The King Kong 1933 film and Penguins of Madagascar crossover story.

In this story don't have human character form King Kong.

And Kong with the dinosaurs will speak.

Disclamier:I don't own King Kong or Penguins of Madagascar

Chapter 6 Protect The Skull Island

At the beach the submarine lobster of Doctor Blowhole are landed.

"All rigth start to conquer this Island!"Said Doctor Blowhole

"Send 3 Octron into jungle and 3 on the mountain and captured the last pengiun another 2

come here and help me to create the factory"Said Doctor Blowhole

"Now only 91 Octron to created now start to create the factory."Said Doctor Blowhole

On the mountain the 3 Octrons are search Private.


Deo jump out from the rock behind them and punch at head of one Octron and he's smash and

crash and it turn into a junk.

Other 2 firer laser cannon to him but before they shoot pcak of T-rexes arrive and

kick,bite and smash them.

"Okay good job now let's go."Said Private

In the Jungle another 3 Octrons seacrh Private too.

"Attack!"Yell out King Julien

The small pack of Apatosauruses and Stegosauruses attack 3 Octrons

Zan use his tail to hit and face of Octron and he's smash at brian of robot.

The 2 Stegosauruses attack Octron by use they're tails to cut the tentacles of Octron and

Kor the leader of Stegosauruses use his tail to cut the head and destroyed it.

At that moment Talis a female Gastonia with Sha and Tra a 2 Agathuamases arrive and

cut,kick and bite it and that Octron was destroyed.

Now they're meet to think about the plan to stop to created the factory.

"I think we must have 3 team fist team attack in front of them second team is Pteranodon to flying to factory and throw a rock to the factory and

third team ambush are them."Said Private

"That was the great idea Private."Said Deo

"I like it!"Said Kor

"Me too."Said Talis

"Can I join at ambush team?"Asked King Julien

"Okay."Said Private

"Deo you Zan,Sha and Tra lead the first team okay?"Asked Private

"Okay."Said Zan

"Okay let's go."Said Private

At Blowhole's factory...

"ATTACK!"Said Deo

"Grrrr!Release the all new Octrons to kill them."Said Doctor Blowhole.

All of lobsters minions are go to release all Octrons to kill Deo and his army.

Private,King Julien with the Velociraptors and Talis go inside the factory.

He's go to the prison and release Skipper,Kowalski and Rico.

"Private how did you found us?"Asked Skipper

"This is Talis and-"Said Private

"I known she is the one of member of ankylosaur species she can smell us."Said Kowalski

"All rigth go to kick butt of that mad Dolphin!"Said Skipper

The Pteranodon fly come to the factory with the rock and they're throw a rock to the factory.

At the commander room...


"it's over Blowhole!"Said Skipper

"Oh yeah?but think it's not."Said Doctor Blowhole

"My Octrons army will crush your're friends outside there and

kill all of them."Said Doctor Blowhole

"How dare you!"Said Skipper

"If you come here near one staep I will command that lobster to press the explodsion self

button that behind me."Said Doctor Blowhole

"Are you crazy!?"Asked Kowalski

"You think you and you dinosaurs friends can defeat me?

you're so stupid."Said Doctor Blowhole

At that moment...


Deo thrown one member of Octron to the command room.

"AHHHH!"Screamed Doctor Blowhole

Deo catch Blowhole in his hand.

"Okay Blowhole tell me how to shut down those robots."Asked Skipper

"The m-mo-mother com-puter."Said Doctor Blowhole

"Where is it?"Asked Skipper

"In the la-bora-tory please release me."Said Doctor Blowhole

"No way!"Said Deo

"Okay go to the mother computer and shut it down."Said Skipper

Now they're go to laboratory.

"Wow that's so amazing."Said Kowalski

"Kowalski focus!"Said Skipper

"Okay I'll try to shut the robots down."Said Kowalski

"Enter the code."Voice from Computer

Rico catch a lobster and use a cannon to make him speak.

"Rico what's code."Asked Skipper

"122-1520."Said Rico

"Kowalski the code is 122-1520."Said Skipper

"Shut down all Octrons."Voice from Computer

"Okay Rico shoot it if Blowhole think he's can operate them again."Said Skipper


"Where's Blowhole?"Asked Skipper

"He's bit me and go back in submarine and go away now."Said Deo

"Thanks to help us."Said Deo

"It's our work."Said Private

"Okay let's go back to home."Said Skipper

Now they're say goodbye to the Skull Island and go back to New York.