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Quickly throwing on her slippers, she followed after him, softly closing the door behind her. She didn't get far before he halted, causing her to follow suit a few paces behind him with the smile on her face slowly beginning to fade.

"You want come with me?" It was all he could ask really, the statement had really caught him off guard. Normally, no one tried to stop him when he decided to leave the group, much less follow after him and ask to come along. "Don't be ridiculous. Go back inside and sleep, you'll need your strength for the fight." Also, he needed some quiet time away from that racket currently going on in the living room of her house.

"But I'm okay...I've slept so much that I don't think I could possibly sleep another minute. Also, I really don't want to sit in with all that noise..." she trailed off, her pale hands coming up to clutch the blanket she held over her shoulders.

"..." Hiei paused for a minute, watching her closely, then turned back around, "I don't have time for this."

"Please!" she lurched forward to grab his arm, "Please...I don't want to be alone..."

Hiei rolled his eyes.

They hadn't gone far, opting to go only as far as the front lawn of the massive white mansion that belonged to the Outer Senshi. He'd refused to allow her to follow him any further than that, Hotaru agreeing readily. It was strange, despite that her family, the senshi, were back inside the house, the idea of sitting with them only made her feel that much more lonelier. And with Saturn not answering...she was actually at a loss for what to do next.

Still, she knew Hiei wasn't the talkative type and right now he too sought off a reprieve from the conversation inside, making small-talk out of the question. However, she found that she actually liked it like this. Just the two of them here quietly, he positioned with his back against a tree and she seated on a nearby bench made for lawn d├ęcor. It was funny how with him, she felt she didn't need anything else.

But there was something she needed to ask him, she realized as her mind began to wonder. Saturn wasn't talking to her, perhaps she was resting, but she had to know...why had she suddenly turned back? Saturn had suddenly lost control of the body and Hotaru's consciousness took over. It was very unlike the warrior to switch them back in the midst of battle, especially right before the final blow was struck. And, it hadn't been Hiei's fault...she'd already turned back into herself before he'd ever grabbed her wrist.

"There's something that I have to ask you, you were there...what happened during that battle?"

"What do you mean?" he responded simply, low, eyes still closed in a relaxed manner.

"I don't actually remember most of the fight even though I was awake for's really odd to me. It's almost like...there are pieces missing. My memories don't match up together to make an entire battle with Kizami. I barely even remember being pulled through the portal that Pluto created..."

"..." Hiei paused and opened his eyes to look at her. She was serious, her eyes looking lost and confused. It was odd. During that battle he too had felt something was had gone slowly, almost like time itself had slowed done. The battle hadn't seemed...real, to say the least. "...How should I know? The woman just stopped moving and dropped her weapon. Then when I looked over, you were there instead."

That didn't really help her out much. True, it had filled in some information, but there was still no explanation for her abrupt de-henshin. At least Kizami hadn't used some kind of weird spell or magic...or had he? Maybe neither of them had seen something like that?'s eyes were too fast, he would have at least noticed something. However, if he said he didn't know, then maybe he hadn't felt anything.

"...I can't contact Saturn. I'm really scared right now...what if...what if something happened to her?" Hotaru whispered, head hanging downward as her dark hair made a curtain around her face, "I don't want to be alone."

"Feh, you don't know what true loneliness is." True, that hadn't really meant to be said aloud but it was the truth. He'd seen her so-called 'family', how many true friends she'd had. They'd done nothing the entire time except play around and joke with each other happily, even reminiscing about times past with Hotaru-included stories. It actually made him a little sick, to be honest. She could actually speak of loneliness with that many friends and family members all around, all the time? What a joke.

"Wh-what...?" Hotaru stammered, her head rising slowly but still not looking at him. Should she get mad? It was strange not knowing what emotion to show at a particular time but she hadn't expected him to say something quite like that. "I guess...maybe you're right. It's not me who's endured loneliness and's Saturn. I guess I can't really complain about it because I've never really had it myself...and obviously, I don't know about you. I can tell from the tone of your voice...something can tell me if you want." She wasn't really sure where any of this was coming from...she just wanted to keep good graces and not make him mad since it was a very easy thing to do. All in all, she just wanted things to be...normal?

"That's none of your business, woman." Hiei shot back fiercely, finally moving from his spot to begin walking away.

