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Harry tucked a Sheet of paper into his pocket as he boarded the knight bus. It had been incredibly easy to talk Vernon into signing his permission slip to go to Hogsmead. All he had to do was to be gone the rest of the summer. Harry almost felt like jumping for joy. Not only did he get to go to Hogsmead, but he didn't have to suffer Marge's company.

Noticing that they were at the Leaky Cauldron he jumped down the steps and helped Stan lower his trunk and Hedwig's cage onto the pavement.

"Well," said Harry. "'Bye then!"

Walking in he jumped when he came face to face with the minister. At seeing him the minister's face grew panicked. "Harry, what are you doing here?"

"I'm spending the rest of my summer at the Leaky Cauldron. I have my guardian's permission, minister." He didn't mention that he was going to be using an alias like last time with only Tom in the know. Now it seemed he wouldn't be able to do that.

Fudge grabbed onto Harry's shoulder, and Harry found himself being steered inside the pub.

"Mr. Potter, Minister!" said Tom. "Will you be wanting anything?"

"And a private parlor, please, Tom," said Fudge pointedly.

Fudge marched Harry along the narrow passage after Tom's lantern, and then into a small parlor. Tom summoned a plate of food and Tea and waited next to Fudge.

"Sit down, Harry," said Fudge, indicating a chair by the fire.

Harry sat down impatient to figure out why he was having a conversation with the minister.

"I am Cornelius Fudge, Harry. The Minister of Magic."

Fudge and Tom spoke to each other for a few minutes before Tom left.. "Room eleven's free, HARRY," said Fudge turning to him. "I think you'll be very comfortable. Just one thing and I'm sure you'll understand... I don't want you wandering off into Muggle London, all right? Keep to Diagon Alley. And you're to be back here before dark each night. Sure you'll understand. Tom will be keeping an eye on you for me."

"Okay," said Harry slowly wondering if Fudge was just wanting to make sure he stayed safe or if there was more to it, "but why?"

"Don't want to lose you, do we?" said Fudge with a hearty laugh. "No, no... best we know where you are... I mean..." Fudge cleared his throat loudly and picked up his pinstriped cloak. "Well, I'll be off, plenty to do, you know... "

"Have you had any luck with Black yet?" Harry asked wondering if it was the escape of one of Voldermort's followers that had the minister so concerned.

"What's that? Oh, you've heard - well, no, not yet, but it's only a matter of time. The Azkaban guards have never yet failed... and they are angrier than I've ever seen them." Fudge shuddered slightly. "So, I'll say good-bye."

Harry frowned. "Minister, you're not allowing the Dementors to leave Azkaban to find Black are you?"

Harry felt like pounding his head against a wall when the minister puffed out his chest like a proud peacock and replied. "Of course I am. Black needs to be caught immediately. I'll let you in on a little secret. To ensure your safety on the ride to Hogwarts I am going to have a few Dementors board the train. They are even going to be stationed at Hogwarts. So don't worry your little head about Black. I've got everything completely handled. "

Harry couldn't believe anyone could be so stupid after Lockheart, but it appeared he was terribly wrong. Harry hoped dearly that the Minister at least would have people capable of fending off the creatures. "Minister, Is there going to be people stationed on the train to monitor the Dementors?"

Harry barely held in a growl when the minister's smile grew patronizing. "Child, they are completely in my control; so no one will be needed to watch them. They wouldn't dare go against my orders."

With that the minister was out the door ignoring Harry. Tom reappeared getting Harry's attention.

"If you'll follow me, Mr. Potter," he said, "I've already taken your things up..."

Immediately Harry started to write Dumbledore about the minister's plans to have the train searched with no one there to control the Dementors.

Harry grinned spitefully into his plate as the morning mail came. He had been gotten the perfect revenge against the Minister for not only making sure that Sirius received no trial, but for also indicating without words that if Sirius ever tried to receive a trial that he would have an accident on the way to the courtroom.

Hearing Hermione gasp as she read the Prophet Harry decided to read his own.

The-Boy-Who-Lived Nearly Made Soulless Three Times

by Georgina Davies

When we sent our children off to Hogwarts this school year; we feared for their safety. The reason was obvious. Sirius Black had escaped from Azkaban and we were all in fear that we would become another victim on his long list if kills. What we didn't expect was that it wasn't the Azkaban escapee we needed to worry about, but our very own Minister.

You heard right my loyal readers. As you are aware we all had our hesitations about the Minister's plans to send Dementors to find Sirius and even post them at Hogwarts. We all remember the Minister swearing to ensure our children's safety and reassuring us that he was in complete control of the soul sucking creatures. It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you that not only did our Minister lie to us but that he also was not going to bother to tell us that he almost got our beloved Savior, Harry Potter, soul stolen from him three times.

This summer the Minister told Mr. Potter that he was going to send the guards of Azkaban to search for Black mid train ride without informing anyone. Of course Mr. Potter justifiably concerned asked how many specialists he was going to have stationed on the train to control these level one dangerous creatures. Do you want to know what our illustrious Minister said my fellow readers? Our Minister in his infinite wisdom told Mr. Potter that there would be none.

Even after being told that there was nothing to worry about; this thirteen year old boy did what we as adults should have done. He decided to insure his and others safety by informing the Headmaster that it might be best to have people stationed on the train who could deal with Dementors because of the Minister's surprise. It is this and only this that saved not only Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived, soul but the souls of four other children when the Dementors decided that they wanted to sate their hunger of souls with our children.

If that is not bad enough Albus Dumbledore was forced save his students souls and lives during a Quidditch match this year; when these creatures decided that that many souls in one place was too much to pass up and decided that the future of our world was their very own personal buffet. A great tragedy almost happened when they swarmed Gryffindor Seeker, Harry Potter, and caused him to plummet a hundred and fifty feet. If not for Albus Dumbledore's quick thinking; many would be mourning over the death of a friend, student, and idol.

After this Headmaster Dumbledore understandably ordered that the Dementors would not be allowed near the school. After assuring the Headmaster that the Dementors would be sent back to Azkaban; the Minister then went back on his word and sent a hundred of them back to Hogwarts nearly making three students soulless. If not for Harry Potter committing and amazing feat of casting a Corporeal Patronus that drove away every single one of those hundred creatures; then Harry Potter and his friends, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley, would no longer be with us today.

The question is my readers. Since the Dementors only went after Mr. Potter; were they there for Sirius Black or were they there for Harry Potter.

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"Harry, how could you do something so stupid? Are you trying to make an enemy of the Ministry? Sirius will never receive a trial, now. Of all the-"Hermione quieted at the steely gaze Harry levied at her.

"Hermione," Harry gently rebuked, "The Minister , in all but words told me that Sirius will never receive a trial as long as he is Minister. So I decided to give him his wish so to speak. This is the beginning of my way of trying to get the Wizgomet to push forward a vote no confidence against Fudge. He is main reason Malfoy didn't get sent to prison and this year he has just about flounted his incompetency. Since being put in office Fudge has pushed for any law that brings about inequality and has made Great Britian one of the unsafest magical communities in the world. He needs to be taken down before hopefully Voldemort comes back or we will be at a great disadvantage not to mention our world get better with him in office. I'll admit that this probably the best way to go about it but it's the only way I can think of and I have to try."