The party on the west side of Manhattan was at high volume. People were walking in and out of the apt. There was a line for the bathroom. One pretty blonde was pounding on the door.

"Come all ready I need to go" She yelled as she continued to pound on the door.

The door opened with the pounding and she quickly entered and about 2 second later there was a horrible scream.


Kate Beckett was rolling over in the bed to get her blasted phone. It was 3 AM.

"Beckett?" She said groggily.

"What? Got it" Kate pushed the covers off and her bed companion complains bitterly.

"Jes Kate it is cold come back to bed" He murmured.

"No Loverboy it is time to get up DB awaits." She said as she showered and got dressed.

Rick just rolled over on his stomach trying to maintain as much warmth that the departed person left behind. It was rapidly cooling. Rick knowing he was fighting a losing battle got up and put the coffee machine on. It was going to be one of those days.


Kate got to the scene the Bros were all ready there. It was a mess the victim a young male white with an athlete's body was stabbed by a shard of the broken mirror. It looks like there was a hell of a struggle in this small room.

The ME is Dr. Perlmutter he raised his eyebrows at her and frowned when he saw Castle holding their coffees standing protectively behind her.

"The victim is 22 year Jeffery Helms a noted swimmer and possible Olympic hopeful. The cause of death was the Glass shard embedded in the victim's chest. I will know more back at the lab" Perlmutter said glaring at the writer.

"Thanks Perlmutter get CSU to get all the DNA. Our victim put up a struggle and our killer might left some behind." Kate said.

"Espo get statements from all the party goers. Castle and I will talk to the host" Kate said authoratively.

It was 4 weeks back from her enforced vacation. She was finally feeling like her old self. Except she had to touch her rock of a partner at least several times a day to make her believe her dreams had come true. The Writer was hers. Of course she wanted to keep it quiet but Lanie was too noisy. She had to tell her. But those thoughts can wait.

The host was a Hip Hop Artist called Long Hold/ or Harry Tanner. A 33 year old self made millionaire happened to like to give large and rowdy parties. There is a list of complaints against this person for excessive noise and blatant disrespect of the law. Kate dislikes the slimy weasel on her first sight of him.

"Excuse Me, I am Det. Kate Beckett and this is Richard Castle I need to ask you a few questions?" Kate ordered.

Mr. Tanner was a bit preoccupied with a brunette on his lap.

"Hey babe I will talk to you later" He kissed her as she climbed off his lap.

Kate just rolled her eyes and Rick gave her hand a squeeze.

"Yes? How may I assist the local constabulary?" He said with an obviously fake British accent.

Kate began, "Mr. Tanner a murder took place at your residence tonight and I need to know your whereabouts?"

"Well I had just broken up a row between two of my guest. They were really going at it. I noticed a Girl slip into the bathroom she was very good looking I think maybe 18 or 19 year old. Any back to the two blokes I got security to throw them out and the girl left with them and afterward there was a scream and everyone rushed into the bathroom to get video of the dead bloke! Security confiscated the cameras and phones. There in that basket over there. I think I did my good deed for you tonight so if you would excuse me I need to get to my hotel! You are welcomed there any time Babe!" He said winking.

Rick gave a low growl Kate turned to look at him with that Down Boy command to her face. Rick and Kate left the scene in the Car. Kate looked at Rick.

"I know you want to protect me. But going all Neanderthal on the witness will not get you good with Gates" Kate said.

The mention of the dreaded Captain's name made Rick sit up straight.

"I know Kate but he was being so disrespectful that I…" Rick did not get to finish that thought.

"You had to put him in his place? Thanks Rick I appreciate your gesture but I am still a big Girl and can handle a few leers and comments" Kate said as she started the car but placed her hand reflexively over his and patted his hand.

Back at the precinct Kate was writing up the murderboard. Rick was sitting on his chair fiddling with his cell phone. His face dropped immediately.

"Kate you need to go to this twitter account" Rick said ominously.

Kate fired up the computer and soon was looking at what was on the site. It was a full video of the fight. One of the people in the background was the victim.

"Kate watch this" Rick said.

The video showed a young tall willowy woman entered the bathroom and a few seconds later their victim entered. Later the video showed the fight and the security guys breaking it up.

"Great Catch Rick! I will get Ryan on this immediately. We need to talk to that girl" Kate had frozen the video on her face.

"Kate by the looks of her she might be a model" Rick said.

"Yeah right!" Kate snorted.

"Kate I have experiences in this area and believe me she is a model." Rick said seriously.

Kate rolled her eyes at her partner.

"I bet I can find her by the head shot." Rick announced the challenge.

"Ok Rick 10 says you have to wait for Ryan to find her for you!"

At this point Ryan had come in with Espo they were still not together but the fighting between them had stopped.

