Well, it took me long enough to finish this...

For Mems, who gripped me tight and raised me from Perdition.

That's a bit of a shocker, discovering that Gabe didn't get hit by a meteor but was the meteor. No one's really sure what to make of that information except that, whatever Gabe actually is, he's powerful. I think this freaks him out a little because while we all started slacking in the research area over the last few weeks, Gabe suddenly throws himself back into the task with more energy. Bobby, too, is doing more with it, but Gabe starts buzzing through more books faster.

The thing with Gabe is that we never quite know what's going to happen when he does something for the first time. It's a surprise to find out he didn't sleep. It's a surprise to figure out he really doesn't need to eat—he just likes it. It's a surprise to realize he doesn't react to temperature changes. It's a huge surprise to discover that he can read every book in every language that Bobby owns. And even what he can't do automatically, he picks up very quickly, like Bobby teaching him to drive, Dean teaching him how to pack salt rounds, me teaching him how to hustle pool, and both Bobby and me teaching him how to shoot. It's almost a little worrying, like all of this should indicate that we know what he is, but we just can't pick up on it.

I try to talk to Dean about it, but he can't really be bothered to try to figure it out. Not that I blame him too much—we've got other things to worry about. But it just keeps nagging at me. When I realize Dean really doesn't want to discuss it, I turn to Bobby, who seems a little more open to the "fallen Trickster" theory than Dean is, anyway.

"It does make sense," Bobby said. "In a roundabout sort of way, I guess. The biggest problem is, I haven't gotten any similar cases on the radar. And then there's that little problem of what the Hell was he doing, falling to Earth? That part really doesn't make any sense."

I have to admit that he's right, but neither of us has any counter-theories and Castiel still says—when he's actually around—that he has no idea what Gabe is.

What should be the most telling ability that he has is discovered less than a week after we summon Crowley. Unfortunately, we don't figure out what it is for another week because Gabe takes off.

We get back from what's supposed to be a Lucifer sighting but really is just us figuring out what happened to Adam. The last time we saw him was before Gabriel died, in the beautiful room in Van Nuys, California. Dean tried to get him out, but by the time he got back into the room, both Adam and everything that made the beautiful room beautiful were gone. We weren't sure until this point what happened to Adam, but now we finally know. Adam officially said yes to Michael, meaning Dean is completely out of the equation now.

Dean and I are both concerned for Adam, but we don't know what to do about it. There's nothing we really can do, apart from me still saying no to Lucifer. Still, with the nearly-futile hope that maybe, somehow, Gabe can help us, we rejoin him and Bobby with sifting through the mountains of lore we have.

Bobby goes to bed around midnight. Dean falls asleep in his chair maybe twenty minutes later. I'm fighting the urge to sleep, too. I do my best to stay awake, running my fingers over the back of his hand. I think both of us are comforted by the action. It reminds me that he's still here; I don't know why, but that fact alone reassures me. I can't stave off my natural exhaustion for much longer, though. Around one in the morning, I give up and go to bed.

I wake up the next morning to hear Dean charging up the stairs and pounding on my door. "Sam! Where's Gabe?" I'm pretty sure he's torn between wanting him to be with me just for the sake of knowing where Gabe is and not wanting Gabe to be in the room with me. I'm lost, though. I have no idea where the guy is. I drag myself out of bed, open the door, and stare at him.

"He's not down there?" I ask incredulously. I try not to even entertain the notion of Gabriel being in my room overnight or anything that might entail. I mean, I like the guy, but not like that. I think.

Honestly, though, I'm really not sure. I did kiss him, which is something Dean and Bobby still don't know, but I'm not entirely sure of my feelings for the guy. Besides, if it turns out he's not a good sort of monster—whatever that means—Dean might see it as Ruby all over again. It might have been a mistake in the long run, but for the short term, it was actually kind of nice. But Gabe? That situation is a completely different story.

