So I have been reading lots of Fremione lately, thought I might give it a crack, can you guess why it is important that it doesn't the blood stream?

"Do you know what drives me nuts about the wizarding world?" Hermione conversationally as she held her hands out and inspected her ink splattered fingers. Fred watched her, from his perch on the kitchen bench.

"What, love?"

"As wonderful and magical as it is, I can never understand why we don't use balled point pens. My fingers are always stained with ink, and we have that function with the minister and his wife to go tomorrow night, you know, the one for young wizards looking to start their own business, your the key note speaker,"

Fred resisted rolling his eyes at his wife just barely, as he hopped down from his perch and removed a small black bottle from his pocket,

"It's a good thing your married to a genius then aye? I finally worked out the formula this morning," Handing her the bottle he grinned, as he watched her inspect it.

"Is it safe? What is it?"

"Of course it's safe, do I ever give you anything that isn't?" Hermione inclined her head, because he never did give her anything that wasn't safe.

"So, what does it do, Fred?"She asked, a little too patient, Fred was wise enough to know that Hermione was reaching the end of her patience with him.

"It's ink remover for hands, faces, other body parts, wherever you might need to use it. Clever huh?" Hermione still didn't use it, she was watching Fred's face almost hesitantly.

"It doesn't enter the blood stream or anything, right?" This time Fred did roll his eyes.

"of course not, why would it? Even if it did why would it matter..."Fred trailed off as he realized why it would matter.

Lying in bed, Hermione inspected her ink stained hands once more. He may have not achieved too many OWL's but her husband was not slow.