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Hotaru flew through the mists of time, her hair flailing violently around her. These passageways worked like open space, an semi-airless vacuum that pulled travelers through their intended portals and vortexes. It was all a matter of mental programming without Setsuna, but since the Time Guardian had given her full passage, the woman would open the portal needed for Hotaru to go back and enter Hiei's past. This meant...she was likely going back 10 years, give or take a little. 10 years ago, she was still just a kid herself, having no idea about demons or Sailor Senshi or anything like that...just an ordinary, lonely young girl.

'Pluto, can I request one more thing of you?' the girl asked mentally, sensing that the portal she sought was not far off.

'What is it that you need, Hotaru?' The Time Guardian sounded neither angry nor miffed, only mysterious and omniscient.

'Is it possible for me to appear as I would have during that time period? I would have been about 4 or 5, right? To avoid any more disruption with the time stream, it would bode better for us to do this.'

'I'll see what I can do...' the woman trailed off, her voice disappearing in an instant.

Hotaru had blinked at the flash of blinding white light, signifying her arrival. She opened her eyes to look around...if her first dream had truly been one of his memories (like she had suspected about all of the previous dreams she'd had), then this was definitely the place. Looking down at herself, she didn't notice much of a change; she was still wearing her simple black shirt, yoga pants, and slip-on shoes. At the sight of her sloppy dress, she blushed...why couldn't she have at least dressed up a little more?

She took a glance at the ground, something causing her to falter in her first step. It was a large puddle, meaning that it must have rained quite a bit either yesterday or today. It wasn't muddy, but instead quite clear, and Hotaru caught sight of her reflection. She looked, she was younger, but only in this illusion. Neither Pluto nor Setsuna had the power of age manipulation, but the power of illusions worked quite well when one was in the time stream. Right now, in the illusion, she resembled a 4 or 5 year old just like she'd requested...honestly, she didn't really know how old she would have been during this particular period of time...she might have just been a baby herself but this age seemed the most practical.

Now all she had to do was find Hiei which wouldn't prove to be a hard task, considering where she'd landed was a part of one of his memories. She looked back down at the puddle...something didn't quite seem right about it. Hotaru quickly looked around again, this wasn't right...this was the only puddle in sight. If it had rained like she'd originally thought then there would have puddles all over. That's when it hit her...she'd been here before, she knew what had made this puddle and where to go from. This puddle had been made after Hiei had been thrown from that snowy plane...

She quickly ran, quickly happening upon a group of demons and oni crowded around something. Hotaru opened her mouth, ready to shout and drive them off but stopped herself...there's no way they'd be afraid of her like this. In fact, they might even turn on her and try to kill her. Now there was no question as to what they were crowded around, it was a baby-Hiei.

Damn...there was nothing she could do here. Still, there would be more opportunities, she decided, signaling Pluto that she was ready to go to the next memory of Hiei's past.

A flash of white light blurred her vision before landing her in much the same place. This area looked no different, perhaps a few more trees had grown since then but it was still the same area of Makai. Suddenly, she heard footsteps and yelling, but before she could move, a black blur quickly jumped over her head. Uncovering from her duck, she looked back, "...Hiei?"

There was still someone coming this way! She had to move, follow after Hiei and make sure that whoever was pursuing him never caught up.

"Now we gotcha!" Hotaru found herself suddenly in the tight grip of a demon. Had they mistaken her for Hiei? Well, they were dressed similarly but it would only be a matter of time before they-a spurt of blood and she was free. Something had cut them both down but what...she quickly turned to look over her shoulder.

"Hiei!" she chorused, only to realize her mistake afterward; Hiei still had no idea who she was in this time because they hadn't met yet.

"Just how do you know my name? Have you come to steal my hiruseki stone, too?" His voice wasn't quite as cold and harsh as the one back in her time, still, she could tell there was sadness, hurt, and a bit of loneliness in his tone. The last sentence had even come out almost playfully. Hotaru quickly shook her head of black locks and walked slowly towards him, taking one of his small hands into hers. It was rough and calloused already, done so by training for days with his sword.