"That's okay..." Hotaru piped up, "Kurama told me you might say something like that. He told me to wait so you can tell me when you're ready."

Damn fox, his past was none of this girl's business, and honestly, he didn't feel much like reliving it right now. Not to mention, Yukina was inside the house with the others. If she were to show up unexpectedly and hear...

"Sorry..." she whispered, hanging her head down low again as the tears began to well up in her eyes. Hiei took a look over his shoulder at her before leaving. They really didn't have time for this right now. With Kizami slowly recovering his power, they had to be prepared for anything at any time. Dammit, he really hated being dragged down into this mess. The detective had only just barely beaten Toguro, and the older brother had actually run off and disappeared; this wasn't the orange-haired idiot's fault, the older brother had simply vanished into thin air it seemed.

It was late, extremely so, as her bed-side clock flashed 3am exactly. It had only felt a like a little while ago that Michiru had spoken with her and practically tucked in her for the night, just as a concerned and loving mother would do for her daughter. But she couldn't sleep, there was just no possible way too. She had slept so much after the battle that her body was totally against sleep. Of course, there were plenty of other factors like Kizami recovering his power right under their noses, her possible 'fight' with Hiei...just too many things were going on in her mind at the moment.

At least she could take solace in the fact that the Taioron Crystal wasn't going to show up anymore, and that the Deathbusters were finished once and for all.

Speaking of the past, she was still curious to hear Hiei's story. There had to be something that happened in his past make him act that way, to be so standoffish from everyone around. A reason he couldn't tell Yukina who he truly was?

It was so late though, there was nothing she could do. The entire house was littered with senshi, and while the Spirit Detectives had gone back to their own homes, they were really only a phone call away. Any attempt at sneaking out would be...wait a minute, sneaking out? Where had that idea come from? In fact, were would she even go if she did? What an odd thought...maybe she was getting sick or something?

Hotaru rolled over, eyes wide open, staring into space. What could she do to make herself sleep, she wondered when a sudden pain hit her. It was her head, it was pounding...this feeling was familiar. It had happened not too long ago, right after she had spoken with Hiei and met Kurama for the first time. A sudden pain in her head had caused her to pass out on her bed. She clutched at the flesh between her eyes and groaned in pain, no matter what way she turned or sat or what she did, the pain wouldn't stop.

Eventually, she gave into the pain and passed out.

Why was he here?

He felt foolish for coming all the way back over here in the middle of the night. Koenma hadn't sent him here, not that he followed the junior leader's commands much anyway, only engaging into missions if they interested him. Still...he pulled his hand from his cloak's pocket and looked down. What he held in his palm was a purple stick, a small orb, a planet, sat atop the stick. Around it, a single ring encased it. In the right light, it also glimmered with an otherworldly glare.

Hiei had found the stick right before the portal had opened, the object having skidded over from somewhere and landing near his feet. It was the stick that Hotaru always kept so close to her, the one that allowed the other spirit inside of her to take over. He had, of course, meant to return the stick earlier to her this day but...well, he didn't get the chance. Besides, he had no use for it and couldn't harness it's power for his own needs so it was useless to him.

He stared down at it...his thoughts scrambled. Why had she asked him about his past? Was this just more nonsense about the hiruseki stones? About some boy she'd seen in her dreams? She hadn't elaborated on it much, but he heard it briefly mentioned by her back at the hotel. It was none of her business, knowing it would do nothing for was pointless. Now, where could he leave this thing? On the window sill of her room would have been his first choice. But if she never found it or if it fell would be bad for all of them when Kizami attacked. Maybe he could just leave it by the front door? Giving it to her in person was out of the question, he decided, quickly realizing after that another presence was nearby.

Ducking back into the shadowy safety of the tree, he looked down. It wasn't easy to sneak up on him...whoever or whatever they were, they were strong. Powerful yet capable of suppressing that power to avoid detection, and silent like the grave.

...Hotaru? The outline matched that of the human girl but something was off. was the warrior, Saturn. She'd gained control of the body and wandered out here on her own...but for what purpose?

"You can come down now. I'd very much appreciate it if you'd return that stick to me." the cold voice said in a casual tone, almost as if she were speaking with an old friend.

