A/N: Thank you to all those who have reviewed, questions are answered in this chapter as to how Sesshomaru obtained Tenseiga after giving it to Kagome before he was sent into exile for his actions by the council. This chapter is a filler chapter to fit in the information for the last part of the fiction to continue. We will see more of Touran and Koga in the next chapter as well as the fall out from the formal nights activities.

Chapter Twenty Seven: A last request

Kagome awoke again as morning began to approach and she was full of questions. She noted the Tenseiga resting against the lounge wall and her brow furrowed. That particular item was meant to be in her wardrobe back at home.
"Sesshomaru," she asked knowing he would be awake "How is it you have Tenseiga?"
Sesshomaru opened his eyes and glanced at her from the arm chair he had been resting in.
"When Koga called and told me of the council's decision not to protect you and effectively use you as bait to draw out Magatsuhi, as soon as the phone was down I was on my way to get to you. When I got back to Tokyo I went to your house to see if you were there, which you weren't but I heard your mother tell a friend over the phone you looked amazing in your formal dress. I took the sword from your closet, not an original hiding place might I add and then took off to the school where Koga was waiting outside apparently ready to call me again as you had gone missing. I knew to fight the demon i needed that sword."
Kagome glared at him. Where else was she supposed to hide a dam sword.
"So you stole it from my house?"
"It was mine, it was hardly theft." He almost scoffed.
"So what happened? Did you manage to save Jaken?"
Sesshomaru closed his eyes and Kagome did not need him to tell her with words. He was not able to save Jaken, Jaken was dead.
"I did what I had to."
"I don't doubt it." She whispered as she too closed her eyes. She was tired, her body exhausted from its ordeal. She then bolted upright in apparent panic causing the demon to once again open his eyes.
"Kirara I didn't feed Kirara I was supposed to when I got home from the formal! And oh my goodness my mother must have called the swat team by now to try and find me!"
Sesshomaru resisted the urge to roll his eyes. She drowned and was lucky to be alive yet she was worried about not feeding the cat.
"Would you like me to take you home now?" he asked closing his eyes in irritation. Why couldn't she just stay put and rest was beyond him.
"Yes, though I want to leave a note to the woman who helped me. I don't remember much of being here before you got here. All I know is a woman healed me and that another man was present."
"There is no need, I will be returning at some stage today so I will relay your thanks then."
Sesshomaru then stood and walked over to the couch Kagome lay upon and gathered her up into his arms. Adjusting her so he had an arm free, he reached for his Tenseiga and handed it to Kagome to hold onto. Then they stole out into the night with stars twinkling overhead as Sesshomaru carried her high above the night clouds on a cloud of his own to take her back home.

When they approached the shrine, all the lights were still on and Kagome's heart lurched. Her mother must be so worried about her.
"Can you wait for me in my room? I need to go calm my mother down."
Sesshomaru nodded before descending down near the shrine stairs and placing Kagome down on her feet making sure she could stand steady before releasing her. It was cold, the night air having a bite to it and she was only dressed in her formal dress, so he took of his jacket and draped it around her small frame to give her some warmth. She squeezed his arm in gratitude before heading towards the door to her house were her worried mother waited. Sesshomaru then leapt to her bedroom window to sneak in and to wait for Kagome.

"Kagome! Where have you been? I have been so worried! I called the police and a member of the school board looking for you! I thought something dreadful had happened to you!" her mother all but sobbed as soon as Kagome walked into the door. Her mother had jumped from her seat in the kitchen and rushed to the front door when she heard the handle turn hoping it would be her daughter. Kagome jumped into her mother's arms, rubbing circles into her back to calm her as her mother shook with worry.
"I'm sorry mum, I am fine now."
"Where have you been?" Yasuo choked out, clinging to her daughter.
"Long story short, a very bad demon showed up and I had to be rescued by Sesshomaru."
"The well reopened?"
"No, demons can live for centuries mum, they have been here all the while."
Kagome was probably the only girl in Tokyo whose mother wouldn't have her put in an asylum for the things that came out of her mouth. Her mother was probably the only one in Tokyo other than her brother who would actually believe her.
"Sesshomaru saved you? I thought he was InuYasha's evil half brother that has tried on many occasions to kill you."
"Time changes people, evening a being such as himself." Kagome shrugged.
Yasuo hugged her daughter tighter, kissing the top of her head.
"You thank him for me, I don't know what I would do if I lost you Kagome."
"He is upstairs in my room, I will thank him for you when i go to bed." Kagome decided honest was the best way to go about having Sesshomaru over for the rest of the night or really early morning.
"You have a demon in your bedroom?" her mother deadpanned.
"Yes, well.." Kagome stammered thinking maybe it was best her mother was none the wiser.
"Kagome it is fine, now go get some rest, but I do want you to keep the door open." Her mother advised firmly. Kagome nodded in agreement and headed up the stairs to her room where she knew Sesshomaru would be waiting. Yasuo thanked the gods her daughter had returned home safe but she was unsure about this Sesshomaru fellow upstairs in her teenage daughter's room. She would be keeping an ear out when she went to bed that was for sure.

