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Chapter 2

Rebecca walked into the office slowly. She was indeed extremely nervous. She never dealt with going to a public highschool. Rebecca took a deep breath and relax herself.

"Excuse me, Miss. I'm new here." Rebecca said to the young looking blonde woman sitting on the desk looking through files. The blonde lady jumped a bit from hearing her voice and turned around. This girl had to be only a year older than her.

"Oh hello! I'm Jill Valentine, the school's president." She said. Rebecca smiled at the blonde president.

"My name is Rebecca Chambers. I'm here to pick up my class schedule." the blonde quickly jumped onto her feet and looked through the file cabinets.

"Ah transfer student Rebecca Chambers here is your unofficial schedule. Just go to the principle and he will give you your official schedule, okay?" The blonde explained as she pointed to the door on my right.

"Thank Jill. Maybe I'll see you later." Rebecca said as she walked to the principles door.

"Be careful, Spencer doesn't like newcomers." Jill warned before going back to doing whatever she was doing earlier. Rebecca gulped as she knocked on the door. A muffled 'Come in.' was heard on the other side. She opened the door to see an old man with snowy white hair and the blonde guy with the sunglass's she saw earlier. The wrinkles on the old man's face were visible as was the frown he had on. He wore a simple black suit

"Ah the transfer student from the gifted school of S.T.A.R.S. It's such a pleasure to receive their smartest most gifted apprentice." The old man praised.

"Ah sir please there is no need to praise me." Rebecca softly said as a blush came onto her face. The blonde teenaged guy smirked at her reaction and pushed his glasses up a bit.

"I like you already young lady. Give me your schedule so we can send you on your way." Rebecca only nodded and handed him her schedule. She tried to avoid looking at the blonde teenaged boy. She hadn't forgotten what Chris had told her.

"Father I'll be heading to my class now." The blonde said. The principle slammed his hand down on his desk harshly.

"Albert you are not permitted to leave yet." The principle growled as he handed Rebecca her official schedule.

"Why not?" Albert asked angrily.

"Because you are to show Miss Chambers around to her classes. Since it turns out you two have the same classes." Albert nodded while Rebecca stood awkwardly by herself.

"Yes, father. Come Rebecca I rather not be late to our first period." Albert kindly said as he walked out the door. Rebecca quickly bid a goodbye to the principle and took off after the blonde boy.

"Uh Albert..." Rebecca shyly spoke. Albert stopped and looked at the girl. He lowered his head to be face to face with the burgundy hair girl.

"Call me Wesker beautiful." He said as he moved a strand of her hair from here face. Rebecca's face turned red as he smiled at her.

"Oi Wesker quit ya flirting!" The two turned to see a teenaged boy with slicked back brown hair. He wore a white short sleeve button up shirt, which he had three buttons unbutton, and black baggy jeans.

"Billy." Wesker growled as he narrowed his eye at his friend. Rebecca looked back and forth between the two guys in fear of them fighting.

"REBECCA!" Rebecca looked away from the two to see Chris and a red head girl besides him. She smiled and waved at the two. Wesker and Billy both drifted their attention to the two new comers.

"Redfield." Wesker and Billy muttered as Chris sent them both glares. If looks could kill, the two friends would have been dead about thirty times already.

"Hi Chris." Rebecca bubbly said with a smile on her face. Chris looked away from the two and smiled at Rebeca.

"Chris you were right she is adorable!" The red hair happily said, "Hi I'm Claire!"

"Chris's little sister." Wesker sneered. Claire just flipped the blonde off and hooked onto Rebecca's arm. Wesker growled and was ready to say something to the Redfield girl, but his mouth was covered by his friend, Billy.

"Let me see your schedule." Chris said as he glared at Wesker and Billy. Billy just rolled his eyes at Chris and walked away from them with out saying anything. "We have the same schedule."

"Chris I am escorting Rebecca around the school please leave us be!" Wesker growled as he glared at the one person he despises the most in this school. Claire looked at her watch on her wrist and immediately let go of Rebecca.

"The bell is about to ring boys! Hurry and get to your class." Claire shouted as she ran down the student filled hallways. Chris gently gripped onto Rebecca's arm and began to drag her to their class. Wesker gripped onto her free arm and glared at his rival.

"I am the one who is going to show her to her class." He challenged as he pulled the burgundy hair girl towards him. Chris rolled his eyes and mimic Wesker's action.

"Uh can we just go to class already." Rebecca said as she pulled away from the two, "You both can just take me to my class."

"Uh okay." The two rivals muttered as they looked away from the girl. The two lead the way to their class. Once the three entered the classroom, Wesker and Chris left her alone to take their seats. Rebecca awkwardly walked to the teacher and handed him her schedule.

"Ah hello Miss Chambers. It's a pleasure to have you in my class. My name is Mr. Hunk." He said a he signed her schedule and gave it back to her. "Let's see. Ah take a seat by Billy in the back. COEN STAND THE FUCK UP!" The same brunette from the hallway stood up from his desk and frowned at the teacher. Rebecca gulped to herself and slowly walked to her seat. She sat down after she set her stuff down by the desk.

"Hey there Dollface." Billy said with a dazzling smile that made Rebecca blush a bit.

"Coen shut the fuck up." Hunk said as he wrote out the lesson on the board. Billy just flipped him off since he wasn't looking. Rebecca gaped in shock at Billy's actions.

"It's okay Dollface. We normally do this." He said as he winked at her.

'What kind of school did my mother put me in?' Rebecca thought fearfully.

There will be timeskips for certain classes. Chris and Wesker are rivals due to the fact they both wanted to date Jill in this story. Of course Chris got the girl an Wesker became a sour puss that targets innocent girls.

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