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Chapter one:Equesta...what now?

Valley of the End

Two bitter rivals stared each other down as they prepared their last attacks against each other. "Naruto, this attack will finish our battle, and after I'm finished with you, I'll go to Orochimaru and get the power I deserve." The Uchiha stood on his patron's head charging his Chidori aiming to settle the rivalry with his best friend.

"Why Sasuke, I don't get it, aren't we friends?" The blonde's eyes pleaded for any sign of remorse in the Uchiha's eyes, for leaving the village, but all he saw were eyes full of hatred. So the young blonde began charging his Rasengan.

"Ready Naruto?" They both charged at each other one intent on severing the bond of their friendship, while the other intent on saving those bonds. The attacks clashed, and the forest became silent as the yells of pain erupted from both combatants.

"Of course, you wouldn't make it easy for me didn't you." The Uchiha expected some sort of reply from his best friend, but nothing was the only answer he got. "Answer me dobe." The puddle on the first Hokage's hands revealed what he had just done, his eyes began to change and then he obtained the Mangekyou Sharingan.

"Dammit it wasn't supposed to end like this! You were supposed to continue as I left for greater things." His eyes looked on at the corpse of Naruto Uzumaki, becoming that which he despised the most, Sasuke became the same as his brother Itachi, a murderer that only used others for testing his potential. Sasuke let the rain hit him as his former sensei approached the scene and stared at the scene, Sasuke turned towards his sensei before walking back to Konoha carrying the battered the body of Naruto Uzumaki with him on his shoulder back to Konoha knowing he was most likely going to be punished for the crimes he just recently committed.


Naruto stared on at the white world, the white seemed to go on as far as the boy could see. "Where am I?" His thoughts rung aloud, trying to make heads or tails of where he was.

"Stupid ningen, were dead or next to its door, thanks to your shitty aim, and the Uchiha's lightning attack." The fox reasoned out with utter growl, as it pondered the reason he was still sealed into Naruto. A shout of "Next!" was all the warning Naruto got before he found himself flying forward by some unknown force, and slamming into some wall. His eyes lingered upwards as he began to panic. The wall he just slammed into was not a wall, but in fact a corpse. The corpse was in the shape of a pony he'd seen in books, but the comparison stopped their. The pony's skin, sinue, muscles, and guts were missing. Instead it was just a skeleton with what appeared to be wing scoming out from it's ribs, and what seemed to be a horn adorning the top of the pony's skull. The only tale-tail signs of it once being alive, were the onyx black mane and tail, the latter swishing back and forth touching the patch of skin with a strange symbol located on it's right flank. Naruto normally wouldn't have noticed the strange marking or the patch of skin for that matter. But they were both mighty remarkable, the image was the standard scythe with some sort of orb either dripping or hanging off the said weapon.

"Hello, Naruto Uzumaki, I take it you are having a near death experience, otherwise you whiskered face shouldn't meet this little mare for quite some time." Naruto's face didn't betray his emotions, he was confused, unsettled and scared if he was completely honest with himself. The skeletal alicorn looked left and with a smoky poof an amber-colored book, haunting moans and many pleas that sounded like "Help me!" towards the poor blonde, which he chose to ignore instead focusing on where the book came from in the first place.

"Let me introduce myself then, I am Death, and it is a pleasure to finally meet you." Naruto's eyes widened at the realization of who he was standing in front of, the poor boy really was trying to rationalize everything, as Death skimmed through the book. "Ah ha! Here we are, Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, container of the yin half of Kurama, the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Yadda,yadda, yadda. lets see what is the problem." The skeletal alicorn's horn glowed ominously before the pages kept turning, the aura of death emanating off the skeletal creƤture before the book snapped shut.

"Well this is rather unfortunate, you were supposed to die from food poisoning thanks to an expired batch of ramen sixty years from now, but it seems that Kami has another idea in store for you, hence why your dead." Naruto stared on in confusion as Death, with a wave of it's bony hoof made the book disappear before a phone appeared in it's hand. "Uh-huh, that's right, you like seeing people rough don't you. Wait you can't stick it their, that not fair at all, fine you win, but you me big time for this you hear me." The dead ninja stared off in confusion and with a small blush trying to make heads or tails of the conversation he just overheard.

Death's head turned towards Naruto, before opening its muzzle and letting a glob of something pour out of its mouth. The glob shifted before taking a much lighter, and tamer form of the Kyuubi-no-Kitsune. Yeah, Naruto was lost now, the Kyuubi was in his gut, and now one was in front of him. "So here's the deal fox, first off, stay out of the public eye we don't need to explain why the Kyuubi-no-Kitsune is running amok in a village when it's container is supposed to be dead." Then with a poof the kitsune was gone from sight. "Now that's settled, how do we get the fox out of you?" Naruto's brow furrowed, trying to think of something to get on the better side of the Alicorn of death.

"Umm how about you just send for the Fourth Hokage? He was the one that put it in me, so shouldn't he know a way to take it out?" Death thought of this, it was a sucker for family drama, so why not.