Dean gives me an irritated look. "If he was down there, why would I come up here and ask where he was?"

"I don't know—did you check everywhere? Did you ask Bobby?"

Dean groans but trudges down the hall to Bobby's room. For good measure, I head down the stairs to inspect every inch of the house for Gabriel.

Twenty minutes makes it clear that Gabe is not in the house anywhere. From the attic to the panic room, we search the place and he's gone. Dean and Bobby head out to the back to see if he's wandering around the junkyard by chance, and I take a look out in the front. It's only then that the bottom drops out of my stomach and real, blind fear sets in.

The car that Dean fixed up for Gabriel is gone. I spin around to yell for Dean and Bobby, but then I catch sight of something we should have seen awhile ago—Gabe's phone is on the kitchen table. Wherever he went, he left his phone on purpose. And no one bothered to even try to call him? That thought blows my mind. It simply hadn't occurred to any of us that he was supposed to have a phone.

Or maybe Dean saw it and simply assumed he was still here. But Gabe's car is gone and his phone is not, which is definitely not good. I go to the back porch and flag Dean and Bobby down. They approach, looking confused.

"His car's gone," I say quietly. "And his phone is on the table."

They look at each other for a moment. "What about his cards? Clothes?"

I shrug. I haven't looked that hard yet, but I have a feeling I know the answer anyway. Gabriel, for whatever reason, fled last night. I swallow hard. "I went up to bed at like one last night. What time did you guys wake up?"

They think it over. Dean says, "Like six-thirty or something."

"Earlier than me," Bobby mumbles.

"Okay. So he had a five-and-a-half hour time frame where he could have left and anywhere from a half-hour to a six-hour head start." Even though I try to sound calm, I'm internally panicking. Gabriel is gone! That thought fills me with a genuine terror that I don't fully understand, but right now, I don't care. "So if you're a supernatural creature of indeterminate origin with no friends and no family, where the Hell do you go in the middle of the night?"

They don't have an answer, not that I expect them to. I'm mostly asking myself, really wondering where he could have gone and, more importantly, why. What could have caused him to just up and leave without telling any of us? "Can you call Cas?" I ask Dean. "Maybe he can—"

But apparently, that thought has already crossed his mind because a moment later, Castiel appears. "Hello," he says in that way he has where it sounds like he's talking to all of us but we really know he's just talking to Dean. "I understand there's a problem."

"Gabriel's gone," I say before Dean can get in a word. "Can you find him?"

Castiel looks at Dean for silent confirmation of this statement. When Dean nods, Castiel looks back to me. "I can try to find him. It may take some time, though. Do you have any idea where he went?" We shake our heads and he tilts his, looking contemplative—I think. It's really hard to tell sometimes. "If you don't know where he went, the process will take longer. I will hurry, but…" He blinks slowly. "It may turn out that I end up looking in the exact opposite direction from where he is."

"You can't tell where he's been?" Dean asks.

Castiel gives him another look. This one seems to say, You have no concept of how my abilities actually work, do you? "It's not that simple, Dean. I can tell he's been here simply because of how long he's been here. When there's a significant presence, I can sense it. However, I won't be able to tell if he's passed through a town unless he was just there or he was still very close."

"How close is 'very close'?" Bobby asks.

"If he's within three square miles, I should be able to sense him," Castiel allows.

"Look, I don't mean to overstate the significance of getting him back, but I'm not convinced Gabe went of his own free will," Bobby starts, bringing up something I hadn't considered. What if he was abducted?

Before he can go on, though, Dean interrupts. "Oh, right, like something busted into what's probably the most monster-proofed house in the country and swiped the guy without waking any of us up? Doubt it."

"I'm not saying something busted in. I'm thinking that maybe he was lured out."

But what could have lured him out?

As if hearing my thought, Castiel says, "From my understanding, he was quite attached to you." I'm not sure if he's talking to any of us in particular or all of us in general. "It's possible that something that knew what he was—as unlikely as that seems—threatened to harm you if he didn't leave."

