Chapter One: Locked boxes and broken hearts

A bright pink light illuminated the sky, the light reaching even the most distant dark corners of the land where fearsome demons stirred at the retreat of the darkness hissing in displeasure. Like a blanket the light fell on the fieldworkers bringing them warmth on what was a dismal day. The light illuminated the inside of shrines and humble huts a strange eerie pinkly purple as the beams passed through the window casements. Children stood in awe while their parents prayed bowing down to worship the sky. It was done. The Shikon jewel was banished from the world. Balance was restored, and the great priestess Midoriko could finally rest in peace. The light lasted for a few minutes before dissipating like it never had been. But the brief flash of pink had restored hope in all who inhabited the land, the hope of peace now the ill fated jewel was gone.


"InuYasha calm down, she warned us this was a possibility that is why we said our goodbyes before we went into battle."
"Shut up Miroku! It wasn't supposed to end like this!"
"You mean Kagome is gone forever Miroku?"
"Yes Shippo, she was sent back to her own time."

Kagome slowly stirred, she was so cold she couldn't feel her limbs. She could smell dirt as she slowly opened her eyes, expecting light but there was none. She felt like she was in a dark hole. She must be in the well. Sitting up slowly she raised a hand to her head to try soothing the thumping headache that had sprung up on her to no affect. As her eyes adjusted to the dark she could see the ladder rung, and tried to hold back tears. She had known when she had opened her eyes and the dark above her did not contain stars that she was back in her own time. The ladder had only just confirmed it without a doubt. She was in the well in the well house on the grounds of the shrine where she and her family lived. Banishing the jewel had sent her back to her own time.

"Look guys, now that we have defeated Naraku and obtained the whole jewel it's time for me to make the correct wish and banish it from the world."
"Duh! We know that already, go and get to it Kagome!" InuYasha snorted.
"InuYasha it isn't that simple, there are risks involved." Miroku said before continuing,
"If she wishes on the jewel and is successful in banishing it from the world then there is the chance she will be taken back to her own time, permanently."
"Mmhm." Agreed Shippo sadly.
"But there is every chance she will remain here though right?" Asked Sango.
"Yes there is that chance, however, whichever way it goes. Where ever she ends up, I doubt the well will continue to let her time travel. She will be stuck in whatever time period she is left in." Miroku sighed sadly.
Kagome had smiled sadly. She knew what ever happened it would hurt either way.

Kagome had climbed out of the well and was sitting on the well lip worn with age she could see marks InuYasha had made when he blocked it with a tree her hands then clenched, she was not ready to step into the future. Miroku would be pleased to know this theories were right. He had thought long and hard about the jewel and its powers and had concluded possible outcomes for once the jewel was banished. She knew had it gone either way she would have still hurt. She had loved ones either side of well. The future where she was born, the feudal era which she saved. Miroku for a lecherous monk she had to admit was insightful, and he and Kaede had concluded that Kikyo taking the jewel from the feudal era in her cremation had placed it in Kagome's time when Kagome was born and to correct the failed attempt to destroy the jewel, Kagome had been allowed to travel back in time to correct the mistake. When the jewel was finally banished using the 'correct wish' then Kagome's presence in the past was no longer required and so she was thrust back into her own time. Tears flowed from her eyes freely now as she mourned the loss of her friends. The loss of InuYasha. The first man she had ever loved, or half man technically. She would miss his fuzzy dog demon ears, she would miss everything about them all, her friends that had become her other family. Her tears poured as her body shuddered violently as she cried her heart out.

Her mother found her sobbing in the well house, and she half supported her as she led her into the house and into warmth. Rain started to pour down not long after the two woman made it inside. Kagome felt as if the weather was in tune with her mood, rain pouring and thunder beginning to boom in the distance. Her mother had prepared her tea and sat her at the dining room table with a vase of fresh flowers scenting the room sweetly. Souta and her grandfather stayed in the living room. They had heard Kagome's sobs and thought it wise to let her kind hearted mother have some one on one time with her, she was what the young woman needed.

"Kagome, what happened?" Yasuo asked her daughter when she had stopped shuddering and her tears stopped falling from her chocolate brown eyes.
"It is done. The jewel was destroyed and sent me back home. The magic of the well is gone, I can't go back. I won't see them ever again." Kagome said brokenly, twisting the lime green cup in her hands watching the tea swirl inside the cup.
A flash of lighting brightened up the kitchen window and Yasuo looked gently at her daughter. At fifteen she had first began her journey to save another time era from a despicable evil and by the ripe age of seventeen she had succeeded only to lose the friends she had held so close for three years. It was unfair she had done so much for the world only to be rewarded with pain. Yasuo was pleased however that the well had brought her home, she didn't know what she would do without her daughter. What her daughter needed to do now was heal, and it every hurting girl no matter how old needed their mothers words of wisdom.
"But you know they are safe. They can live and be happy now you have brought peace. They will forever keep you in their hearts and you will keep them in yours. Rejoice in the knowledge of the memories you have had that you get to keep forever, don't dwell on what memories you will miss."
Kagome gave her mother a small smile. She always knew what to say. Her mother was as wise as Kaede and her words had helped Kagome's heart feel less constricted by grief. Kagome finished her tea and hugged her mother, though it was just nearing dinner time Kagome wanted to go to bed early as it had been a very tiring day.

Kagome walked into her room and found something sitting on her bed. Her bed hadn't changed in three years, she still had a bright pink duvet that InuYasha had balked at numerous times. She looked closer to the object disrupting the smooth made bed with its bulk, it was a small ornate box decorated with intricate patterns and brightly coloured stones. Kagome went to open it in curiosity but it wouldn't open, it was locked and there was no key. A sticky note was on the front of the box and it had a note scrawled in exquisite handwriting.

'A woman in the present, whom once dwelled in the past,
Full of sadness and sorrow, twisted in her hearts pain,
Should she look where she left her heart and soul last,
Answers to her worries and questions she will gain.'

Kagome frowned, who left this? It wasn't anyone in her family's handwriting. Hojo? No, it wasn't his either. It was too well scripted to be her any of her friends writing. Why was it locked and where was the key?

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