Mion started towards the door with her fellow club members, but a hand had suddenly caught her wrist. She glanced down then followed the arm before she reached the face of her captor; she was met with the sparkling purple eyes of her best friend Keiichi Maebara.

"What's up Kei-chan?"

He said nothing but silently pushed her against the wall, locking her in place with his hands on either side of her. Shit I'm trapped

"Kei-chan wh-what are y-you doing?" She stuttered as she blushed

"What's wrong Mi?"


"What's wrong? You've been acting so odd towards me lately"

"N-nothing's wrong Kei-chan, this old man is fine"

His eyes are locked with hers. She looked down; the rosy hue darkened as she bit her lip. She mumbled something incoherent.

"Sorry Mi what was that?"

"I said kiss me Kei-chan" she said as she continued biting her lip

That was all he needed her to say. Before she knew it his lips were pressed hungrily against her own.

She gasped at the contact; he took this chance and plunged his tongue into her mouth to taste her. She moaned again, her arms went up and wrapped around his neck and she pulled him unbelievably closer. His hand raked down her body they halt at her thighs, he broke the kiss to mumble a quick


He pressed them to hers again. She understood what he meant. She jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist as he pressed her firmly and a little roughly against the wall. Every part of them was touching. Every part of them hot and burning with desire and lust, too much sexual tension had led to this moment. They were one in this moment; nothing seemed to break what was going on.


The couple broke apart and looked over to where Rena, Rika, Satako, Satoshi and Shion stood in the doorway.

"Haha run!" Shion shouted as she shoved everyone out

That left Mion and Keiichi to look at each other in confusion.

"Did that just happen?" He asked

"I don't know" Mion replied

Keiichi shrugged his shoulders before smashing his lips against Mion's.