"What is the bet Castle?" Ryan asked eagerly.

"Uhhh…" Rick looked for help from his partner.

"Hey Ryan we found video of the night and we have isolated a still can you find this person? Castle thinks she might be a model. If so she could have worked and had a head shot." Kate tasked.

"Ok I should look at the video of the security cameras around the building too" Ryan volunteered.

Kate's phone rings it is the morgue.

"Ok I need to head down to the morgue Perlmutter has something for us" Kate said before leaving with Rick in tow, "Great and Espo get to work!"

Espo looked at his boss and grin then he saw Ryan looking at him and it turned into a grimace.

"What?" He asked in a defiant tone.

Ryan taken back said nothing and turned his chair away. Espo has not forgiven me yet what a long time to hold a grudge! Ryan thought.


Kate leaned into Rick as they took the elevator to the basement where the ME office for the precinct was placed. It was a fairly new addition. There was no longer having to drive to Belleview to the ME office. Kate thought that was rather convenient.

Opening the doors thinking they would see Perlmutter but instead Rick was looking at his college age daughter. Alexis had continued her internship even though she was taking a full load at Columbia.

"Ok Dr. Perlmutter stepped out and left me in charge. Let me get his notes." Alexis said not looking at them.

She cam back with the chart and began to read the notes not once looking at them.

"Ok there was DNA available under the victim's fingernails and there was blood trace in the wound itself. Those items were given to Trace for analysis. The time of death would be approximately 1-2 am based on liver temp and other considerations." Alexis said.

Rick was so proud of his daughter. She was so professional giving the report. She barely looked at Kate though. Rick sensed there was something not right between his girl friend and his daughter. He so hoped they would get better along.

Kate nodded when Alexis read from the report. It looked like the DNA would be the key to solve this case. Meanwhile she thanked Alexis and both she and Rick left the room.

"She hates me" Kate said once out in the hallway.

"Well Kate hate is a bit of strong word let's say you are not her favorite person right now and neither am I" Rick said gloomily.

Yet in his mind yeah it is hate. It was unfortunate how Alexis learned they were together. But she came into the room unannounced! Kate was so embarrassed she ran to the bathroom and would not come out until Rick coaxed her out with a surprise.

Alexis mortified ran from the room to hers. She waited to hear her father come up to talk to her as usual. This time he did not come. Alexis was replaced! Only later did Rick come up to talk to her but by then the damage had been done! There was a new woman in the number one position in her Dad's heart and it was not her. Ever since that event Alexis had been cool to the both of them.

Kate held his hand in hers and leaned against his broad chest. "I know it hurts but it is the rite of passage. I am here so hold on to me" Kate said quietly. The both held each other to the ride to the 4th floor. Just before the doors opened they separated.

"Ok boys hit me what to you have?" Kate said.

Ryan spoke first.

"I got the witness on video here and here and here but notice she is bent over and like holding her stomach. Her hat covers her face but the dress is the same. I think she is injured." Ryan said.

"Ok Espo call all the hospitals and clinic to see if there was any stab wound victims with a glass shard." Kate ordered.

Ryan reports back about the head shot. "No luck in finding her in any of the model shots."

Rick now crowed! "I found her!"

Kate looked at the caption. "Miss Iowa Pig holding. Carrie Heather."

"Well we have a name to the witness but only address is in Clear Lake Iowa" Kate said as she slipped the 10 in his lapel.

"Ah Man Mom and Dad had a bet and we missed getting on it" Espo complained

"Ryan, look up her parents and get the phone number we need to talk to them." Kate ordered.

It was getting toward lunch Rick offered to get Remy's for everyone.

It was now a waiting game, waiting for the parents to call back. Waiting on the DNA and waiting on the video of all those cell phones.

Rick brought lunch and they all entered in the break room there were promising leads.

Ok let's get a background on the victim his financials his phone log. I want to know everything about him! Kate said after lunch was finished.

Alexis called up. Kate handled the call.

"We have a match in the DNA. Rick lets go." Kate said.

Rick finishing his sandwich got his coat and met Kate at the elevator.

Getting into the lab Alexis was missing but Lanie was there. She was shooting daggers at both of them.

"Hey Lanie what do you got?" Kate said withering under the Lanie stare.

"Yeah just like that miss my sol don't stink! I would never do that to my best friend!" Lanie retorted.

"Lane it was just new and we wanted to keep it you know special!" Kate lamely protested.

"So I am chopped Liver? I had to get it out of your Kid Castle! Shame on you traumatizing your kid like that!" Lanie admonished.

"Ok Ok I should have told you but now that you know I was called down here for a DNA results on my victim?" Kate asked.

Lanie now hugged both of them "I am so glad you finally got your heads together I am so happy for you."

"Wait? What? You did not know? Rick questioned.