With an expert turn, he exited the shadows but remained perched on the tree branch. Hiei still couldn't trust this woman...especially after this suspicious behavior. With a simple-looking toss, the fire demon threw the henshin wand with great enough force to make it zing through the air, hitting the palm of the warrior's hand with a fleshy-sounding impact.

"Do I detect some mistrust? I only felt the wand close to me and naturally sought it out. Any reason you were hanging onto it?" His eyes were honed enough to see from where he was, the woman was smiling at him in a knowing way almost.

"I've returned it to you, that should be all that matters." Hiei stated, bluntly as he prepared to leave. He didn't trust her, and didn't want to come to trust her. She and the human girl had been nothing but a nuisance to him since the day they crossed paths. Besides, he already had enough annoyances to deal with throughout the day, and definitely didn't want anymore on his hands.

"And just where will you go?" he faltered in his jump, catching his balance in the blink of an eye, the tree branch shaking from the force exerted onto it still. "If I recall correctly, as punishment for your crimes against the Reikai, you've been bolted down to this city. All in all, you're trapped here. True, you have quite a bit of room to move around but nonetheless are trapped like a rat in a cage."

Hiei growled with a glare, "Don't believe I'll think twice about killing your human host." he threatened, his hand automatically going to his sword as a result of the insult.

"You deny it then? Very well then, run off back to the Makai where you belong. Oh wait...the barrier that separates these worlds holds you back, doesn't it? And you can't leave until that ban on you is lifted, am I right? No need to get angry, swordsman, I'm just giving you good enough reason to stay. Make you angry enough and you either run away or engage in a fight. You know, the blue-haired reaper is quite talkative when intoxicated." Saturn laughed lowly, her voice just barely above a whisper.

He jumped down near her, "Is that what you want of me? A fight? You're rather irritating when you try to be." he remarked, his hands quickly going back into the pockets on his cloak.

Saturn turned slightly to face him completely, Hotaru's cutesy pajamas looking rather out of place on the stone-like warrior. "I'm afraid there are things we must discuss, something less pleasant than a fight, swordsman. Kizami will back in a matter of 3 days time. I've come to warn you first for many reasons, but mainly as you have fought against him alongside me. We know what he is capable of, his powers, his trickery...we'll be the most likely candidates to bring him down."

"3 days? That's hardly anything to worry about. The fool is weak, not to mention hurt and confused. There's no way he could possibly heal himself back to full strength in that amount of time with the wound I dealt him. And just how do you know that, woman?"

"True, he won't be at full power when he returns but his injuries will make him desperate, wild and unpredictable. We must all be on guard since he will undoubtedly come after Hotaru first. And as for my knowledge of these situations, it's...shall we say, classified, for now. I'll tell you all you need to know in time. But for now, I ask this of you...stay by Hotaru for these next 3 days and watch over her."

He paused and glared again, "And just what purpose will that serve? If you know for certain he'll appear in 3 days time, why should I-"

"I've told you all you need to be concerned with." Saturn said simply, turning her back on him. This only caused him to growl in response, apparently not fond of a taste of his own medicine. Saturn stopped after only a few feet though, turning around, "What else will you do in that amount of time? There is nowhere suitable in this human city for you train, correct? Not without the Reikai on your back about damages and human endangerment. Here, you can have a suitable place to train. Underneath this house is a hollowed out space that is used for training grounds by the senshi. You'll have all the room and privacy you need there to train...if you wish. The walls down there have been built with a special alloy that not even your dragon could damage. exchange for this, you must grant me something as well."

A pause, "...and just what would that be?"

"Surely you know. The information that Hotaru hoped to get out of you today. Why not tell me about your past? Her little heart is quite set on it for some reason, possibly an answer to her unusual dreams? About the hiruseki stone and the mysterious boy?" He didn't like the way she emphasized boy, but shook his head nonetheless.

"Nice try, but you're not going to force into telling you that story. Besides, it would do her no good to hear it, it's pointless. Besides, I'm not even sure if I remember most of it."

"Well, we have all night for you to try and remember..."

Hotaru awoke the next morning more tired than when she'd fallen asleep. It must have happened some time in the night, obviously, as it was now morning. She sat up slowly...she could really use a shower right now, for many reasons. Quickly undressing, she headed to the bathroom located inside of her own room, running a hot shower for herself; happy and surprised that there was still hot water left considering how many senshi were currently staying at the house.

