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FYI,I ave updated my blog to contain the actual story content as well.

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- Previous note:

Hello readers,

Yes, this story is completed, and yes there used to be other chapter(s). If you are wondering what happened to those chapters, well, I removed them. See, my stories were being plagiarized, I have been on a quest to have them removed from unauthorized blogs, and I decided to just leave enough of the story for a sample of the content here in .

I really appreciate the support all of you have provided me and I hate that some bad apples are spoiling the experience for all of us. I have not made a decision if I will post any more content from here on out.

Also, notice that all follows and favorites are now gone. I am sorry for that, it was my fault and there is no way to restore them.

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**NOTE: there are no stories posted in tumblr, only images. I need to figure out a way to post content and minimize plagiarism; if you have suggestions let me know!

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