:Oh Lanie that was underhandedly the best trick ever!" Kate laughed.

"Ok Lanie you got us! We are together and Alexis is well a bit off on the both of us so now the DNA results?" Rick said trying to get the conversation back on track.

"OK your victim here is a serial rapist! We have at least 15 or more of his victims in NY but there might be more it was sent out on the wire. We might get a few more results. So who ever the killer was did the city a service." Lanie said.

Ok any other results? Kate asked.

"Not yet but I thought you should know this" Lanie stated.

"And it gave you reason to guilt me into a confession!" Kate said.

"Kate Beckett You are too easy! Guilt works on you every time!" Lanie clucked.

Kate and Rick returned to the bullpen their list of suspects has exponentially grown with this latest reveal.

"Ok Kate the killer is a friend or relative of one of the other victims. Sees the rapist at the party lures him to the bathroom and attacks him. He fights back and the mirror is broken the Relative of a victim grabs the glass shard and plunges it into the chest. Rick said.

"Ok that is one theory lets look at the videos of the fight and see if there is anyone not looking at the fight but away at the victim." Kate said.

Ryan being the King of all Media said "Yes!"

"On one of the phone videos there is a large Man staring right at the victim. Ok it looks like a tag team. This guy sees the perp and watch this alerts the girl who heads into the bathroom and he follows. Then here he is again escorting the girl out dressed as security." Ryan pointed out.

"So he pointed out the victim and she attacked him?" Rick said scratching his head.

"That does not make sense" Kate said.

"Yeah it does not. The guy who points out the victim never enters the bathroom. It could be just coincidence." Ryan said.

"Ok guys we still have not gotten a call back from the parents, the test results from Trace are not done and how are you doing on the financials Espo?" Kate asked.

"The kid was rich. Bank account in the 8 figures. But his movements track with the victims of the rapes. So he surely did those." Espo said.

"Ok let's turn in we will start with fresh eyes in the morning and perhaps the trace will be in." Kate said.

"Ok Beckett good night" Ryan said as he quickly exited to head home to his wife.

"Good night Mom and Dad" Espo singsonged.

Kate and Rick head home which meant the loft. Kate has been staying there ever since they got together. Ever since Kate being reenergized and took down Maddox! Rick is very happy with this turn of events.

Alexis heard the door open and she just did not want to see them all happy so she darted into her room and slammed the door.

Rick winced he thought he would have been spared the rebellious side of her but He guessed she was a late bloomer in that dept! Lucky me he thought.

"Rick you need to talk to her" Kate said softly holding on to Rick's shirt.

"No I do not Kate she is acting all childish and I can not condone it" Rick said forcefully.

Kate just looked at him like he had lost his mind.

"So what do you want for dinner? I have some left over stir fry I can add more fried rice?" Rick said.

"No bring that for lunch I want Italian a Calzone would be prefect! Stuffed with Peppers, Spinach, Onion, Mushrooms, Garlic and Sausage drenched in marinara sauce. What about you Rick?" Kate said.

"Well that does sound good I think we should order another for Alexis?" Rick asked.

"I will go up and ask" Kate said.

Kate knocked on the door. The Cold Fury which was Alexis Castle opened the door.

"We are ordering Italian would you like something." Kate asked.

Alexis not really wanting to look at her Dad's girl friend looked at the ground instead. Yes she was hungry but then having to be in the same room as them when she knew what they did. She wished she could invent Brain Bleach! Those images happen to mind every time she saw these two.

"Alexis I am waiting you are holding up the order" Kate admonished.

"OK I want the chicken parmesan with white sauce instead of red and a dinner salad with ranch dressing." She rattled off.

"Fine Alexis dinner should be soon. I will call you." Kate said.

"Ok Kate" Alexis said still looking at the floor.

Kate closed the door and Alexis breathed a sigh of relief.

Kate headed down stairs to see Rick had opened a bottle of wine and pour her a glass.

"Thanks Rick" as she grasped the stem tight

They sat as close as they could be Rick kissed Kate and the wine was forgotten the lust in both of them ignited.

Rick breaking away thought he heard a knock on the door. Kate wanting his attention back on what he was doing which was giving her pleasure.

"Wait Kate it is the food. I need to get my wallet." Rick said.

Kate pouting let Rick go she was very hungry for food too.

Rick got dressed but had that I just got laid bed head going. He rushed to the door and paid the delivery person and made sure to tip well. Entering the dining area the food smell was enticing. It reached up to Alexis who knowing better came down stairs anyways. She graciously accepted the food and grudgingly sat at the table with the both of them. The love was shining in both their eyes as the fed each other. Finishing the dinner Alexis excused herself and went back to her self imposed exile. Kate and Rick went to the bedroom and indulged in some activities before falling asleep in each others arms.