"Very well Naruto Uzumaki, a great idea shouldn't be put to waste." Death again opened its muzzle letting another glob come out of its mouth before taking shape into Minato Namikaze. the blonde father blinked as his eyes adjusted to the white world, before settling on the two before him, his son and Death itself.

Minato stared at Naruto sadly while he spoke "So it was as I feared. Not even my son was able to stop them. "Naruto stared at his now appointed father before slamming his fist into his face, again and again before stopping halfway as he let the tears run down his face.

"Why did you do it?" Another fist slammed into the father's face, not giving him a chance to reply, while Death calmly watched the scene unfold.

"You're a bastard you know that, the village hated me because of the damn fox, and then when I die I find out my father was the same man who sealed the damn thing into me!" Another fist came crashing down on to his father's face before he pushed himself off and regained his composure, tears still falling freely down his face.

"Son you can't begin to understand the reason I sealed half of the Kyuubi into you. Just know I had faith in you, your mother has faith in you and we both will always have faith in you. Do you know why Naruto?" The blonde roared a slur of words no one could understand. "It's because Kushina and I, will always love you Naruto." Naruto's eyes never stopped crying, whether out of anger or happiness Minato would never know, instead Death approached the two blondes interrupting their tender moment.

"Alright that was all good fun, but I didn't call your father here to watch you two duke it out. He's here to unseal that furry little abomination in your gut, now get to it." Minato looked on at both before shrugging, and did as he was told. The minutes passed by, but nothing ever happened, which seemed to irritate the Skeletal alicorn and scare the two blondes, as the eldest informed it he didn't have the key. "The key... You kept a key to harbor the third most powerful entity to ever walk the elemental nations? Do you know how irresponsible that is! Okay then I believe you have served enough time in my stomach, it is time for your judgement Minato Namikaze. For the murder of thousands of shinobi and civilians, constructing an unreasonable contract against the god of death, I hereby sentence you to live a life in heaven, for all the crimes you committed, you also saved twice as many people even stopping a certain man from starting another unnecessary war." Minato's eye widened before thanking the Alicorn, then disappeared with a flicker of light, before Death turned its attention back to Naruto, magically lifting him off the ground staring into the boy's eyes.

"Naruto Uzumaki, it is the responsibility of death to know the life of every being in its given realms. I am glad to have been put in charge of your dimension, Uzumaki. There are countless things you were supposed to achieve, but the single greatest thing that you did or would of ever done was never tainting your soul. Whether it was the heart of gold you have, or the morals you taught yourself, you truly are an inspiration to those of the ninja world. Every dimension needs a hero and sadly the elemental nations will find one in Sasuke Uchiha thanks to your untimely demise. You set him on the right path and kept your word like a true man would so again the world owes you another great favor." Naruto just listened intently as he smiled at what his once rival/best friend had become even if it came at the cost of his life.

"I wish I could give you the life you deserve, but Kami's will stops me from even trying to bring you back to your old world. So I offer you something that only the rarest of people ever get, a different life. This is a one time offer, you can take it and have a chance of a life full of love and happiness with the possibility of much more if you accept. This life will be full of hardships, and many more than you have faced in your short life, not counting the villagers of course." Naruto's eyes widened at the prospect of what Death was saying. A chance at life again, this was so awesome! "Uzumaki before you make a decision, let me warn you what will happen to if accept my deal, you will lose everything but your name and the fox that is currently residing in your stomach. All your friends and jutsu's will be a distant memory and nothing more. Now I will ask you again do you accept my offer Naruto Uzumaki?"

Naruto didn't know what to do or say as the skeletal alicorn let him free of his magical bonds, his body didn't move or breathe as he readied himself for his choice. "Death, I accept your offer." His cerulean eyes roared with the same intensity as he swore to save Sasuke, and many promises he had made before. "Naruto Uzumaki, doesn't back down from anything." Death didn't say anything as she heard his loud proclamation, instead she began to giggle, which turned into full-blown laughter. "Hey! Don't laugh I'm being serious here." The blonde glared at the laughing alicorn before it stopped.

"Oh, Naruto it's been a while since I laughed so hard, I'm grateful we met. Since you so graciously accepted my offer. This new world you'll live in is called Equestria, a land where I once resided boy." The boy blinked in wonder at what ever Death had just said, before settling on the word. "Equesta what now?" Death didn't falter at the stupidity shown in the boys eyes in fact that's what made him special, the carelessness was a charm of itself and would fit perfectly where he was going. "Naruto, you will do well where you are going, but I need you to relax for a while now." The Alicorn's horn glew an azure color, before Naruto's yells of pain rang throughout the white world. The burning pain coursed through his body, his innards felt set aflame as begged for the pain to go away. Then in Naruto's eyes the world had gone blank, as his body went limp.

"You may come out now Kurama, it's been a while since I talked to a deity as yourself." The boy's body shot back up instantaneously as his eyes burned with intensity at the mention of his name.

