AN: I know that many of you are expecting this to be about Harry's fourth year. Well that year has been essentially skipped. This is actually the first thing I ever wrote and all the other chapters were prequels to this. I'm pretty much stuck on this story so I thought I would post this and mark the story as complete.

Set before summer after GOF. Just something swimming in my head.
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General Point of View
"-has chosen Mr. Flint to contact the Vampire Clans." Snape spoke sneeringly as he sat next to Sirius Black.
"Thank you Severus, This is most alarming. Hopefully King Drasmere's no interference policy will win out to any promise made. Now to the last order of business. Alastor, can you give a report on the guarding of Harry's home. Nobody suspicious wandering about , I hope." Dumbledore addressed with his usual twinkle.
Alastor sighed. "No one so far. Though I will say Potter's daily activities are interesting. It seems that he has taken kickboxing, martial arts, and wrestling for the last three years.-"
Mrs. Weasley screeched"What?! You must be mistaken Harry isn't violent-"
"Silence woman! I never said he was. Taking physical classes doesn't make him violent. It makes him prepared. CONSTANT VIGILANCE! The boy clearly understands this. Also I took a look in his room. Don't interrupt me, woman! The boy shockingly had pre-made ward stones, one huge one he seemed to be working on, and a magical tent. Seems he's preparing to being able to travel at any odd thing is that tent came out in stores just two days before. -"
"How? He hasn't left Little Whinging or atleast not on my duty or anyone's I've talked to. Why would he be ready to travel? He's not running away is he?" Hestia asked almost frightened of the answer. Moody grunted in irritation at being interrupted again.
Snape snorted"Unlikely he's too nosy for that. The spoiled brat cares about noone but himself and getting glory. Undoubtly the pampered dunderhead believes he's going to find the Dark Lord and make him disappear with a wave of his hand. The incompetent fool doesn't even think of all the effort put in to keep him safe. Self-"
"Shut it Snivelious!" Sirius snarled. "Did I hit a nerve Black! Scared he might leave you here!" Snape shouted.
"You're just scared that your master can't kill him. Why don't you go back and give his boots another lick!"
"Atleast I do something for the order. Unlike you you useless mutt! Going to shuffle up to your room not doing anything but twiddling your thumbs!"
"Dea-" "SILENCE! IF YOUR DONE ACTING LIKE BOYS IN A SCHOOL YARD!"Dumbledore reprimanded with cold fury in his eyes. Immediatly everyone silenced looking ashamed.
Taking this as his cue to continue Alastor took a swig of his flask and continued. "I recognized this tent, becaus it's meant for Aurors. I has bedrooms, a study, a kitchen, a cell, and a room to store dark objects. So I highly doubt Potter's running away. Now, I checked with the previous guards and it seems Munadungus (sorry if the name's wrong) left during guard duty after Potter stayed in a bathroom for over an hour. I switched duty and watched as Potter completely changed his schedule. He went to a restaurant's bathroom. There he efficiently put on a disguise and went shopping in Diagon Alley. I asked around and seems he has been going there since the summer before his first year under the name Marcus Evans. So it seems the boy isn't as oblivious to our presence as you thought he would be."
The impenetrable silence after the report was shattered by Sirius throwing his head back and laughing. Gasping he spoke between chuckles."T-true marauder -ha- brilliant- should ha have kn-kn-known." Suddenly the room was filled with shouts.
"SILENCE!" The noise abruptly stopped and everyone slowly turned towards the disappointed gaze of Dumbledore.
Dumbledore shook his head with a sigh before speaking"Now that we are all done gossiping like students. I would like to come up with a plan to get Harry here-"
"No need. Potter is sitting on a bench directly across this building. Though his gaze is slightly to the left of us."Alastor spoke gruffly. Everyone turned abruptly towards Moody to see his gaze directed toward a wall smirking.
Immediately Sirius wrote on a slip of a paper and handed it to Remus. Getting up Remus quickly made it outside before anyone could snap out of their shock.

Harry's Point of view
Harry smiled when Remus suddenly appeared from across the street. So Moody had finally saw him or decided to announce his presence. Most likely the a latter. Getting up he wasn't surprised when Remus subtly pointed his wand and asked" What did I tell Harry he was afraid of?"
"Fear itself." Remus face broke into a grin and Harry was dragged into a hug. Letting go Remus pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to Harry.
Looking down Harry read 'The Headquarters of the Order of Phoenix can be found 13 Grimmauld'(sorry if I got that wrong I'm doing that from memory) Looking up he quirked an eyebrow and asked"Fidelious?" Getting a nod he handed the paper back and concentrated on what he had read.
