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Chapter 1:

It started when they were 12 years old when the circus came into town lived in, and though the other young girls parent's were quite rich they saw no point in sending their children to a place like Ouran Academy when they chose to send them elsewhere as opposed to just leaving them with the private tutor that travelled with them.

So that morning Miranda set off to a normal school for probably the first time in her life, unsure of what to expect, and highly annoyed that she wasn't at her home practising for the performances which she and the other children had been taken out from for the next week.

There were anyway only 8 of them.

Only it was that day in which the young American girl who was only there because her step-mother thought it would be a good idea made a friend outside of her circus life, and that was also when a lot of things changed for her when she managed to keep in contact with that one person who wasn't constantly in her life.

That was the day Miranda met Ayaka, the day she met a fairly rich girl who was down to Earth and seemed normal, waiting to see if her application was approved to a private, apparently expensive school in the area. That was the day where Miranda wondered whether or not moving around so much was really such a good thing.


Almost 3 years later the now 15 year old Miranda found herself once again in Japan, after years of moving around fluent in more languages than just English. Only, this time she was here for a different reason she thought glumly to herself. These next few days of performances would mark the end of her circus career... for now.

Cursing quietly she slammed her fist into the wall of what was going to be her bedroom until she graduated from the apparently elite Ouran Academy. Miranda didn't even like school so why they were bothering with this she didn't even know. Of course, her step mother and aunt were always rather weird so she ran a hand through the brown curls that were her hair.

She missed her mother... that was one thing that she and Haruhi had bonded over the first time they met. Both their mother's had died, not that it mattered anymore, moping over it would fix nothing but still both girls seemed to miss their mother's even as times kept passing. 'Some wounds just don't heal' Miranda mused to herself.

Now she found herself losing the only other friends and family she ever knew...

She officially hated her step-mother. Her father was the one that kept her close for all the previous years, never sending her away from him, he kept her close and watched her grow as both a child to a teenager and simply as a performer from the circus.

He knew that she loved every single moment she was in the spotlight, while she was performing with the other teenagers in acrobatics, not to mention when she got the chance to do something like a trapeze solo, let alone a silks one. How could he throw her out the window just because his new wife thought it was a good idea? Just because she wanted him on her... because she wanted him to focus on the children they had together. Considering her Aunt, though rather rich, worked overseas most of the time she had a feeling that would mean she'd be raising her two little brothers from now on in. That was, she would or the maid would end up raising them and that was something she didn't want from her little brothers.

Still when the phone rang she sighed, hesitantly picking it up and answering.

"Hello?" she asked as she picked up, inwardly reminding herself that now that she was in Japan, she'd have to remember to go by her Japanese name, especially considering they'd handed in her application from with the preferred name written as Hanako instead of Miranda...

This would be so much fun she thought to herself sarcastically.

"Miranda, remember you have to go to the designer that made your costume, you're meant to be there in about 15 minutes" she heard a voice say quickly, and inwardly groaned. Miranda couldn't believe that she'd almost forgotten that, though in a way was glad that for her final show, the costume would definitely be special!

"Um... does the driver know where it is?" the brunette asked quietly to make sure that I conveyed the fact that I had no clue.

"Yes Miranda, he does" the voice said in barely concealed annoyance, and in turn Miranda gritted her teeth to control herself, Hotaru annoyed her more than she ever thought would be possible for a person to do!

"Okay... um Mum can you tell dad that I'm gonna come past the caravans afterwards? I've finished unpacking my room..." the girl said again forcing the word mum out as she spoke before looking around to see an almost bare room, the only difference was she'd put sheets on her bed and her clothes in the closet... and a picture of Miranda both her parents and siblings now found itself on the desk almost mocking the girl whenever she glanced over to it.

"That's fine, just make sure that you aren't late" the woman replied hanging up on her, leaving the acrobat to glare at the phone, sticking her tongue out at it.

Walking downstairs she walked through the kitchen first, grabbing herself an apple as she walked out of the door, nodding the maid she didn't have to say anything for the woman to know what she meant. She was leaving, take care of the boys and don't let anything happen no matter what.

Simple instructions in the teenagers mind though she knew that the 5 year old boy was a bit of a handful, trying to climb up on all sorts of things that usually filled her with complete anxiety though being around the circus made it normal, as long at Luke did it under the supervision of some sort of adult who was making sure that he was going to do it correctly!

Stepping into the limo, which was apparently going to be her mode of transport from now on, she pulled sunnies in front of her eyes, the car driving before she even had her seatbelt fastened. Now, there were only 7 days left till Miranda's first day at school. 5 days until her family left her here to stay at school with her brothers as her only family there. 4 shows left.

Feeling sick she snuggled herself back into her chair trying to forget the entire thing, she'd get to things when it finally came around, and until then she was perfectly happy to try and forget that the time would eventually pass.

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