"The point is, he's gone," I say, trying to bring the topic back to where it belongs: getting Gabriel back. "None of us know where he is or why he left, but we need to find him."

Castiel nods gravely. "I will hurry," he promises, and before we have a chance to discuss it further, he vanishes.

Every passing day fills us with more worry. Castiel checks in every once in awhile, but nothing changes. He attempts to be reassuring, but I can tell he's concerned, too. For some reason, we all accepted him into our family. He fit somehow, and the fact that he's not here has left a void. None of us—least of all, me—expected that his departure would create a black hole, but it does.

On the fifth day, Castiel says he may have a lead and requests that we stay close to the house in case he does find Gabriel. This is better news than we've had. Honestly, we haven't left anyway, but now we have a reason not to. Bobby put a trace out on his credit cards, but a few were turned into police and a few others were being used by people who definitely weren't Gabriel, so we figured he ditched them somewhere. Based on the locations of the purchases, he dropped them in northern North Dakota, which only indicates that he went north. Canada, we figure, which is verified by Castiel. "I'm certain he's somewhere north," he says before he disappears again.

It's partly reassuring, but it raises more questions. Did he leave of his own free will, or was he abducted? Hopefully Castiel will bring him back so he can answer, but I try not to get my hopes up. After all, that's a sure way to be disappointed.

But miraculously, about an hour later, there's the sound of fluttering wings again, and Castiel appears. Gabriel is with him, and in a moment, we're on our feet. I'm relieved, but seeing him alive and intact and not obviously hurt is enough to convince me that he left on his own, and suddenly, my anger flares. "What the Hell, Gabe?! What were you thinking, going off on your own like that?! Where were you?"

His expression had been one of mixed concern, confusion, and apprehension. Now, though, he just looks angry. "I was trying to protect you!" he snaps. A few light bulbs burst, a sure sign of what he is, but only Castiel looks puzzled.

"From what?" I demand. "Lucifer? We can keep ourselves safe from him without you running off without telling us. We thought you were dead!"

The look on his face says, quite clearly, that he thinks that would be the preferable option. Still, he's pissed off as he says, "You don't get it, Sam! He knew where I was and he was going to use me to get to you and Dean!"

Wait, Lucifer…? Yeah, we knew that he knows Lucifer somehow, but if the Devil knows where Gabriel is, that's actually very bad. That's why he left?

"How do you know that?" Castiel asks.

"I freaking heard him, okay? Loud and clear in my head. He said he knew where I was and he… he was going to kill Dean unless Sam said yes to him. I couldn't let that happen. You're in danger just by being around me."

"Kill Dean?" Castiel asks.

"And you and Bobby," Gabriel mutters. Louder now, he says, "What was I supposed to do, sit around and let him use me as a Winchester homing beacon? He said he was going to kill me, so I wanted it to happen where none of you would get caught in the crossfire."

"You heard him in your head?" Castiel clarifies.


He presses his hand to Gabriel's forehead. A look of intense concentration appears on his face while Gabriel just looks sleepy. Suddenly, he pulls his hand away. "What did he mean by 'you're just going to end up dead again'?"

"Like I freaking know? I obviously knew him back when I was still important. Apparently, I was dead. I can't figure it out. But I was able to send him away from me."

"You actually saw him?" I ask.

"He found me. If I had been here, he would have had a house full of leverage to use against you! I didn't want to put any of you in danger."

Dean and Bobby look at each other for a moment. Dean finally says, "You should have at least told us you were going and why. Left a note, called us, something. As far as we knew…"

We didn't know. The not knowing was the worst part. If we just had some indication that he was okay, it might have been easier to let him go. But we didn't. Please don't let him leave again.

Gabriel glances at me for a moment.

"I haven't seen many beings that could pull that off," Castiel murmurs.