"She asked for the door to be open?" Sesshomaru stated with a slight smirk when Kagome made it to her bedroom and flopped down onto her bed on her stomach relishing the comfort and softness of it. Her bed sure beat the woman's couch she had slept on. Sesshomaru then moved from leaning on the window sill to the bed and sat beside head as her sprawled out body filled up most of the free space on the bed.
"Sesshomaru, who was the woman that helped me I think I recall her voice from somewhere?"
"That was Touran of the panther tribe, you would remember her from your time in the feudal era."
"Oh and who was the guy?"
"Really, Koga? The goofy wolf demon who had a crush on me Koga?"
"The one and only."
Kagome smiled, that was another person she knew was okay. Kirara entered the room then looking most displeased at Kagome before jumping into Sesshomaru's lap.
"Sorry Kirara I forgot to feed you but I had a good excuse."
Kirara mewed softly, licking her lips before curling up in a ball on the dog demons lap.
"I thought dogs and cats hated each other." Kagome joked rolling over and lying on her stomach.
Sesshomaru just glared at her choosing to ignore her remark.
"It seems your mother has fed her for you."
"I will thank her in the morning. So well now that you are staying and all, will you be coming back to teach?"
"No I will not."
"Oh." She said quietly.
"It would be unseemly for a teacher to be involved with his student." He added, smirking so that his fangs were visible. The sight took Kagome's breath away this man was too gorgeous to be anything other than a god.
"So is that what we are, involved?" Kagome asked meekly turning over onto her side to look up and him.
"Yes if you should so wish it."
"I do!" she said rather quickly making the demon softly chuckle.
"Get some sleep. I have something to show you in the morning. You have waited long enough for it."
"Okay." Kagome murmured as the need to sleep crept up on her. Sesshomaru got off the bed and then moved Kagome so he could put the covers over her before slipping in beside her and gathering her up close. She snuggled into him and soon enough she was fast asleep, the sound of her breathing soothing Sesshomaru. It was a sound he knew he could not live without.

Tomorrow he would give her the key to open the box.

The morning came and Kagome awoke to the sound of her mother cooking breakfast and her brother yelling at his game consol. She turned over to see Sesshomaru was not in bed with her, but standing by the window looking out into the morning sun. The sun's rays brought out the gold in his eyes as he wore a soft expression.
"Morning Kagome."
He then out stretched his hand toward her and resting on his palm was an old key.
"What's this?"
"It is the key to the box."
"Are you serious?"
Sesshomaru fixed her with a deadpan stare and she knew at once this was no joke.
"The contents of this box is something you should view alone, I have things to do this morning anyway. But giving the box to you with the clues was a task given to me by Rin. When you left for good, she stayed at the village as you well know and she saw how devastated your friends were and how they took comfort in each other and it occurred to her that you were sent back with no-one. You had your friends over there but they knew nothing of your adventures or other life so she knew it would make you feel isolated. So she commissioned everything in the box and when she died it was left for me to hold onto until I found you again in the future you lived in. It was a task I would have refused to do for anyone except for that of Rin."
Kagome looked at the sadness in his eyes, he missed her. And of course he could never deny her anything, not even in death. Sesshomaru waited for Kagome to take the key before giving her a caste kiss on her forehead. He then leapt out of the window into the warm morning beyond.

'Rin my final task from you is complete.'