"Hiei, you may not believe me but I've actually come from the future. You and I become friends in the future, and we end up fighting alongside each other. My name is Hotaru Tomoe, and believe me, you're not as alone as you may think. You have many friends in my time, and you also have a sister, Yukina. Promise me that when you find her, you'll tell her that you're related." Hotaru wasn't quite sure where to end it, she'd kind of just been blabbing things out, hoping that something would catch the boy's attention and that he'd interrupt her or at least do something instead of standing there and looking at her like she was crazy.

"From the future? That doesn't make any sense. I don't know what you're trying to pull, but I'm not falling for it." he said, turning on his heel with a swish of his cape. He didn't have time to stand around and talk to this girl, he had to find more opponents, stronger opponents, and train.

"Wait, don't go! You have to believe me, Hiei! I'm telling the truth!" she yelled out after him, jogging to catch up with his slow walking pace. "I know about your hiruseki stone, I can prove I'm from the future and that I'm your friend. When you were just a baby, your mother dropped you over the edge of that snowy plain down into the Makai. Your hiruseki stone came from her, right? Yukina told me that a hiruseki stone is created when a mother sheds a single tear for her child. See? I know..." By now the two of them had ceased walking, he a little further ahead than she. Hotaru panted, a little lost of breath from yelling all that.

"That woman...wasn't my mother." he said bluntly...any resident of Makai should have known what a hiruseki stone was, it was precious and invaluable, but for her to know that...there was no way she could have been there, she couldn't even call the floating island by it's correct name. " know that because you came from the future?" he questioned uncertainly, turning over his shoulder to see.

Hotaru smiled happily as joy spread across her face, she'd finally gotten through to him! "That's right! You and I meet up in the human world a few years later, and we fight a great battle together! Before you met me though, you were already friends with two humans who could wield their spirit energy as weapons, and Youko know him, right?" Hotaru couldn't recall if she'd ever heard how Hiei and Kurama met...maybe it was around this time?

"You mean the spirit fox...?"

"He came to the human world in my timeline and disguised himself as a human. Believe me, I'm telling the truth."

"If you are from the future, then why did you come back to tell me all of this? What do you gain from it?"

Hotaru released his hand now that he'd finally turned around to see her. "I just...I want you to be happy. In my future, you're a very distant don't open up much at all. You're cold and very distrusting..."

"You just claimed that we were friends in the future yet now you contradict yourself."

"Well...I suppose it's a little hard to explain when you put it that way. Still, because of what happens in your past, you go through some hard times and I just didn't want you to go through a friend." she hastily tacked on although she wasn't sure why...afraid that he might get the wrong idea, maybe?

"I see...suppose I believe you and do as you say, what then?"

"I...I honestly don't know. I can only hope that your future becomes brighter...that's all. The idea of being alone isn't one I'm fond of and I don't wish a future of that on anyone." she whispered, turning her purple eyes to the ground in sadness. Once she actually took the time to think about it...what would the future be like? Better? Worse? Would she even be in his future? No, that didn't really matter as long as he was happy, that was her true mission in doing this. "So...will you? Tell Yukina, I mean. If you can find her...just make sure you hold on tight to your hiruseki stone, too. You shouldn't be showing it off like that..."

"I'll think about it." he said simply, face blank. Hotaru nodded in response, her face very similar...his lack of enthusiasm wasn't very reassuring.

'Hotaru, I can feel the pocket you are occupying becoming unstable! You must leave it-!' Pluto warned mentally, Hotaru responding with an affirmative.

"I...I have to go now." Hotaru said shakily, her voice weak...this could be the last time she spoke with Hiei after all. "There's just so many things I want to talk with you about and so many things I want to ask you but...I have to go now. Goodbye...Hiei." And with that, she mentally prepared herself to leave this particular memory, unsure of where the time stream would take her next.