She couldn't pretend anymore...everything was weird. It was weird not waking up and saying hello to Saturn in the morning, not having a brief moment of panic in the back of her mind in the name of modesty that the warrior might see her as she entered the shower...true, she hadn't tried to talk to Saturn this morning. But if the warrior had really been out of commission yesterday, then she should be fully awake today, right? Greeting Hotaru and letting her know that she was fine? But there was nothing.

When the water started to run lukewarm, she climbed out and got dressed in a simple shirt and yoga pants, not really caring about her appearance at the moment. It was hard to considering things. She decided to head downstairs, expecting to hear a loud clamoring as it was breakfast time and Usagi and Minako were sure to be arguing over some piece of food. Still, she heard nothing. Odd...she walked into the kitchen to find it strangely empty, just as the living room had been.

At least on the counter a note had been left behind. She couldn't recognize the hand-writing, but found it to be very neat...if she had to guess, she'd say it was Ami's hand-writing. It spoke of how everyone had gone to Rei's temple like the good old days, and since Yuuichirou and Rei's grandfather were still keeping the old temple up and running, it seemed like the best place to go. It made no mention of the Spirit Detective group, so she assumed they must be off having their own meeting elsewhere. At the end of the note were instructions on how to get to the temple, just in case she didn't remember where it was. Now she definitely knew it was Ami's note.

...wait a minute, didn't this mean she was technically alone? What of their great plan to keep an eye on her at all times? of the cats had stayed behind? According to Usagi, Luna, Artemis, and Diana reverted to their humans form after the battle with Galaxia and returned back to the future where they were needed. Upon being alerted of this new threat, all 3 royal cats had donned their feline disguises once more to grant the senshi some guidance.

"Luna...? Artemis...? Diana...?"

Hotaru called only once, their hearing quite perceptive in this state. She wandered about as she called, checking various pieces of furniture to make sure they weren't curled up asleep anywhere. Still, there was no answer and no sign of anyone. None of this added up at all...


Hotaru dropped the note in her hand, the flimsy paper wafting slowly the ground. Her eyes widened in response, "Saturn...Saturn, is that really you? You're okay? I'm so glad to finally hear from you! Please don't ever disappear like that again!"

'Hotaru, you must compose yourself.' It was a rather difficult task when you were in a flurry as she was, made even worse by the fact that there was nothing substantial to hold onto. 'There's a great many things I must tell you. Please sit down for this.' Hotaru eagerly did so and waited as the warrior materialized before her in a standing position.

"Saturn, what happened? Where have you have been since the battle?"

The warrior knowingly tapped at her temple to signify the inside of Hotaru's mind, "Asleep...I was merely resting to recover after the battle." Hotaru nodded, happy, that was good to know. "I have something for you, my dear Hotaru. I have no idea what you see in that swordsman but if his past interests you so much then you may know it." Before Hotaru could ask any questions, Saturn quickly placed two fingers to the girl's forehead and began projecting thoughts directly into her mind, just as she had done when re-awakening Hotaru.

The memories came to her slowly, beginning at a raging blizzard that held within it a small collection of people. This place was familiar...she'd seen this place before, back when she'd passed out in the shower at the hotel. The scene shifted to show a young woman holding a baby over the edge of a cliff, sobbing as she did so, before finally releasing her grip and letting him fall to the ground below. Hotaru jumped when she recognized this scene as well, it was here that she had tried to yell for the woman to stop but her voice was never heard. And the baby...then did that mean...

Another scene change, one that she knew she hadn't seen. It was a much younger Hiei training with a pack of demon...maybe he was just plain fighting with them, she couldn't tell.

Scene change and a flash of light, she watched as her first strange dream unfolded before her very eyes. Hiei fought against a sneak attack from a demon, aptly losing the hiruseki stone around his neck as it fell down into a running stream from the cliff-side.

Finally, the last one began to play out in her mind. She didn't know quite how but something just told her this was it. A young Hiei looked down below as he watched over a young Yukina to ensure her safety. A scene change and she became witness to how the Jagan Eye was planted into his forehead...and why.

Hotaru blinked, tears readily streaming down her face. It had not been a projection without words, no, she could hear his voice low in the background illustrating each point of every memory that flashed across her mind. Now she knew...she knew the whole story. He'd been alone just as she had been before the scouts, to even greater degree than she. No, it just wasn't fair...why hadn't someone come along the senshi did for her...and...