"Pull what off?" Gabriel asks.

"What you did to Lucifer. To get him away from you. Although I suppose asking you how you did it is useless."

"It just came to me."

Castiel accepts it, looking a bit frustrated. A moment later, he disappears. Bobby takes this opportunity to start in on Gabe since Dean and I both had our moments.

"Look, boy, the next time you hear Lucy talking to you, you let us know. And let us know the moment you want to go tearing off somewhere for our protection."

"He probably won't be able to find me so easily now. Castiel carved those sigils onto my ribs while we were still back in Alaska."

"You went to Alaska?" I demand before I can stop myself.

"I had to get as far from you as I could, and I figured Maine was too obvious."

The rest of the day passes more easily than expected. Having him back is reassuring. I can't explain why, but I feel safer with him around. Maybe it's because I subconsciously know what he actually is, even if the rest of me doesn't. This whole "fallen Trickster" theory has pretty much been blown to Hell because if he was able to make Lucifer disappear, even for a little while, he's more powerful than a mere Trickster. But I don't care. The days when he was gone were long and frightening. I didn't realize just how much I'd grown to rely on his presence until he was gone.

But he's back now and I can't help it. I try to sleep that night but I just can't. So I head back downstairs where Gabriel's sitting at Bobby's desk. He's so absorbed in what he's reading that he doesn't notice me until I slide my arms around him from behind. "I thought he killed you," I breathe. My pathetic tone is almost embarrassing but I can't bring myself to care.

"I'm sorry, Sammy," he sighs, closing his book. He really is sorry, too. I can hear it in his voice. "I just reacted. I didn't realize—" His voice falters, and I can't say I'm surprised. I couldn't help but kiss the side of his neck, and now I'm just hoping he won't freak out. Maybe this isn't what he wants from me.

"I missed you," I murmur when he doesn't pull away.

"I was only gone five days," he says. It sounds like he tried to make it into a joke, but there's no real humor in his voice.

"Felt like five years. We were worried sick. Even Cas." For a few more moments, he's motionless. I run my fingers over his sides, as if I could trace the Enochian sigils carved into them. He lets out a breath and leans back into me. This, I realize, is what will help me sleep. Having him near me is soothing, comforting. "A few hours won't make a difference. Come on," I murmur, gently tugging him to his feet.

His fingers lace with mine as we head up the stairs, and I feel a sudden wave of happiness that I know didn't come from me. I realize that it's Gabriel's happiness; I can somehow feel it, and it fills me with happiness. I can tell that, no matter what he said about trying to keep us safe, he never really wanted to leave. He's glad to be back.

I know, somehow, that he's not a monster. Whatever he is, he's definitely supernatural, but he's not evil. I could sense something dark about Ruby and Meg, but I ignored it at the time. There's nothing dark about Gabriel, though. He's radiating protection and calmness, and it's absolutely beautiful.

He curls up close to me and I wrap an arm around him. he rests his head on my chest and having him this close is reassuring. I close my eyes and wait to drift off, but sleep still refuses to come. Even though I haven't slept soundly since he's been gone, I'm still wired. An internal debate starts warring inside me and despite my initial hesitation, I wonder what would happen if I kissed him again. When it becomes obvious that I'm still not about to fall asleep anytime soon, I decide to find out.

Gingerly, I put my other arm around him and almost immediately, he pulls closer. I press my lips to his neck again and start pushing up his shirt—just a little, just so I can run my fingers over his skin. I'm surprised but not unpleasantly so when he unbuttons and unzips my jeans. I grab the hem of his shirt and pull it off, throwing it to the side before I slide my hands over his stomach. "Gabriel," I murmur, just to say his name. It feels right and even though I haven't done this in six or seven years—not since college, before Jess—it just seems right with him. I move my mouth from his neck down to his chest and his fingers find their way into my hair and over my shoulders and my back, urging me on.