"Alright Pluto," Hotaru began, feeling her body swimming through darkness, her vision no more than a soupy black mist, "what do I do from here? How do I return back to the new future, mental cognition?" There came no answer, just silence. Perhaps this was just an automatic process then, Hotaru decided, she was obviously on some kind of course headed to somewhere...she just wasn't quite sure where.

Hotaru found herself laying down face first in a patch of grass, the sound of laughter, voices, and various other modern day noises she was used to hearing filled the air. She must be back in her own time in the human world. The tiny girl sat up with a smile, her shoulder a little sore admittedly, apparent that she must have landed on it after the time jump.

Although hidden within a cluster of bushes, she could quite clearly look out and view her surroundings...she knew this park, she'd gone past it on a few occasions, the most recent one being the time when she first met Yusuke and Kayko. Hmm, this was an interesting place to drop her off at considering the Outer Senshi mansion was quite a ways from here. Still...Hotaru couldn't stop the small smile that broke out across her features...Pluto had said the pocket had become unstable while she there, this meant the future was changing...had changed. This meant something had happened...considering that everything looked normal, then nothing too awful had happened.

She arose to her feet shakily, wondering exactly where she should try and look first. She almost felt a little disgusted with herself when she found herself wondering just what had changed in the future...if she was lucky, then nothing much. Looking around, she found the tall post in the middle of the park that held a giant clock head...perfect, it was nearly time for school to be letting out which meant that Kayko and Yusuke would be walking this way any moment. Ignoring any strange looks she might have received, she began to race off toward the small tunnel that connected the over head bridge. They would surely have to walk this way...

"Kayko!" Hotaru waved cheerfully once the girl came into view, giving a slight run to stand before her.

"Oh, um...I'm sorry, have we met before?" the brown-haired girl questioned genuinely, the petite girl in front of her a complete stranger. She wasn't even a wearing a school uniform which meant she had no way of identifying where she was from.

"Huh...? Of...of course we have! I'm Hotaru Tomoe!" Still the girl before her maintained her confused look.

"I'm sorry miss, but you must have be mistaken for someone else. Uh excuse me..." Kayko gave a small bow and side-stepped around the girl, planning to continue her walk home.

"W-wait!" Hotaru managed to choke out, "We have met before! I'm a friend of Yusuke's!"

The mention of his name caused Kayko to stop, Hotaru was getting the reaction she wanted...or so she hoped. "Yu-...Yusuke? As in Yusuke Urameshi? So you know him? What do you want then? Money or something? You'd better back off, I can defend myself you know!" Kayko warned, grabbing her book bag handle tightly, "So just back off, okay?"

Hotaru stood there dumbfounded...was this one of the changes? She and Kayko were no longer friends...and neither was Yusuke? Then that must have meant...Yusuke was no longer Spirit Detective either. If Kayko was afraid of him, then that must have meant Yusuke was a lot colder in this timeline...possibly even embracing his delinquent nature and becoming a gang leader or made sense when she took Kayko's reaction into account.

Hotaru stared, mouth agape at the girl's retreating form...just what else had she changed?

Dejectedly, Hotaru dropped her small body onto a park bench that was situated on the outskirts of an extremely busy and bustling park. The place was crowed with children and their laughter, but no smile came to her face. So...this was it...this was the future she'd wanted so badly? It just...things didn't make sense, none of this was fair. All she had wanted to was make sure Hiei had had a friend and didn't lose his hiruseki stone...that way he wouldn't have had to get the Jagan Eye and wouldn't have to keep his secret from Yukina. But now...nothing was right anymore. She'd spent the better part of the day running around town, asking everywhere and everyone she thought might have had a clue.

According to what she'd gathered so far, Yusuke was no spirit detective but instead was 10x the delinquent he'd been before, going so far as to have some kind of cult following between all the punks that littered the surrounding middle and high schools. As a result, this meant he and Kayko were definitely not friends, and from the way she'd acted, was much too terrified to even approach him.