Hotaru jumped up from her spot and ran up the steps with such force that the wood actually creaked under her tiny weight. She flew into her room, grabbing and putting on her shoes, along with a small shawl which she threw over her shoulders. Yanking open a drawer with more force than should have been capable for her, she pulled from within a tiny key.

"Hotaru, just what do you think you're doing? I showed you those memories to help you better understand him so you could become friends, not for you to make a rash decision like this." Apparently the warrior recognized what she held in her hand...she should, it was a Cronos Key. A device that enabled the user to swiftly move back and forth to the Time Gates if they so chose; Setsuna have given one to her and Chibi-Usa specifically as they were the two most recent visitors.

"It's not right, Saturn. I tried to go back in time to save you from your fate once but I was stopped before I could do anything-"

"Because it's forbidden! That is not your domain and you are not mettle in it! Know your place!"

"I'm sorry, Saturn, I can't listen to you this time. I want to be able to make something right...I want to be able to save the day just once, to be the savior that someone holds in high regards. Being the senshi of Death and Destruction is awful! No one appreciates or understand the burdens we have to bear, they even tried to kill us once! Just once...let me be a hero..." Hotaru whispered, the tiny key begin to flicker with power within her palm.

"Hotaru, don't!"

"I'm sorry-" Hotaru whispered before disappearing in a flash of light.

She wasn't going to wait for Pluto to return, she couldn't. There was no way the Time Guardian would let her jump through the Time Gates and just nonchalantly go back in time, no matter the reason. When they had revisited the memories of the past, she had slipped off to find Saturn and free her from her confines, but was aptly caught by guards of the past who refused to allow her passage into the castle. This time though, she was definitely going to make things right.

Hotaru ran as fast as she possibly could, the fog floating at ankle's length holding no obstacle to her as she ran. A bell chimed in the distance...that meant she was getting close! Up ahead, a dark silhouette stood out, the shape of a door. The closer she got, the more light was shed on to the bulky, grey door. It was lined with intricate carvings, each paneling holding a different phase of the moon as a nod to their princess. The giant handles were a glossy, gold color, made from a material found only in the rich soils of the planet Pluto. She was almost there...she stopped for breath at the threshold, almost appearing to be admiring the door's artwork. With a creak, she flung the giant doors open and looked down into the swirling mists of time. A long time ago, when she had still been a child, Pluto explained to her how to use the Time Gates in case of an emergency, meaning she knew full well how to operate it without her help. went nothing, she gulped and pushed off with her feet to jump...but she didn't get far as a pair of arms easily pulled her back and flung her away. The door loudly slammed shut, backing away almost as they did so before disappearing.

"Hotaru, what is the meaning of this?!"

Damn...she'd been caught. Pluto had surely gotten here quickly, almost as if she were expecting the girl...still Pluto was supposed to be on watch for someone messing with the time stream so it was to be expected that the senshi be close by.

"Pluto, you don't understand...get out of my way! There's something I have to do!" Hotaru almost gasped at her own words...she'd never spoken this harshly to anyone, much less Pluto.

"Hotaru, you know it is forbidden to do so without my permission. And your task is not one worthy of travel." The Time Guardian ticked, hoping to make the young girl understand. She knew...she knew the girl was weeping for the fire demon's lonely past and wished to change it couldn't be done. Those events were meant to happen and re-ordering them could even cause catastrophic events. " I need to remind you of the butterfly effect? Of all things that could go wrong, that one-"

"I know what it is Pluto...even the tiniest or slightest change to the past, like the beat of a butterfly's wing, could drastically change the future as we know it. But Pluto, I know what I'm supposed to change, I won't be going in without a plan. Please Pluto...he means a lot to me...and even though I'm really not sure why I'm acting so strongly about this I just know that I need to help him."

Pluto's stern face softened and a sigh graced her lips, her face turning to the side. "Those memories Saturn showed you...they weren't complete, by any means."

"Wh-...what do you mean?" Hotaru asked, her own tense body finally relaxing in front of the senshi. Without warning, Saturn suddenly materialized between them, rage very clearly apparent on her face.

"Pluto! You made me a promise! You can't tell her!"