"Don't mention my name you insufferable bastard." His fist shot out towards the Alicorn, before being stuck in place by Death's azure flames.

"Kurama, we both know you could never beat me our skill sets differ too greatly." Death's azure flame danced across the blonde's body seeping into the seal that held the powerful fox at bay. "What are you doing, don't you understand what I could give the boy, power to protect and to destroy its all the same. Don't you understand?" The power that emanated off the boy only decreased as the flames continued to seep into the seal. "Your fate was decided long ago to be made whole and it will be done, sadly even as I leave you without an ounce of chakra you'd still live. That's why you will be his guide in Equestria, even if you are only a walking almanac on the various animals and mystical creatures of the world."

Kurama snarled, not seeing any point in helping this pathetic fleshbag besides the fact that Death was practically threatening him at this point. "You will do this and I assure the next time we meet you will be set free from the shackles that bind you to this boy. Though I'm going to insure you won't tamper with the boy's life you understand, every time you go out-of-bounds then what is required of you, a tail will disappear and when you have lost all your tails, you will disappear from existence just like that." Kurama snarled at the point, sure it knew anything it would ever meet, but was the boy that important. "Kurama the only thing I want you to do is lead the boy in battle against his future enemies, even as a sixth sense for the carnal pleasure of battle. YOU shall not mention his previous life ever even as he meets me again." The boy nodded again smirking at it's only purpose needed was to help him fight, ah it could do that in fact it would probably enjoy doing it anyways. "Death it feels like I'm making a deal with the devil himself, but we both know your better than that."


The boy's body dropped to the ground as the lasting effect of Kurama's chakra faded as his whole chakra system faded, changing the boy's body into that of an a resident of Equestria. His legs and arms changed slowly into hooves before the rest of his body turned as well. Blissfully unaware of the pain Naruto should of died thrice over, Death watched as the metamorphosis from human to pony finally finished. It was proud of it's work the boy looked the age of a stallion and Death would make sure he was the age as well. The orange coat covering the boy's body, a testament to the passion for the color even during his uncoincious state. The blonde mane and tail twitched constantly. The wings folded against his frame giving him a surreal warmth, the horn that sprouted glowed with magic as it covered the body in a reddish glow. "Effects of Kurama's influence, but nothing more. His magical reserves are even higher than me when I was at his age, though I doubt he will find it as easy to control the overwhelming magic he had without any proper guidance, but it's time for him to leave, and myself to tend to my duty." A flame appeared hovering over the alicorn before opening a large hole underneath him, sending him crashing into the lake near the everfree forest.

The image of the skeleton faded as a withered old pony stood in front of the hole in its place. "I pray to Celestia and all those of her caliber, you live a rich and wonderful life. I gave you the chance for another life as I was offered so many years ago. Though the difference between us, was that I have already achieved my goals in life and you a filly in my eyes will be needed in this world, I'm sure of it." The old unicorn stood back at the white world, before waiting for another chance to change someone's life-like he just did moments waited for someone to greet him in this eternal purgatory.

Near Fluttershy's house

Naruto's body crashed into the lake scaring off various animals which attracted the attention of a certain light yellow colored pegasi. Fluttershy stared at the water as the orange alicorn floated ashore. The pegasi looked frightened at the sudden pony's appearance, but even more she was concerned for the poor pony's well-being, so she asked her fellow animal friends to help carry the sleeping alicorn to her cottage. "I wonder what the poor guy was doing to make him crash into the lake."Her thoughts only towards helping the poor pony, even as Angel the small white bunny tapped his foot on the ground in what seemed to be anger. "Please Angel only for a bit, I'm awfully worried about him. Besides we still have a week before the Summer Sun Celebration." The bunny tapped its foot once more, but let it slide as he knew the poor pegasi would only worry herself to death if they did nothing for the Alicorn.

"Thanks, Angel I'll make your favorite meal as an apology." The bunny nodded his head as both seemed startled hearing the groan as the pony started to stir. "Uhh, what in the name of Celestia hit me." The orange alicorn turned toward the present company, one a small white bunny and the other a pale yellow pegasi with a pink mane. She had a three pink and cyan butterflies on her right flank. "Umm, excuse me if it's not any trouble, can you possibly tell me you name, if it isn't so much trouble to ask." The pegasi tried to cower behind the small bunny, despite the fact it was easily twice his size. "Oh sorry, it only proper for me to tell you my name first. It is Naruto Uzumaki, it's a pleasure to meet you miss..." They both exchanged a glance as blue eyes met blue eyes and they both blushed as they looked away. "My name i-i-i-is Fluttershy." She looked away as Naruto stood up stretching his legs, before noticing the absence of a cutie mark on his side.

"Umm, Fluttershy do you mind if I ask where I am?" Her thoughts interrupted by his question.

"Oh we're outside of Ponyville Mr. Naruto." They both stared at each other in silence as the day had just begun for both ponies.

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