I have a dream. A dream where I own Inuyasha and Naruto. However that is just a dream and in real life I am still just a fan writing fiction about both shows… fml T.T

Well here is my take on an InuXNaru cross over. Hope it turns out well!

Kagome's heart beat fast in her chest, it was the only sound filling her ears. The adrenaline that coursed through her veins made her numb to the world as she held the Shikon No Tama in her sweaty hands. And as she drew the breath that would allow her to wish in the cursed jewel all she heard was silence, and then…

"I wish the Shikon no Tama would disappear from this world, forever."

And just like that the world came running back to her. Inuyasha's arms tightened around her and the black world that they had been floating in was filled with a blinding light. Kagome buried her head in Inyasha's shoulder, gripping the red cloth. She would be lying if she said she wasn't afraid in that moment. All the support she had from Inuyasha just seconds before was gone. She no longer had total confidence that she was making the right decision. No, she knew it was the right thing, she just didn't know if it was the best. She sincerely doubted that she would like the results of her wish as much as she had hoped. After all,

"There is no such thing as a selfless wish." The sound of the unknown woman's voice filled her ears and started her. With a sharp intake of breath Kagome opened her eyes and snapped up her head. She saw the black world still surrounding her and she knew… she just knew.

"Inuyasha?" her timid voice reached out far and wide, but this time he didn't answer through the darkness. Inuyasha was gone, and she had failed. She was trapped inside the Shikon no Tama from now until eternity.

"No…. NO!"

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