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"Robot saves city when peacekeeper loses control-"


"Robot child destroys peacekeeper when President Stone-"


"Robot know as 'Astro' defeats peacekeeper and saves Metro City-"


"President Stone under arrest when robot hero know as Astro saves-"


"And we are all wondering, who is this robot?"


The interior of the room was plunged into a sudden darkness as the screen was switched off. The occupants of the chamber dared not to do so much as breathe to disturb the silent atmosphere. They seemed to be waiting for something, a command, or a dismissal.

And still the darkness pressed in, hovering over them like a foul cloud of fear and misery, embracing their faces, caressing them, a dangerous predator with only one message: Nobody leaves.

Hours seemed to pass in the few minutes of silence with the darkness laughing noiselessly at them, trailing its icy fingers across their throats. In unison, they all gulped, save one who smiled, eyes glinting in the darkness and silence, savouring it. Until it was broken.

"My… my lady?"


"What… what should we do? Do about… about… this…?"

"I would have thought that was quite clear, 807."

Her voice was high and cold, with with a trace of a sneer in it. It was clear, to all who heard, that she considered herself above such people, who questioned her and failed to understand what was going on. Who, to many, always seemed to be there when least needed, who never seemed to know what to do.

"I-I don't-I don't think I-I understand, my-my lady."

The speaker was trembling now, their eyes downcast, their knees knocking together and their voice an octave higher than normal.

"Well, perhaps we should… how should I say it? Teach you? Assist you? Get the message into your tiny little brain that I should never be questioned?"

Her last few words were spoken with such ferocity that the speaker whimpered and cowered down in their seat, arms over their head as if to protect from an oncoming blow.

"But here me when I say this."

A shriek filled the muggy and pressing air. The already-recoiling speaker drew back in unconcealed horror as he (for it was a male who had had the guts to speak) heard the woman's voice in a drawn out whisper by his ear.

"This is what we have been waiting for," she hissed, her voice betraying impatience and excitement, "Stone has been arrested. Metro City is still in shock, and we did not have to do anything to blow cover to do this. The peacekeeper has been destroyed, Tenma will be taking time off work for his so-called son." she spat out the last word, disgust now evident in her tone. "We have a one way ticket to getting 657 to the top of Metro city."

She fell back then, silently daring anyone else to question her.

The same man spoke again. And the rest of the people in the room could feel the anger radiating off her in waves. All of them flinched, and a sharp intake of breath could be heard around the room as he continued with his question.

"But what of… the robot, my lady? Astro?"

"I am well aware of that particular bump in the road, 807. However, if this should brighten your ever dreary and questioning mood, he is a robot, is he not?"

"I-I-yes… my lady?"

"And I take, it, 807, that robots can be deactivated?"

"Oh, yes my lady, yes of course I never-oh yes-"


Silence. A silence even more terrible than the first. Cold and harmful, ready to tear off their heads and cut off their tongues if they so much as breathed. The trembling man lay on the floor, tears silently pouring down his face. Tears of shame, fear and hopelessness. The others in the room stared around with wide eyes, trying to make out shapes in the darkness.


A woman shrieked, standing up and waving her arms about as if to ward off ghosts.


Another shriek, and a laugh. The woman turned toward where she believed the wall to be, away from the others.

"General Mondager? Yes, this is the boss. I need some troops down here to get 807, and I will need an executioner ready to have his head. Oh I know it's his day off, just get him in there, will you? Do anything you can, just get 807 killed. Huh? What for? Am I hearing right General? Are you questioning my authority? No? No? Good. Lets remember our place here. I gave you the spot of General, and I can easily take it away," she snapped her fingers, "just like that."

807 cried out, his sobs more evident.

"Oh yes, and call in 657. Tell him that he has a job to do."

She ended the call, finality in her tone. She flicked on the light, looking with slight amusement as her eyes adjusted at the shaking people around her.

"What are you doing still here? Get out!"

Without hesitation, everyone made for the door, pushing and shoving each other over in their haste to escape. The woman's eyes strayed to the man shivering on the floor, and then back up to the door, which was now vacant of terrified people, but where two guards stood, straight and respectful, eyes downcast.

"He's all yours," she said, pushing past them and out into the corridor. The first nodded, stepped into the room and grabbed 807 by the neck.

And he began to scream.

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