Shaking himself out of the fascination of watching a building appear; he followed Remus inside. Seeing his supposed best friends running towards him he quickly followed Remus into a meeting room and watched as the door was closed in their faces.
Turning around he sat into a gestured seat and waited. Dumbledore spoke in a bemused tone "Harry would you mind telling me why your here?"
"This evening two dementors were circling Number 4. I thought it best in the political climate right now to send a letter to Madam Bone. After she got them contained and saved me from what was either an attempt to kill me or expel me; I packed up and thought it best to come here then to wait for another attempt. I got on the knight bus disguised and had it drop me off two streets away and headed here." Harry spoke as he leaned his chair back prepared for a long interrogation.
Many order members were pale while Dumbledore with hidden protective anger in his eyes asked" How did you know the general where abouts of this place?"
Harry smirked before nodding his head towards the pink haired woman."That woman is either very arrogant or very stupid. She calls the knight bus not even fully out of my sight every time she is on duty. So one time put up a dummy on a set of pulleys in my room. It would randomly sit and go across the room.
I called for the bus just a few minutes before she normally does and told them I was getting off at an old friends place who would be getting on at Privet Drive. I than purposely talked to her and then got her angry. I then finished my fight scene by marching to the front seat. There I got a perfect view as she dropped herself off not a foot from this place and disappeared. I then told the conductor that I had changed my mind and asked to be dropped off from where I was picked up."
Suddenly a tall dark man with a bald head grabbed the girl by the ear and dragged her out of the room. "So, Potter. Why have you've been buying items for a long travel recently?" came Moody's gruff voice.
" I'm preparing for in case the worst happens. I'm simply stating fact when I say that I'm somewhere On Voldermort *room flinch* hit list.-
"Now Harry," blustered," no need to overreact. Your a child and have no need to think on such things. Now I'm all he has and I forbid all of you from telling him anything. He's a child and doesn't need to know anything-
"I'm his Godfather and I say he has a right to speak his mind and hear anything concerning him!" Sirius roared glaring.
"You barely know him! Instead you've been laying in Askaban! He is not James. He-
'Bang' Everyone flinched and went silent at the sound of Harry's palm hitting the table." Now, Mrs. Weasley You are going to shut your bloody mouth and keep it shut unless it is to apologize for the insult to Sirius- I SAID KEEP IT CLOSED- as I was saying. Sirius, My parents, and myself. You are not my mother nor have I ever seen you as such. As for knowing me I've had very few conversations with you ;while Sirius has talked to me since his escape. Sirius risked capture and lived off rats to make sure I felt safe. You talk as if your Lily Potter, but not once have you ever sent me a letter asking about my well being. Quite Frankly Miss Weasley my parents chose Sirius to make decisions for my well being not you. Don't you ever insult their decision again. Oh, finally he doesn't see me as James. He sees me as a teen who knows he could die this year. Unlike you he doesn't tell me to put blinders on so that I don't see the knife aimed for my back. Instead he tells me to keep my back to the wall and to carry a mirror to check behind me; when I can't."By the end Harry's fierce voice had become chilling sending shivers down everyone's backs. Mrs. Weasley was sobbing into Author's shoulder.
"Well said, Am I safe to guess that you've prepared yourself incase you have to leave in a hurry and must be constantly on the move. Most likely in the event I die and and Hogwarts falls,"getting a nod he continued"Very wise Harry. Instead of luring yourself into false safety; you've prepared yourself for a worse scenario. I'm relieved to know that unlike some you don't expect me to fix everything. Many forget that I'm human and can make mistakes to. Though mine are bigger than most. Now that's over why don't you choose your room and get some sleep and we will talk more tomorrow. It has been a long day. " Dumbledore's spoke warmly in ad-mist the disbelieving whispers.
With that Dumbledore walked to the floo and right before he left he spoke a parting phrase."Oddly the Fidelious also hides your magical signature from certain underage monitors."
Harry grinned as he hugged Sirius and Remus before telling them he was heading to bed. Walking out he ignored the demands of information from the others as he chose an unoccupied room.
Turning he abruptly addressed his ex-friends." So now that I have information you want; I'm worth a damn again? I haven't heard a word from you all summer. Don't even start to tell me a lie about how Dumbledore told you not to. I know very well he only forbid you to owl me because of how easy they can be intercepted. He gave you the option to call and mail me the muggle way. Merlin's right eye! They set up a telephone just for that. The twins, Sirius, Remus, and even Bill have made ample use of it. From now on I'll regard you with the same regard you showed me, none. Goodnight."
With that he slammed the door into their guilty faces and flopped onto his bed.