Chapter 3

Drew traveled the huge halls with me until we came to the font office door. As we walked in and passed the different rooms for the staff workers they looked up, they had facial expressions of confusion, but quickly went back to work writing on forms or typing on there computers. We walked through the office to come to a door labeled ,nurses office.

"Why would I need to go to the nurses office?," I asked drew.

"Every time the school gets a new student they have to take a blood test to see what type of thing you are," drew explained.

"What do you mean thing?" I asked confused.

"You do know your paranormal right?" Drew asked like I was being and idiot.

" What?!, where did that come from? People aren't paranormal that's only in books," I said shocked. I argument was cut short as the nurse came around the corner.

"Oh, you must be a new student," she said, " Wow!, you a royalty families bloodline." The nurse was blond with green gemstone eyes. She was tall, probably even five foot, ten inches.

"Excuse me?! How can you smell me and suddenly know my family bloodline?," I asked looking at her like she was crazy, " And how did you know I was a new person?"

" Let me guess you don't know who your parents were and your either adopted or thrown out of your home,plus you didn't know till know that paranormal things in books could be real. Oh and I am a vampire so I can read your mind, or at least try to guess what your thinking and I can smell your blood, plus I know your knew because I know every single persons different smell at this school," she said finishing with a face that said Oh my god you are so uneducated.

"No I am not adopted my mother just died and she got married to Drew's family before she died, which means I am now living with them and no there are no such things as vampires I don't believe you , I am not a paranormal thing, you can take your blood test all you want, but I bet you my life that I am not paranormal at all," I said stubbornly. It took 5 minutes to do the whole blood test, but when the nurse came out from testing the blood in a small machine, I did get scared of what she would say.

"Well I can grantee your adopted and paranormal because there is only two there people on this campus that have your bloodline and their parents are the only ones, except for you and your brother and sister, who are left of this bloodline," she said looking up at me. Her face showed she was in surprise. One by one the tears started to fall. I fell to my knees and drew knelt down next to me stroking my long black hair and wiping the clear tears from my crystal blue eyes.

"I have a brother and sister?" I asked ,still in shock, as I looked up at the nurse.

"Yes your brother is named Luke flyaway and your sister, who is quite nice, is named Scarlet Flyaway," she said also kneeling down next to me. We were interrupted as the bell for passing period, to second period, rang. I wiped my eyes and stood up.

"Lets go get my schedule," I said to Drew.