The Kuwabara siblings were nowhere to be found. Their home was being occupied by another family. Could it have been possible that they'd actually moved here instead of living here from the start? As in, now that the timeline had changed, their family had never moved to this town?

After finally locating Kurama's human parents, a couple by the name Minamino, Hotaru was shocked to discover that the boy living there was not Kurama at all, but a regular human child. This meant...he must have never been injured in Makai, never lost Kuronue, and never came to the human world. It was a story she'd been told at one of the down times of the Dark Tournament and Kurama had no reason to lie or disguise himself around her anymore.

So that was it then...everyone was scattered and everything had changed, none for the better. Was it true then...that old saying? The more happiness you wish for a person, someone else gets cursed with equal misery? She hadn't been able to find out a single thing about Hiei. God, why was she so stupid? Just because she changed all that didn't mean he'd be here right now...why on Earth would he even come to the human world?

Thankfully, the mansion that belonged to the Outers was still in their name but...there was no one home, and surprisingly, no one came to the door despite the fact that the cars were parked in the garage. It didn't make sense to her. Was she being ignored? She tried to telepathically contact Pluto or Saturn but to no avail. There was one. She was alone in this world now. Well...she could try and make her way back the Outers house again, she supposed. Maybe they had just stepped out for a moment. It was better than just sitting here in the hot blazing sun with tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

"Excuse me, miss, do you mind if I sit here?" Hotaru quickly turned her eyes upward, automatically repositioning herself on the other side of the bench.

", I don't mind." Hotaru replied, finally realizing just who had sit beside her. "Yukina?" she whispered, the ice-blue haired girl was unmistakeable. She was even wearing her signature red ribbons and blue kimono. Not a single thing looked different about her!

Apparently Yukina hadn't heard her name being called, and simply sat quietly by her, hands folded neatly in her lap. "I'm sorry, please don't take this the wrong's just...I just felt the need to speak with you. Again, I apologize if that sounds...weird or intrusive."

"Of course not!" Hotaru shot back with a smile, trying to keep her joy in check and forcing herself not to jump up and hug the koorime. This was great. So, Yukina didn't fully recognize who she was but had the feeling she'd met Hotaru somewhere before; it was a side-effect Pluto had mentioned to her one time about dimension and time-line jumping. Even if the Yukina in this time line didn't recognize her, it was simply because she'd met Yukina before in another timeline that the girl even acknowledged her in the first place. It wasn't always a certainty though as shown by Kayko's reaction. "Yukina, my name is Hotaru. Um, I don't really know how to explain this but-"

" mean, that Hotaru? Hotaru Tomoe?!" Yukina seemed flustered...horrified was a bit stretching it but the shock on her face was a little too extreme for someone who'd basically just re-encountered a long lost friend.

"Yes, it's me!" Hotaru grabbed the girl's hands in her own, "Oh, you don't know how glad I am to see you. I really don't have a lot of time to explain but now that I've found you we need to find Hiei too!" Yukina was still clearly a demon, easily identifiable by the aura she gave off, which meant she and Hiei would have easy access to Makai and hopefully Reikai as well. Maybe if she could speak with Koenma, she could contact Setsuna and try to reverse all of this. It did make her sad...and pathetic-feeling. She was basically playing God with the lives of her friends, trying to make everything turn out the way she wanted. Pluto had tried to warn her that she couldn't change things again after this...but she could still try. After all, what was wrong with wanting a little happiness for yourself? Even if her happiness was influenced by those around her; if the people she cared for was happy, she didn't need anything else.

This would be her 4th time jump in all. The first time she had time jumped, she had tried to go back to the Silver Millennium and free Saturn from her eternal sleep. It was a bit terrifying, this journey down a dark tower to a dark room where she'd found Saturn chained a to wall. Before she could even get close to her and help, Pluto had appeared and pulled her back. The 2nd time had happened when Pluto moved everyone to a similar time line to avoid the fate of her ill-fated jump into the past to find Hiei the first time. The third time was now, the one that had landed her in the midst of all this. The 4th...well, that was only going to happen if she could somehow contact Setsuna.

