if her brother is there please don't say him that I took her to disco, he will go mad. Please don't mention my name. Please." Tomoyo pleaded. "He will take her home safely." Eriol assured. Syaoran had no other choice than to agree to take Sakura home after all he was the one who made her drink.

Tomoyo gave Sakura's house address and Syaoran took her in his car. Sakura was continuously blabbering, singing and calling Syaoran darling as he drove her home. Syaoran was totally annoyed. After a short drive they reached Sakura's home. Sakura was not steady and Syaoran was holding her as he helped her to walk. "Where is the key?" he asked her. She gave a big smile, "Darling!" she said. Syaoran sweat dropped, "Oh god... Where is the key?" he tried to be patient. "Oh...Bee?" she asked. Syaoran sighed, "KEY!" he shouted. "" She blabbered. Syaoran looked around there was a flower pot near the door and the key was behind it. He took it and opened the door.

Syaoran helped Sakura to walk inside. "Now where is your room? Is it upstairs?" Syaoran asked still holding her. "" she smiled and wrapped her hand around his neck. "Hey..." Syaoran tried to loosen her grip. "Hey take your hand off my neck." He shouted but now use. "That's it. No use of talking." He said and lifted her in bridal style. "Wow darling...!" Sakura grinned as he carried her to her room. Syaoran place her on the bed, "Now you can take your hands off my neck." He said as Sakura's hands where still around his neck making him bend. " way.."she said and pulled him. Syaoran lost balance and fell over her. Their lips were only inches away and Sakura called him in her romantic tone, "Darling..." with a romantic smile. Syaoran look straight in her eyes, they were romantic, he blushed lightly. Now their lips were only few millimetres away and there was a hard slam in the door.

Syaoran turned to look who it was but someone pulled him hard from behind and pushed him against the wall. "What are you doing to my sister?" Touya shouted as he grabbed Syaoran's shirt collar. Syaoran tried to loosen Touya's grip, "I was just helping her. She was drunk and I took her home. That's all... I dint do anything wrong." Syaoran shouted. Sakura got up suddenly and looked at Syaoran and smiled, "Good night darling!" she winked at him and fell back on her bed. Touya looked at Syaoran angrily, "Why did she call you like that? I will kill you now..." he was about to punch Syaoran. "Stop it Touya!" a women rushed in and grabbed her husband's hand. "Leave him Touya!" She shouted. "You stay out of this Ruby!" Touya shouted. "Touya you are scaring her out!" Ruby said and pointed to the little girl standing behind her. The little one was about 3 years old, she went near her father and hugged his leg, "Papa." She said. Touya bend to take her in hand, "Ruby, take Aki to her room." He told his wife. Ruby looked at Syaoran, "You wait down. We need to talk." She said then looked at Touya, "Touya I think Sakura is drunk and that explains her strange behaviour." She said as she got Aki from Touya.

Syaoran was waiting to see Touya and Ruby. After sometime they came down. "Look here. We went to disco and your sister got drunk. I took her home and she was not able to walk so I carried her to the room. I slipped and fell over her. Nothing happen, I dint do anything wrong." Syaoran shouted. "You took her to disco? Bastard!" he shouted. "Calm down!" Ruby came between Syaoran and Touya, "Touya stay calm please. And you..." she trailed as she doesn't know his name. "Syaoran Li." Syaoran said. Ruby nooded, "Thanks Mr. Li for bringing Sakura home safely. You better leave now. See ya!" she said quickly. Syaoran nodded and gave a hard glare to Touya and walked away. Then Ruby turned to Touya, "Touya your sister is a grown up now! You can't go in her way if she likes a guy. She has her freedom to have boyfriend! And I think Sakura's choice is good!" she said. "Will you shut up! I will kill that bastard the next time I see him! Because of you only I let him go today. Sakura has to give her explanation for this tomorrow." Touya shouted. Touya is going to kill her tomorrow. Poor Sakura. Ruby thought as she watched Touya walk upstairs angrily.

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