The King Kong 1933 film and Penguins of Madagascar crossover story.

In this story don't have human character form King Kong.

And Kong with the dinosaurs will speak.

Disclamier:I don't own King Kong or Penguins of Madagascar

Chapter 1 A Map

The Penguins go into Chinatown of New York to destroy the plan to rule the world of the

Space Squids.

After the defeated the Space Squids...

Private go to bridge of coast and found a mysterious map.

"Skipper!Rico!Kowalski!look what would I'm found!"Said Private

"What's that thing Kowalski?"Asked Skipper

"It's a map!"Said Kowalski

"What!?"Asked Skipper

"But I'm never see this Island on any map."Said Kowalski

Now they're go back to the zoo...

They found a news of 1933 from internet the name of the Island called Skull Island the home

of the dinosaurs and the giant apes called King Kong.

"Okay boys tomorrow we will go to that's Island and-"Said Skipper

"But Skipper we have a two problem"Said Private

"What?!"Asked Private

"How could we go?"Asked Private

"We have a sunken boat remember?"Said Skipper

"Number two we can't go if we go Alice will know that we escape."Said Private

"Kowalski can you created a robot look like us?"Asked Skipper

"It's so easy for me."Said Kowalski

At that moment King Julien,Morice and Mort are come

"Hey wait!what about me and my servants."Said King Julien

"This is a dangerous operation Ring-tailed we don't want you,Morice and Mort are in trouble."Said Skipper

"But-"Said King Julien

"No but!"Said Skipper

"Okay if you don't want me I will go back to my kingdom."Said King Julien

"Skipper I think you so angry for them too much."Said Private

"Trust me Private this is the best way to safe them."Said Skipper

Half hours later Kowalski start to create the robots that look like them but King Julien

give the picture robots that's he draw to look like him,Morice and Mort to Kowalski.

He's was want to sleep but he's want the work to finish more.

At the morning he's created all finished.

Julien come back and get the robots that's look like him,Morice and Mort back.

They're use the robots to be themself when they're go to Skull Island.

Now the penguins go into them sunken boat and go to Skull Island.

But King Julien,Morice aand Mort follow the penguins into the sunken boat.