"Saturn...she needs to know the truth and you know that. We can't have past events repeating themselves again. It's already bad enough what's happened so far...we're lucky that this time line is stable as it is. We've all learned by now that suppressing memories does no one any good."

"And why risk that by letting her know the truth? That could very well be the undoing piece!"

Hotaru quietly looked on, her eyes following back and forth as the two ancient senshi argued about...who knows what? Time line? A promise? What did they know that she didn't? What was being kept from her? Balling her hands into fists, she mustered her voice as loud as she could, "QUIET!" she breathed loudly for a moment, making sure they were granting her the grace to speak before doing so, "What are you talking about? What is it that you two know that I don't? Is it about me...about me and Hiei?"

Saturn grunted and turned away, Pluto slowly turned her eyes to the small human girl.

"I'm afraid it does, Hotaru, you see...the time line we are currently not our original time line."

Hotaru blinked...what? Just what did that mean?

"Our original time line was...well, it was very much like this one. All events from the past were the same, and you meeting with those boys after the fight with Galaxia was the same, too. And just like now, you tried to go back in time to correct things. Neither Saturn nor I were here to stop you though and you time-jumped. After that...we lost you. Hotaru, you died in our original time line because of that time-jump. Do you see now why we tried to stop you?"

"W-well...if I died...wouldn't Saturn and I just be brought back to life?"

"That's just the thing though...we lost you. We were unable to find your body anywhere in the time stream, it was if you had just vanished. Saturn remained in our time with me, although since she had no host, she was little more than a spirit. It was Saturn who came up with the idea to reverse time and move to an alternate but almost identical, existing time line. You see, in the original time line, you and Saturn had no knowledge of your separate existences." Pluto tacked onto the end when Hotaru seemed confused, "And I know this must be incredibly confusing right now, but believe us as it is the truth. In this time line, which was the closest we could find to the original, you and Saturn are very good, close friends and watch out for each other. And, also in this time line, the Hiei you know is a tad more hostile to you."

"More hostile...than the old time line then?" Hotaru supplied.

"Correct. In the old time line, your kindness and good nature got through to him and he eventually opened up to you. Even though he wouldn't publicly call you friend, you two were very close. But alas, going back to the old time line isn't possible as you would disappear...that has nothing to do with you going into the past though. The reason we wanted to keep you from time-jumping is to avoid losing you period and to keep my promise to Saturn. I promised her that I would seal everyone's memories from the old time line. But since we've come this far-"

"Not yet. I'm going back in time whether you say so or not. I know I can get it right this time, Pluto. I won't disappear! I'll come back safe and sound, and the future will be a much better place. I know it!"



Pluto looked uneasily between the small girl and the transparent warrior who was shaking her head in disbelief. Finally, Pluto sighed and turned to the side, showing Hotaru that she now had access to the Time Gates.

"Hotaru," Saturn called, "know this...I asked Pluto to move us all to a new time line just so that we could be friends and so that you could once again be my host. If you obtain even a single scratch, I'm going to kill you personally." The warrior warned as Hotaru creaked the doors opened. Hotaru turned to smile at her, tears clouding up her eyes as she hastily leapt into the mists of time.

Okay, let's have some author's notes and explanations. The time line in which our story currently takes place is not the original time line in which the characters are from. When Hotaru tried to go back into the past, Saturn and Pluto stayed behind. She somehow got lost in the vortex of time and never came back causing Pluto to turn back time before all of this happened and move everyone to an alternate but practically identical time line. Hotaru and Saturn are able to separate for a short while but it is by no means a permanent thing; if Saturn's soul goes too long without a body, then her soul will disappear, and not just anyone can be a good host for her soul hence one reason why she wanted Hotaru back. Saturn and Pluto kept most of their memories from the old time line but sealed certain ones to avoid letting secrets slip out (hence why Setsuna looked up hiruseki stones; doing so unlocked her memories of the entire situation).

Also in the original time line, Hotaru and Hiei were quite fond of each other as she was able to get through to him and become a friend and ally, possibly even a little romance there...maybe? Whenever Saturn materializes in front of Hotaru, they are officially separated for a short period of time. As to why Saturn showed those memories to Hotaru if she knew there a was a chance she might repeat her actions, well...keep reading future chapters for that one.

Anywho, if anything is unclear, please let me know so that I can go back and correct it so that future chapters will make sense.