"I see..." Yukina whispered, her eyes stony with sadness as she turned and looked at the ground, hands falling from Hotaru's grasp. "You're looking for my brother...Hiei? Right?" Hotaru nodded eagerly. "I can tell you where to find him, after all, it is that time of day. I'm sorry though, I won't be able to go with you. Still, I'm sure you can find the place on your own." Yukina explained softly, vague, as she begin to give directions to her brother's supposed location. Just what had she meant by 'that time of day'?

"Are you sure...that you can't come?" Hotaru asked in confusion, she hadn't really considered herself to be overly good friends with the koorime, the two only having spent very little time together during the tournament. However, familiar faces were far and in-between here and having the girl with her made her feel Yukina shook her head sadly, "Not right now. I'll find you both later. I'm sure there are many things you two need to discuss." And with a small push off of the bench, the ice-blue haired girl began to walk in the opposite direction, as soundlessly as she had appeared.

Hotaru knew this area like the back of her hand and if she was correctly following Yukina's directions in her head that would lead her to...the cemetery. The thought caused her to skid to a, it couldn't be that. He...couldn't a human, that just didn't add up. So if he wasn't dead, then why would he be there? "At this time of day", as Yukina had remarked. She ran through her thoughts of people that could have now been dead as a result of her actions even though the idea made her sick. But there was no one, everyone was accounted for; even if it had been someone she knew, Hiei didn't know all of the senshi and he wouldn't have much reason to be there at all anyhow if that was the case.

This is the place, Hotaru noted mentally, the fake wrought-iron gates permanently pulled open to allow visitors inside. Actually, she knew this place quite well. It was the same cemetery where both of her human parents were buried. While she was here, she could at least pay her respects after all...she hadn't even realized it until now. She'd been so terrified of returning to this place yet came without a second thought when the idea of Hiei being here came up. It was almost as if her psyche was saying it was safe to come inside now since he would protect from anything bad. Whatever 'bad' might have been...

She ventured in at a good pace, mindful of where she stepped. This was mainly a Japanese cemetery but with a few different traits about it; some Americans and other foreigners were buried here, too, meaning there were bodies buried beneath her along with crematory pots sitting beneath grave markers.

"Hiei...are you here?" she called, fear making her voice shaky. Things were starting to seem really strange here...

"And who are-..." Hotaru turned at the sound of the voice, turning around to face the very black-clad boy she'd been seeking in the first place. Something seemed to have caused the boy to go silent, a genuine expression of confusion and surprise adorning his face instead of scowl. Hotaru could feel tears welling up in her eyes...but just where were these feelings coming from? They almost didn't feel like her own. That same pain in her heart was acting up again, hopefully it wasn't becoming something serious. " that you...?" he tried again, voice as unsure as his facial expression. She'd never heard his voice so...weak-sounding, so unsure and in-hardened by anger. He almost sounded normal...but that surely wouldn't make sense to anyone but her.

"Yes, it's me. I-" Before she could even explain herself, Hotaru found herself caught up in a back-crushing hug by the fire demon. "Wha..." she managed, cheeks flushed red in embarrassment and surprise...what was he...was he actually...were they hugging right now? If her brain had been active she might have tried to return his hug, but her arms just weren't listening to her. This felt strange...and yet familiar, warm and inviting as if they'd done it before. It felt like the most natural thing in the world, and yet it didn't. What was happening here? Was there something her mind was trying to tell her?

"How did you...come back?" he asked, arms still locked firmly around her, a palm keeping her head close to his shoulder.

"Come back?" Hotaru asked, now sharing in the boy's confusion. It wasn't like she'd gone ahead into the future or anything so this Hiei should have no knowledge of what had happened in the previous time line...just the vague impression that he'd met or known her before.