He's moaning softly, both of us acutely aware that neither Dean nor Bobby will probably appreciate being woken up at this hour, especially by us doing what we're doing. But I love the sounds he makes when I have my fingers inside him. He digs his nails into my shoulders and spreads his legs, whimpering with his head thrown back, and I don't think he's ever looked so perfect before. "Sammy, please," he breathes, rocking his hips.

I don't even care that he's started calling me "Sammy." Dean has called me that for awhile, and so did Dad, but Bobby never did. I didn't like Gabriel using that name before, but I'm okay with it now. In fact, it sounds better coming from him. "Please what?" I ask, scraping my teeth over his shoulder. I'm pretty sure I know what he means, but I need to be absolutely sure.

He gasps, the fingers of one hand twisting in the sheets underneath him and the other fisting my hair. "Please, Sammy. Need you. Need you. Inside me, please. Now!"

I groan. There's no way I can resist, not when he'd pleading like that. "God, Gabe," I breathe, kissing the curve of his neck again. With my first thrust into him, the light bulbs in the lamp next to the bed explode. It's almost definitely Gabriel's doing, but I can't bring myself to care. He's clinging to me, not letting me go, and I don't want him to let me go anyway. He feels so good and it quickly becomes almost mindless, a desperate bid to get him off. I can tell he's close from the way his moans start increasing in volume, but the louder he gets, the less I care if Dean and Bobby hear. His nails are digging harder into my skin and suddenly, he's moaning out my name and I'm almost positive that one of them can hear us but I don't give a damn.

But then a moment later, I feel his entire body go slack. That's not right. Terrified, I stop and give him a gentle shake. "Gabriel?" His eyes stay closed and panic wells up in me. Oh, my God. I hurt him! That's the last thing I wanted. "No-no-no. Gabe!"

His eyes flutter open, and something behind those golden-green irises has changed. I can tell already. "Gabe? Gabe, did I hurt you?"

He looks supremely baffled by my question, as if the idea of me hurting him was utterly ridiculous. It must be, because his answer is, "You couldn't possibly hurt me, Sam."

"But you—it looked like you blacked out. Are you okay?"

His lips move momentarily, as if he's trying to decide how to explain it to me. "I'm fine," he says finally. "Sam, I… I remember everything."

"Y-you do? You know what you are?"

He nods and presses his palm to my forehead.

The janitor who let us into the professor's office, the Trickster, Loki, Gabriel. No, we remembered wrong. That wasn't him. That isn't what he looked like. He wasn't six-foot-six. Those dark eyes, that black hair, that wasn't him. We were so wrong. He was shorter than both of us, golden hair, golden eyes. That easy smirk was always on his face. Gabe, Gabriel. He gave his life for us. God brought him back. He brought him back for us.

"Jesus Christ!" I feel tears stinging my eyes when he lifts his hand. "Oh, my God, Gabriel!" I hug him tightly and, though I refuse to completely surrender to my tears, one or two slip down my face. "You were dead. Oh, my God, he killed you."

"It's okay, Sammy." He trails his hands down my back, radiating comfort through me. "It's okay. My Father sent me back. He brought me back for you."

I lean back, trying to keep myself together. "Lucifer killed you. I thought…" I draw a deep, steadying breath. He reaches up to brush away the few tears that fell. "I thought you were gone for good. Gone forever. If he'd still been there when we realized you were dead, I would have tried to kill him. That's why I've been so obsessed with finding him, too—before you came back, I mean. I wanted to kill him for killing you. I'd never say yes to him after that

"And then we found you. And I didn't know who you were at the time but it felt like I knew you. Like you were familiar. And it hurt so much because I thought you were causing it and trying to make me forget and I didn't want to forget. I couldn't let you go. I couldn't…" I can't accurately express what's running through my head. I settle for pulling him tightly against me again.

