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Harry's Point of View

Walking into the Dursley home after his extended shopping trip. He smirked inwardly at the magenta shade of his uncle's face.

"Boy! I paid two hundred pounds to get us to land, because you and that freak went off in our boat! Now you have the audacity to show your face here! Put your things in the cupboard and then go to your room and prepare for the beating of your life! I should have beat it out of you a long time ago!"Vernon roared spit flying.

"Say it don't spray it Uncle. By the way I'm not going to do any of those things. I'm going to go to my room and study about my new world. I'll be nice and do an hour of chores here a day, but other than that my treatment will be vastly different for the past ten years."Harry smirked as Uncle Vernon's fist stopped inches from his face.

Still smirking he walked towards the stairs; nearly laughing at all the failed attempts of hurting him. In his room he kissed the stone necklace that had protected him from the assault. Turning around he quickly pulled a green stone from his bag and wiped some of his blood on it. As soon as it glowed he stuck it to his door and listened as his uncle's steps went pass his room no matter how hard he tried to get towards it.

Harry smiled and decided he could start decorating his room. First pulling out a wizarding trash can he got rid of all of Dudley broken toys, broken desk, bed , and trash on the floor. Than he used fast dry wizarding paint to turn his room purple.

Digging threw his warding stone bag he pulled out a red stone. Placing the red glowing stone under the floorboards in the middle of his room; he watch as his room grew three times in size. Putting the rest in his five compartment trunk. He set up his shrunken bed, desk, chair, entertainment center, wizarding stove and fridge, and entertainment items.

Speaking the activation word he watched his items enlarge with amazement. Shaking out of his stupor he set up his electronics, before turning towards his trunk.

Lifting the lid he filled the first three compartments with his wizarding clothes, books, supplies, stationery, and games.
The last two he filled with his muggle clothes, books, and stationary.

Looking around he decided he would decorate his room to look like Halloween just to spite the Dursleys.

Life was changing for little Potter. Life was changing.

I know very short ,but I'll make quite of few for every year. The next will feature Proffessor McGonagall.