"How are you back in the land of the living?"

Hotaru paled, pulling out of his hug. She was the who had died.

"Hiei, you have to listen to me...I am Hotaru, but I'm not the Hotaru you know. I come from a vastly different time line where the two of us are barely even acquaintances." She went on to quickly explain about her time line with Yusuke as Spirit Detective and how he and the others had been in many battles together. Before long, she found herself out of breath and the two moved to sit beside each other underneath a nearby cherry blossom tree. She continued on about how the two of them met and the common enemy they'd come to share, Kizami. She explained about how he'd kept his past secret from her and once she'd learned it, had gone back in time to try and change it. All too soon, she had to rest her voice again, not use to talking so fast and fervently, hoping that all of this was sinking in to the much more openly emotional Hiei. Truth be told, he'd already been told all of this but she had to make sure he remembered the most important parts since he was only a child the first time she'd explained it.

"I see..." he said after a long while, "so that means, you can't stay with me, right?"

Hotaru looked taken aback before a wave of sadness washed over her. She closed her mouth and eyes and shook her head 'no'. That no matter how happy she was to see him, she ultimately had to return to her own time and set things right.

"Are you sure? It doesn't sound like a very good place to return to. This place is hardly ever attacked by demons, there's no spirit energy lingering here which is why Yukina and I came to this town in the first place. We came to get away from all the madness happening in Makai right now. Supposedly there's some war about to happen over there. I had to protect her so I brought her here, but it's hard trying to keep an eye on her at all times, you know? You said in that time line I went through with getting the Jagan Eye...was I stronger?"

"Than you are now? Probably. But when the eye was first implanted, you became super weak. And you were made to promise that you couldn't tell Yukina who you my time line, Yukina is still wandering around looking for her brother."

"Damn." It was short reply that summed up all of his feelings nicely. It was hard to tell what was better in this situation...what was the lesser of the two evils. Honestly, he didn't like the sound of either option. If he had had his Jagan Eye, then maybe he'd be powerful enough to take on one of the Kings of Makai. After all, he was still a demon and still craved combat, but he simply wasn't powerful enough to take one of them on right now, not with just the regular strength of a fire demon.

"So you're telling me, my time line is a result of you going back into the past. If you hadn't done this, if we hadn't met as children, we'd still be in your time line?" Hotaru nodded, more or less.

"You know, I still remember meeting you as a kid even though it seemed ridiculous at the time. I even remembered most of what you told me back then." Hotaru smiled at his statement but it faded quickly.

There was a silence that hung about them for what seemed like ages, the tree rustling in the breeze as the onsets of afternoon began to show. The air around them began to drop in temperature a little, but not terribly so as it was still summer. The sky was a golden color, the clouds a familiar pink color while the sun was burning red. It was a very pretty sight to behold despite the fact that two of them were seated in a graveyard.

"You know..." Hiei began after awhile, "in this time line we weren't just "acquaintances". We were more than that." Hotaru felt her face flush...that would explain the intimate hug from before.

"I see..." she replied, "Can you...tell me how I died in this time line? I know it's pretty morbid but knowing about it might help me get back to my original time line."

The fire demon sighed, leaning his back against the tree's trunk, "Are you sure it's a story you want to hear?" Hotaru nodded at him. This Hiei felt like a completely different person. "Alright then...follow me." he said, a grim smile on his face. He pushed off the tree trunk to a standing position and held out a hand to help her up. She took it without question and allowed him to lead her off through the cemetery, a good idea about where he was leading her.

After a short walk, the two of them came to stand before a grave marker with a crematory pot situated at its base. It was little unnerving to be standing in front of your own grave, especially when your ashes were present as well.

