In Memory of Severus Snape

'Lo, everyone. I've decided to write this poem in the small amount of free time I have, dedicated to my favorite male character, and, in my opinion, the hero of the Harry Potter series. My first poem to be posted, so please be kind.


Insulted and abused,

Who would be amused,

Certainly not Severus.

Pain was no stranger,

He was constantly in danger,

A spy nobody liked.

He'd sneer,

And the students would fear,

The teacher who was hated.

He'd bring the information,

That could bring down the nation,

Just a pawn.

He was a former friend,

Who'd ruined it in the end,

Just a boy her mates didn't like.

He was just a Snake,

He needed to break,

Just pathetic Snivellus.

He was a son,

A ruined chance at fun,

Just a boy to be beaten.

She could not save him,

Her mind was always dim,

He was just the poor son she could not protect.

But he was more than that,

More than just a floor mat,

He was the true hero.

He risked it all,

To not see Harry fall,

The child of his only love.

He died a traitor,

Only to be acknowledged later,

The hero he truly was.

Slytherin or not,

He gave a lot,

Including his own life.

To save the youth,

He hated in truth,

Because it was the only way.

So put your wand arms out,

And say, with no doubt,

That Severus Snape was the hero in the end.

For all he portrayed,

He was a man well made,

A man who knew sacrifice well.

A man who's love spanned demise,

To form a new rise,

And save the world that had always hated him.

So if you have the time,

To hear this rhyme,

Then know this;

Severus Snape, Death Eater, Slytherin, and hero,

Was more than just a zero,

He was the bravest man, Always…