His voice, quiet and soothing, washes over me. "I recognized you, too. I don't know how, but I did. I felt it. But I'm back, so stop crying, okay?" He sounds almost teasing, and I feel myself smiling a bit. "I can't stand to see you upset." He kisses the side of my neck. Once again, I'm in awe of how safe he makes me feel. "Just get some sleep. I'm not leaving. I'll be here when you wake up."

"Don't wanna sleep," I murmur, but all of this, the sudden knowing of who he is, it's finally taking its toll on me. I feel exhaustion sink into me.

He pulls the covers over us. "You have to. You're human. Humans need sleep."

Archangels don't, though. And yes, my archangel is next to me, holding me, keeping me safe for one more night. Tomorrow may be the day we meet our fates, but since when has death ever stopped a Winchester or an angel? Gabriel rubs my back, and within minutes, the motion has lulled me to sleep.

Everything seems too bright when I finally wake up. I'm not entirely convinced last night actually happened. "Gabriel? Was I dreaming?"

"I don't know," he jokes. "If you're referring to us christening your sheets and then me remembering everything, then no, that wasn't a dream."

I grin. "Oh, good." I can't resist hugging him, and I feel him kiss the top of my head.

"We should go downstairs."


"There are other people who might be interested in this development. My being an archangel, I mean," he adds, which is a relief because I actually thought he was talking about the sex thing.

"Oh. Yeah, I guess so."

"Come on," he says, grabbing me by the wrist, and I very nearly protest. Both of us are naked, after all, and I really don't feel like showing off what I have in front of Bobby or Dean (or Castiel, who is quite possibly downstairs as well). I don't get a chance, though, but it ends up fine because when we reappear in the kitchen, we're both fully clothed. Huh. That's interesting.

Castiel is the only one who notices our sudden arrival, and he openly gawks at Gabriel. I guess that, since he now knows what he is, Castiel can sense it, too. I remember back to the last time they really met, back when we had Gabriel trapped in a ring of holy fire, and I try not to feel bad about that. He's clearly forgiven us for that incident.

"Hey, little bro," Gabriel says cheerfully. "Miss me?" He lets go of my hand and starts walking toward Bobby as he addresses Castiel.

"'Little bro'?" Dean repeats, staring from Castiel to Gabriel. "What the Hell—?"

"Come here," Gabriel says, excitedly waving him over to where he's now standing next to Bobby.

I can tell Dean doesn't like this idea at all, but he acquiesces anyway. As soon as he's close enough, Gabriel crosses his arms and touches their foreheads at the same time. It's interesting to watch Dean and Bobby appear to space out at the same time. Both of them look like they could topple over, but they don't. The moment Gabriel lifts his hands, Dean's eyes snap right back open.

"You son of a bitch! What the Hell, man? I mean, Lucifer ices you and you freaking—"

"Dean," Castiel says sharply. "He didn't plan this. Our Father raised him from the dead."

"Daddy wanted me back, probably to bail you chuckleheads out of trouble. His exact words were, 'The Winchesters still need you.'"

Bobby finally speaks up. "Well, I guess that answers a lot of questions. Like how you survived a freefall from Heaven, for one."

"And how Lucifer knew who I was. Father told me that he and Michael wouldn't recognize me until I was ready, so I must have been ready about a week ago."

Oh. Damn. That's right. There's another archangel running around with Apocalypse on his mind. Where's Michael?

"Good question. Perhaps he doesn't feel the need to check on me—although if I still have those sigils, he probably just can't find me." He snaps his fingers, manifesting a box of Runts that just float next to him. I have to admit that I wondered how long it would be before he started abusing his powers.

"So now what?" Dean asks.

"What do you mean?"

"Like, with the Apocalypse. Bringing down Lucifer. Are you still on board to help us, or…?"

"What a stupid question. I already died for you mutton-heads once. You should know by now that I'd do it again."

I snort with laughter. "Team Free Will for life."