"After you left me, when we were kids, I went off to find Yukina. It actually wasn't too long that we met up afterward since Yukina decided to leave the floating island as soon as she could. After that, we spent some time together in Makai before heading to the human world. The two of us were still pretty young when we got I guess basically to any humans who saw us we just looked like normal children. I found us shelter and food to eat and went off to explore; we'd always been told humans were pretty stupid creatures but this world looked interesting enough. It wasn't very long after that that I ended up meeting a kid. You looked exactly as you did that day we met, almost as if you hadn't aged a day." Hotaru blushed and turned her eyes, wondering if she should tell him about Pluto's deceptive illusions, but then decided against it.

"You ended up playing with a group of kids and wandered into the street. I had to push you out of the way of that monster made of metal before you got hurt."

Hotaru giggled, "Do you mean a car?"

"I didn't know what it was called at that time, okay?" he admitted, crossing his arms, "It just looked bad so I saved you. You and I became friends after that and we kept in almost constant contact with one another. I took you to meet Yukina. But you never took to me your parents."

"Well, if things are still the mother was trapped inside of our house after it caught on fire. I lived with my dad after that and he was a scientist so he was always busy with work."

Hiei nodded, "And it was that work of his that killed you."

"What do you mean?"

"You were only 12 human years when it happened. I didn't see you at all that day but I ended up finding out about it. You and your father were in his lab when an explosion happened and destroyed the building."

"Oh right, that happened in my timeline too! But after that, I was brought back to life because my body was possessed by a daimon monster called Mistress 9. It's kind of sad but without the Deathbusters I wouldn't be..." Hotaru stopped with a gasp, "That's how I died? In that explosion?" Hiei nodded and she brought a hand to her mouth, her mind running wild with ideas and scenarios. If she had died here, then there were no Deathbusters and the heart snatchers had never come to Earth...maybe the Tau Star System never existed in the first place? But if that were true, then that meant...she never met Chibi-Usa or Pluto and because of that she never became a senshi. She was never Sailor Saturn in this timeline to begin with...or was she? Had she simply killed the spirit of both Saturn and herself when the explosion happened, or had Saturn's spirit inhabited a different body? Oooh, it made her head hurt...

"Hotaru, are you alright?" With his sharp reflexes, he managed to catch the faltering girl as she clutched at her head. She weakly slid her hand down her face, "Y-Yeah, I'll be fine...just give me a minute."

If she'd never become Saturn, then she and Pluto had never met. If Pluto had no idea who she was on Earth was she going to go back to her own time line?

A/N: Oh gosh, please be gentle...I know this is confusing as crap but it always is whenever you start really getting into time line jumping things. However, I shall write a quick summary at the end of this chapters (possibly for future ones too if they end up being confusing little things like this one). A = original time line, B= new time line

Summary: Hotaru goes back approximately 10 years in the past to find Hiei and change his future by letting him know that he has a friend, that he has to keep his hiruseki stone safe, and that he must find his sister, Yukina. She has Pluto disguise her as a child, and manages to convince Hiei by telling him all about her time line (or timeline A). Afterward, the time pocket she's in grows unstable and she's forced to leave it, knowing that it could very well be the last time she even sees Hiei. When she wakes up, Hotaru finds herself in the new time line (or timeline B) and quickly goes off to find everyone...only everyone has changed (Kayko and Yusuke are no longer friends, the Kuwabara siblings never moved to town, and Kurama never left Makai). Eventually, Yukina appears and says she has the strangest urge to speak with Hotaru even though she has no idea who she is (Yukina has a vague idea, only because Hotaru has spoken with Yukina in another time line before. This is not always a certain process since Kayko had no idea who she was). Upon discovering who Hotaru is, Yukina sends her in the direction of the nearby cemetery to find her brother Hiei. When Hotaru gets there, Hiei is shocked to see her and hugs her. She recalls to him the same story she told him when they first met as children and how she has to get home to her original time line (A). She ultimately learns that in this time line (B), she and Hiei met again in the human world and became extremely good friends, and that she died during the explosion in her father's lab; meaning she was never resurrected by the Deathbusters and never met the senshi. (Hotaru was 12 at the time of her death)