It's not the kind of day you'd expect for the Apocalypse. I'm not honestly sure just how much of the Apocalypse this really is, considering that only one of the angels that's supposed to be involved is actually present, but there's definitely about to be some sort of showdown. I can only hope Michael doesn't appear at the last minute and screw everything up, because our whole new plan hinges on it being just Lucifer and Gabriel.

"I don't know how you pulled off that trick, Gabriel, but it doesn't matter. I'll just kill you again. And again and again. And every time you come back, I'll just be there to kill you again. Just give up."

Gabriel's snark is still intact. "I'd like to see you try to kill me one last time."

But I'm afraid. Losing Gabriel again is a very real possibility, one that scares me to death. Don't take him again. He can't die again. Please, not again.

"If you back off, I won't have to try. Hand over Sam, and I'll leave you to Michael. At least he tends to show a bit of mercy."

"Sam wouldn't say yes to you, even if I wanted to hand him over." He sounds calm, resolute. "You pretty much guaranteed that he'd never say yes after you killed me the first time. Now quit being a bag of dicks and go back into your cage."

Lucifer laughs cruelly. "Only Michael will be able to do that. There's no way you can. Killing you the first time was almost too easy. Killing you again will be easy, too. But I would love to see you try. Or, you can run and I'll spare your life."

"Not a chance, Lucy."

Lucifer's eyes narrow. "Well, I would say I'm sorry for this, but…" A flash of light catches my eye and I know what's going to happen before it does. As if in slow motion, I see Lucifer plunge his blade, all the way to the hilt, into Gabriel's chest. NO! I scream in my head, but Castiel has put his hand over my mouth to silence me.

He's dead. No, he can't be… Every part of me is howling, pleading for it to not be so, but there's no way he could survive this again.

And then I catch sight of Lucifer's face. He's staring at Gabriel—in their vessels, Gabriel's five inches shorter than him—and what looks like genuine fear is staring to appear. Gabriel hasn't vanished in a burst of light. His vessel isn't empty on the ground with his wings turned to ash around him.

"Ow," I hear Gabriel say. "That freaking hurts, bastard." He pulls the blade back out of his chest. For a few moments, he looks from it to Lucifer and back. I think they're both stunned by this turn of events, unsure of what to make of it. But Gabriel recovers first.

He stabs Lucifer right through Nick's heart. This time, though, the blade works the way it's supposed to. There's a burst of holy light; I have to shield my eyes as Lucifer's Grace burns out. When I'm able to see again, Gabriel is approaching Lucifer's empty vessel and staring down at him. He sinks to one knee as I emerge from where I was hiding. "Gabriel?" He turns around to look at me, and I don't see anger in his eyes. I just see pity. "What happened?" I ask.

"I think… I think when my Father brought me back, he made me stronger. I can't know for sure, because no other archangel has died and, therefore, needed to be brought back to life, but I think He changed His mind about the battle."

"What do you mean?"

"Michael has been in Heaven for millennia. He hasn't been here, walking the Earth like I have. This battle was supposed to be a fight for the fates of the human race, but Michael and Lucifer's fight was going to be a battle royale between two pissed-off brothers and that's it, with the humans just as side notes. That's not how it was supposed to go down. So Father changed it, replaced Michael with me because I've been down here. It was back to how it was supposed to be, making a stand, saving humans. Only an archangel who loved humans could have done it."

I hear what he doesn't say. Only an archangel who loved a certain human, anyway. Still, knowing he loves me, even though I knew it before, brings a smile to my face.

Castiel chuckles. "He would change it, wouldn't He?"

My grin widens, and Dean laughs, looking up toward Heaven. "Michael is going to be pissed."

I'm not planning on writing a sequel to either this or "Struck by You." I'm really not that good with writing in canon, guys! This and like oneshots and stuff, fine. But I can't write extended series. I get events mixed up and it all gets so confusing. CAN'T DO IT!

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